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Raghu Giuffre has written 7 books on economics called Raghu-nomics. They introduce a series of new policy proposals that highlight perspectives with a broader reach of context and possibilities. They represent a new generation of thinking founded in the cultural hybrid of a global youth for Raghu Giuffre is a third generation Italian American, with schooling in India and a youth of world travel as a Hindu missionary.

He followed his LA roots of leisure work that included everything from congregational development and publications, to import/export of ladies silk clothing and finally a real estate career as a Hawaii and NY realtor with $12 million in direct sales. A native of Hawaii for 9 of the last 30 years, Raghu has developed a new economics platform built upon the demands of a 21st Century world that has outgrown the old economic models of today's experts. Raghu-nomics provides a series of examples how the old paradigm of the liberal conservative conflict has distracted us from the obvious answers most of us are already familiar. His policy proposals are simply a demonstration on the host of exciting solutions available to us once we look to the world beyond the conflicts of today's two party politics.

General Information:
Raghu Giuffre is looking for like minded people interested in policy as a matter of exploration and enterprise over posture and agenda. Questions, suggestions and critics are welcome.
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Raghu-nomics 4: ROOPA; Health Care Made Easy

By: Raghu Giuffre

Up to 50% of our taxes & insurance premiums go to cover ‘lifestyle’ activities. Lifestyle is therefore the largest category of discretionary spending with the potential of reducing our costs by up to this same 50%. Lifestyle is also a far more accurate predicator of our future health care needs and social service requirements. This allows lifestyle to provide the best measure of planning & forecast over today’s ‘comparison shopping’ models. ROOPA highlights the number of...

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Raghu-nomics 7: Beyond Two Party Politics

By: Raghu Giuffre

The discovery found in looking over these proposals was this pattern of simply reviewing elements of each issue that both parties are familiar with, but have never taken the time to review more carefully. Ideology seems to be the reason for this and so made the stunning discovery that most of our problems are primarily due to the ideological death grip on our discourse and consideration. Simply moving beyond this political paradigm opens up to a vista of new options. Rag...

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