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Edgard Pisani

Edgard Pisani (born 9 October 1918)[1] is a French statesman, philosopher, and writer. He was born in Tunis[1] of French parents of Maltese origin.[2] He spent his childhood in Tunisia and later studied in Paris. Pisani holds a "licence de lettres" from La Sorbonne, and a Doctorate in political science .[3]

He held positions in various governments in France: Senator (1954-1961)(1974-1981), Minister of Agriculture (1961-1966), Parliamentarian (1967-1968), European Commissioner (1981-1985), Minister of New Caledonia (1985), President of the Arab World Institute (1988-1995). In 1992, with Bertrand Hervieu, he formed the Groupe de Seillac[4] followed in 1995 by the Groupe de Bruges, both being think tanks specialising in agricultural and rural affairs. Since 1992, he has been a member of the French Economic and Social Council.[1]

In 1993, he was awarded an Honorary Degree (Doctor of Laws) by the University of Bath.[5]


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