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Warna 94.2FM

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Title: Warna 94.2FM  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Power98FM, Love 97.2FM, Oli 96.8FM, Capital 95.8FM, SAFRA Radio
Collection: Malay-Language Radio Stations, Radio Stations Established in 1959, Radio Stations in Singapore
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Warna 94.2FM

Broadcast area Caldecott Broadcast Centre
Branding 1994 as Radio Corporation of Singapore
Frequency 94.2 FM
First air date 1959 as Radio Singapore
1994 as Radio Corporation of Singapore
Format Malay adult contemporary music
Language(s) Malay
ERP 500.000 MHz
Class 200 Kw
Former callsigns Radio 2 (or Radio Dua)
Owner MediaCorp
Sister stations Ria 89.7FM
Webcast Web Stream

Warna 94.2FM is a contemporary music radio station of MediaCorp playing a unique blend of international Malay top 40 hits, and providing religious programmes, world and local news, and plays 100% Malay music and infotainment. The station was voted the favorite Malay radio station in 2006 and the most popular Malay infotainment in Asia. It was first aired operating out of Singapore with the independence of Malaya in 31 August 1957.


  • Brief history 1
  • Staff 2
  • Notable former DJs 3
  • Programmes 4
  • 6:30pm short spot programme 5
  • Holy programme (daily) 6
  • Specialised holy programme (daily on fasting month of Ramadan) 7
  • Adhan 8
  • Live prayers on radio 9
  • Warna music playlist 10
  • Muzik Warna 11
  • Sayang Di Sayang 12
  • Teh Tarik Sabtu 13
  • Trivia 14
  • Season Game Show 15
  • Archive Radio Programme 16
  • National Anthem 17
  • See also 18
  • References 19
  • External links 20

Brief history

  • Warna 94.2FM formerly known as RTS/SBC/RCS Radio 2 (94.2FM).
  • It was re-branded as Warna 94.2FM from the SBC on 23rd November 1991.
  • The first Malay (Sunni Islam) radio station from the former government owned Radio & Television of Singapore its state station for Singapore viewers a role served until 1965 when Singapore became independent.
  • In early 1960s, the translation and interpretation of the Koran reading in the Malay language for a programme on Radio Singapura broadcast every Friday night hosted by the late Ustaz Ahmad Sonhadji.
  • In celebration of Maulidur Rasul (birth of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad), all regular shows would be focusing on religious programming with an additional of Islamic music to be broadcast 20 hours on the day.
  • The format of programming and playlist revamped on 5th January 2015. (see schedule below)


Directorial & Management Staff
Position/ Role Name
Senior Vice President, Malay Community Zakiah Halim
Assistant Vice President, Programming, WARNA 94.2FM & RIA 89.7FM Malay Community Isadhora Mohamed
Programme Director, Warna 94.2FM Morniyati Tukimin
Executive Music Director WARNA 94.2FM & RIA 89.7FM Brader Bo
Senior Promotions Executive Wati Rahim
Station Assistant Administrative Manager Asmah Bee
Full Time DJs
Position/ Role Name
Executive Producer-Presenter Suharti Ali
Executive Producer-Presenter Faridah Onn
Executive Producer-Presenter Mariam Mas'od
Executive Producer-Presenter Suriani Kassim (SK)
Executive Producer-Presenter A B Shaik
Senior Producer-Presenter Muhd Tahar Ghalib (TG)
Senior Producer-Presenter Abdul Razak Rahim (RZ)
Senior Producer-Presenter Zaza Majid
Senior Producer-Presenter Hafeez Harun
Senior Producer-Presenter Dyn Norahim

Notable former DJs

  • Adi Abdul Rahman - (previously co-hosted Warna Xpress with Suriani Kassim & hosted Adi 360, currently with Ria 89.7FM)
  • Ami Mohd Noor - (left radio in June 2005, previously co-hosted Warna Mart with Morniyati Tukimin & hosted Milenia)
  • Aminah Siregar - (left radio in Jan 2000, previously hosted Ceria Keluarga)
  • Asmah Laili - (left radio in Jan 2000, still making occasional TV appearances on Suria)
  • Asmah Sulaiman - (left radio in Dec 2006, former Warna 94.2fm Assistant Producer)
  • Asri Sunawan - (left radio & TV, previously hosted Cakra Warna & Rentak Kota, formerly a news presenter for Malay department, Suria)
  • Azlin Ali - (previously hosted Warna Mart, currently with Ria 89.7FM)
  • Allahyarhamah Faridah Hanim (1943–2012) - (left radio in Dec 2003)
  • Hassan Salleh - (previously co-hosted Hore Hore Sabtu with Ibrahim Jamil, currently with the magazine, Manja)
  • Hasnani Nyarman - left in Jan 2000
  • Hashim Yusof - left in Dec 1992
  • Ibrahim Jamil - most recently a news editor for Malay dept
  • Inon Salleh - most recently a news editor for Malay dept
  • Jamilah Yusop - (left in June 2009, former Promotions Executive)
  • Allahyarham Nordin Kassim - (left radio in Dec 2006, previously hosted Firman & Sabda)
  • Nursha Ismail - (left radio in Nov 2011, currently a news presenter for Malay department, Suria)
  • Rashid Sulaiman - most recently a news editor for Malay dept
  • Saemah Ali - left in Dec 1997
  • Surtini Sarwan - most recently a news editor for Malay dept (former Warna 94.2fm PD - 1st Generation)
  • Suhaimi Yusof - left in June 2005, currently with Suria
  • Shah Ibrahim - left in Dec 2005


Programme Start Time End Time Hosted by
Monday to Sunday
Majulah Singapura(National Anthem) 5:00am
Seruan Ilahi 5:00am 5:05am Automated
Santapan Rohani 5:05am 6:00am Various
Firman & Sabda 6:00am 6:30am Automated
Espresso Warna bersama Glamourshaik 6:30am 10:00am Hafeez & Shaik
Ceria Keluarga 10:00am 2:00pm Sue
Panggung Petang 2:00pm 6:00pm Zaza
Relax 6:00pm 10:00pm Mariam
Malam DNG 10:00pm 2:00am Dyn & TG
Serentak Semasa 2:00am 5:00am Automated
Teh Tarik Sabtu 8:00am 12:00pm Various
Muzik Warna 12pm 4:00pm Various
Muzik Warna 4:00pm 8:00pm Various
Muzik Warna 8:00pm 12:00am Various
Malam 2 Mat (encore) 12:00am 2:00am Automated
Serentak Semasa 2:00am 5:00am Automated
Muzik Warna 8:00am 12:00pm Various
Muzik Warna 12:00pm 4:00pm Various
Sayang Di Sayang 4:00pm 8:00pm Suharti
Muzik Warna 8:00pm 12:00am Various
Serentak Semasa 12:00am 5:00am Automated

6:30pm short spot programme

Programme Day Hosted by
Bimbingan Monday RZ
Pelita Tuesday Sue
Sinaran Al Quran Wednesday Dyn
Dilema Thursday Faridah
Rakaman Khutbah Jumaat Friday Various

Holy programme (daily)

Programme Time Hosted by
Seruan Ilahi 5.00am to 5.05am Automated
Santapan Rohani 5.05am to 6.00am Various
Firman & Sabda 6.00am to 6.30am Automated

Specialised holy programme (daily on fasting month of Ramadan)

Programme Timing Hosted by
Hikmah Ramadan 15 mins before break Fast Dyn


  • A call for Muslim prayer broadcast 5 times a day while Ria 89.7FM, a sister station to only announce prayer times every day.

Live prayers on radio

  • Live broadcast from the local masjid performing prayers on Hari Raya Puasa & Hari Raya Haji in the mornings. (7am - 9am)

Warna music playlist

  • "Holy Morning songs, for music released from 1970 to 2012. (Daily 5am-6.30am)
  • "50s & 60s, for music released from 1950. (Weekends after 6.30am)
  • "70s & 80s, for music released from 1970. (Daily after 6.30am)
  • "90s, for music released from 1990. (Daily after 6.30am)
  • "Raya Special, a mix of Raya songs and regulars on Warna 94.2 playlist (only on 18 Ramadan to 20 Syawal and 7 Zulhijjah to 13 Zulhijjah).

Muzik Warna

Six songs are played in a row starting from the top of the hour, mostly from the 70s till 90s. Listeners may also call the studio for dedication and a short interaction with the Dj. (Weekends, 8 am to 12 am)

Sayang Di Sayang

Get groovy with 4 hours of non-stop classical hits from 40s till 70s. Gold celebrity of the day would be invited for an hour interaction with listeners. (Sunday, 4 pm to 8 pm)

Teh Tarik Sabtu

Chill out with the glamorous talk show and get poured with the best mix of retro music from 80s.(Saturday, 8am to 12pm)


  • Bijak Bestari (Reflections before Azan)
  • Duit Jajan
  • Tips Kesihatan
  • Tips Motoring
  • Permata Budi
  • Rumah Idaman
  • Peribahasa
  • Info Mas
  • Info IT
  • Wang Kita
  • Tips Melancong
  • Sulaman Keluarga (Tazkirah before Azan)

Season Game Show

  • Teka Lagu Ini (on-going)
  • Telinga Tikus Telinga Kuali
  • the Great Radio Game
  • Radio 75 Years
  • Cilukba 2010

Archive Radio Programme

  • Warna Xpress/ Samrah Mentari
  • Milenia
  • Vista Warna/ Warna Mart/ Ceria Keluarga
  • Rentak Warna/ Rentak Kota
  • Jalan Kenangan/ Warna Petang/ Medan Minda
  • Paradigma/ Cakap Tuan Puan/ Variasi Petang
  • Terapi Petang
  • Gema Senja
  • Pilihan Anda/ Ritmasari/ CD Pilihan/ Variaskop
  • Larut Malam/ Cakra Warna/ Warna Malam/ Yuk Sampai Pagi!
  • Malam 567
  • Cerita Kedai Kopi
  • Rock Klasik Warna

Rancangan Khusus

  • Sekapur Sireh (Tazkirah perkahwinan)
  • Kemusykilan (Soalan berkaitan agama)
  • Meniti Usia

National Anthem

The National Anthem plays at 5.00am when the station starts transmission with the first programme, Santapan Rohani. The Anthem plays for 1 minute 32 seconds.

Nation National Anthem Lyric Start Broadcast Final Broadcast Genre
Singapore Majulah Singapura G major 1 January 1980 31 December 2004 Instrumental
F major 1 January 2005 present

See also


External links

  • Warna 94.2FM Official Website

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