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Free Life Coaching... : With The Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan

By: Ambrose Aloysius Hardy

This e-book sets out an easy to follow plan to help you achieve the lifestyle changes that are important to you. You are encouraged to evaluate your present lifestyle and select a few priority goals to work on over a four week period. Full guidance is given on how to set up your personal plan for positive change. The approach followed is based on the author's fuller Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan.

FREE LIFE COACHING...sets out a tried and successful approach to making positive life changes on a self-help basis. It is a much shortened version of and introduction to the Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan which is a free online and DIY life coaching program set up to help individuals achieve the lifestyle changes which are important to them. The program in this e-book covers a four week period while the fuller Phoenix Plan is based on a ten week time-frame. The personal goa...

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