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Braffis Spin

By: Eartha Duquay

Masterwork of a Divorce Braffis Spin is an artistic opaque autobiography of a divorce. The writing and content of Braffis Spin is totally clean, chaste, aesthetic and decent.The work addresses the impact of a dead marriage on an innocent mother. The author uses the vehicle of adventure to carry the consequence of a family breakdown after a long, happy, faithful (on both sides) marriage. The story begins with a celebration after which “Tide” is kidnapped. "Spin" endeavo...

A nimbus of azure light surrounded the glowing blue world of Paland. In orbit around Paland a crater filled Sewdapop shone brightly. Within Paland’s inner atmosphere the weather was frosty, the night clouds were silvery blue and the oxygen content in the air was negligible, but breathable. In stark contrast to Paland’s promising exterior, its red landforms were rocky, sandy and infertile. Deep canyons cut ragged scars into the surface of that dying world. Sand drifts ri...

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