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The Diary of Nathan P. Finkelberg

By: Esq. Frank Grayling; Nathan P. Finkelberg

Frank Grayling and his somewhat unstable girlfriend, Alana Bushmill, go on a road trip to recover the manuscript of a ghost who claims to be the Eternal Wandering Jew. They engage in many pointless arguments but eventually reach their destination and become filthy stinking rich in the process.

Frank Grayling’s Quest My name is Frank Grayling. I live in this small apartment at the western end of the fourth largest city in North America. Not a terribly important detail given the nature of the facts I am about to set down here. But should this document fall into the wrong hands before I kick off, it might turn out to be of some significance. And I might as well get it out in the open right off the bat. I, dear future reader, am a CSIS operant and have been...

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