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Having had his schooling from Mhow and Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh, Vijay K. Jain (b. 1951) did his graduation in Electronics Engineering from Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University, and Post-Graduation in Management from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.

An independent researcher, Vijay K. Jain has authored several books, and translated into English a number of profound Jaina scriptures:

Marketing Management for Small Units (1988).

Jain Dharma : Mangal Parichaya (1994).

From IIM-Ahmedabad to Happiness (2006).

Āchārya Umāsvāmi’s Tattvārthsūtra – with Hindi and English Translation (2011).

Āchārya Kundkund’s Samayasāra – with Hindi and English Translation (2012).

Shri Amritchandra Suri’s Purusārthasiddhyupāya – with Hindi and English Translation (2012).

Ācārya Nemichandra’s Dravyasamgraha – with Authentic Explanatory Notes (2013).

Ācārya Pūjyapāda’s Istopadeśa – The Golden Discourse (2014).

Ācārya Samantabhadra’s Svayambhūstotra – Adoration of the Twenty-four Tīrthankara (2015).

Ācārya Samantabhadra’s Āptamīmāmsā (Devāgamastotra) – Deep Reflection On The Omniscient Lord (2016).

Ācārya Samantabhadra’s Ratnakarandaka-śrāvakācāra – The Jewel-casket of Householder’s Conduct (2016).

Ācārya Pūjyapāda’s Samādhitantram – Supreme Meditation (2017).

Ācārya Kundakunda’s Pravacanasāra – Essence of the Doctrine (2018).

Ācārya Umāsvāmī’s Tattvārthasūtra – With Explanation in English from Ācārya Pūjyapāda’s Sarvārthasiddhi (2018).

Ācārya Kundakunda’s Niyamasāra – The Essence of Soul-adoration (With Authentic Explanatory Notes) (2019).

Mr. Jain is the proprietor of Vikalp Printers, a small, high-end printing and publishing firm, based in Dehradun, India.

General Information:
Vijay K. Jain is an independent researcher. His areas of research interest are religion (Jainism}, epistemology, and ethics.
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Ācārya Kundakunda’s Niyamasāra – The Essence of Soul-adoration : (...

By: Vijay K. Jain; Vijay K. Jain, Editor

The book deals with the Jaina Doctrines – Early works to 1800. It covers important tents like Faith, Knowledge, Conduct, and Liberation. lxiv + 342 p. ; 24 cm x 17 cm ISBN: 9788193272633 Format: Book; Hard-bound Language Note: In Prakrit; translation in Hindi and English; explanatory notes and prefatory matter in English. Keywords: three-jewels (ratnatraya), right faith (samyagdarśana), right knowledge (samyagjñāna), right conduct (samyakcāritra), repentance (pratik...

“The ‘niyama’ – right faith (samyagdarśana), right knowledge (samyagjñāna), and right conduct (samyakcāritra) – is the way to attain liberation and the fruit is the supreme liberation (paramanirvāõa). These three – the Three Jewels (ratnatraya) – have been described individually in this treatise.”

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Ācārya Umāsvāmī’s Tattvārthasūtra : With Explanation in English fr...

By: Vijay K Jain

This profound treatise leads the reader to the path to liberation. The path consists in right faith, right knowledge and right conduct, together.

The term ‘knowledge’ is to be taken with each kind mentioned in the sūtra – sensory knowledge, scriptural knowledge, clairvoyant knowledge, telepathic knowledge and perfect knowledge (omniscience). That which reflects on the objects-of-knowledge through the senses and the mind, or that through which the objects-of-knowledge are reflected upon, or just reflection, is sensory knowledge.

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Ācārya Pūjyapāda’s Samādhitantram : Supreme Meditation: Supreme Me...

By: Vijay K. Jain; Vijay K. Jain

The book emphasizes that the body and the soul are utterly different; we tend to pay attention to the body at the expense of the soul.

The one who entertains delusion that the body and the like are but the soul is the extroverted-soul (bahirātmā), the one who entertains no delusion about mental states – imperfections like attachment and aversion, and the soul-nature – is the introverted-soul (antarātmā), and the one who is utterly pure and rid of all karmic dirt is the pure-soul (paramātmā). Page 15

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Ācārya Kundakunda’s Pravacanasāra : Essence of the Doctrine: Essen...

By: Vijay K Jain; Vijay K Jain

The book is a masterpiece work on Jainism, the most profound religion in South Asia. In its three sections, it discusses the ideas of knowledge, objects-of-knowledge and the conduct required to attain perfect knowledge, i.e., omniscience.

The man who, having grasped the Words of the Omniscient Lord, destroys delusion (moha), attachment (rāga), and aversion (dvesa), gets rid of all miseries, in a short time. - page 103

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