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An Essential Book of Good : From a Great Storm, May Come Great Wisdom

By: Guru P'fessor Guus

This book will take you on a journey, through the eyes and minds of two unlikely heroes. These two amazing, inventive & creative young souls find adventure & create solutions through the use of mathematics, "Om technology", and sharo-logical edutainment as well as creating a multitude of "Harmless but helpful inventions that assist themselves & those that they meet. These heroes make friends where ever they may go while solving many of what some may call "the worlds pr...

"There were no great walls that could stop a free thinking minds path". One just has to simply do the math, create a plan and then just actually commit, and then do whatever the task". "If one was to study the magic of Mathematics or the physics of lifting off, one could create solutions to even inventing a flying skate-snow or surfboard that levitates effortlessly without even the slightest of sounds".

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