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Volusia County Transit
Votran Transfer Plaza in Daytona Beach
Slogan We Drive a Great Bargain
Parent Volusia County Florida Government
Founded 1975
Headquarters 950 Big Tree Road, South Daytona, Florida [1]
Service area Volusia County, Florida
Service type bus service, paratransit
Alliance McDonald Transit
Routes 28
Hubs Transfer Plaza
Intermodal Transit Facility
Fleet 55 buses, 4 trolleys, 44 paratransit vans
Daily ridership 9,233 (2007) [1]
Fuel type Diesel
Operator Volusia County Transit
Chief executive Lois Bollenback
Website Votran Official Website

Votran, an acronym for Volusia County Public Transit System is the public transportation agency of Volusia County, Florida, United States. The agency provides bus routes throughout the entire county.

Single rides are $1.50 per trip, or $3.50 for a one-day bus pass.


Votran is run by Volusia Transit Management, Inc, which was founded in 1975. The parent company of Volusia Transit Management is Mcdonald Transit Associates, Inc.[2]


(as of 16 February 2014)[3]

One way fares

$1.50 full fare ($0.75 reduced fare) for all routes.


All passes are valid for any route.

  • Day pass - $3.50 full fare ($1.75 reduced fare) expires 24 hours after purchase.
  • Three-Day pass - $7 full fare ($3.50 reduced fare) expires 72 hours after purchase.
  • Seven-Day pass - $12.75 full fare ($6.35 reduced fare) expires 7 days after purchase.
  • Monthly passes - $45 full fare ($22.50 reduced fare) expires 31 days after purchase.

Reduced fares

  • Available for children between 6 and 17 (Must show valid Volusia County school student I.D. card). Children under 6 ride for free with an adult (limit 3).
  • Senior citizens or persons with disabilities must show Government issued I.D. card showing valid proof of age.


Votran has two main stations:

  • Transfer Plaza, corner of N. Palmetto Avenue and M M Bethune Blvd., Daytona Beach. Buses meet and depart every half-hour; M-Sa, 7a-7p.
  • Intermodal Transfer Facility (ITF), 301 Earl Street and North Atlantic Ave. (FL Highway A1A), Daytona Beach. Buses meet and depart on every hour for evening and Sunday service; M-Sa, 7p-11p; Su 7a-6p.

Transfer points are available at other locations throughout the county, usually at a major shopping center or other facility where two or more buses cross paths.


The Volusia County Government governs the county as three regions, and Votran does the same with its service. Bus routes are grouped into three regions:

  • East (two hubs in Daytona Beach). The East side routes generally service the Daytona Beach, Port Orange, and Ormond Beach areas, With a connector (Route 60) to the DeLand area to connect with Routes 20 and 24 on the Westside.
  • Southeast (hub in New Smyrna Beach). There are Two Southeast Routes and Flex Service routes serving the New Smyrna Beachside and Mainland areas. Route 40 goes northbound to Port Orange via US1 and Nova Road to connect with the Eastside Routes near Dunlawton Square. Route 41 travels southbound serving Edgewater and Oak Hill.
  • West (hub in Orange City). These routes include the 20, 21, 22, 23, and 24, and service the DeBary, Deltona, DeLand and Orange City areas, with three out of the five routes focused mainly on Deltona, though two of the three routes (route 21 & route 22) follow similar paths for most of their assigned trips (eg. the 21 will stop at certain bus stops, with the 22 stopping at the same bus stop the following hour in the opposite direction). All routes servicing western Volusia run hourly from 6:00(though route 21 begins service at 5:33 a.m weekdays, route 24 begins at 5:40 a.m. weekdays.) or 6:30 a.m. until approximately 7:30 p.m. Route 24 connects DeLand to Pierson and Seville in northwestern Volusia County. Additionally, four routes (30, 31, 32, & 33) were added for service from DeLand or Deltona to the Debary SunRail station starting May 1st, 2014.

The East Side division is the only one that provides Sunday and night service for its routes.[4]

Full Route List

  • 1 A1A North
  • 3 North Ridgewood
  • 4 South Ridgewood
  • 5 Center Street
  • 6 North Nova
  • 7 South Nova
  • 8 Halifax
  • 10 Medical Center
  • 11 Mason Avenue
  • 12 Clyde Morris
  • 15 Orange Avenue
  • 17A South Atlantic
  • 17B Dunlawton
  • 18/19 International Speedway/Granada
  • 20 DeLand
  • 21/22 Deltona
  • 23 Orange City
  • 24 Pierson-Seville
  • 30 DeLand ITF/DeBary SunRail Station
  • 31 Northgate Plaza/DeBary SunRail Station Limited Stop
  • 32 Deltona Plaza/DeBary SunRail Station
  • 33 Dupont Lakes/DeBary SunRail Station Limited Stop
  • 40 Port Orange
  • 41 Edgewater
  • 42 NSB Beachside Flex Service
  • 43 NSB Mainland Flex Service
  • 60 East-West Connector

Bus Tracking

Votran recently developed an app that allow customers to track the buses to see if they're delayed.[5]

Current Fleet

  • 1201-1216 2000 Gillig 35-foot Phantom C20B102N4
  • 705-708 2001 Replica Trolley
  • 1301-1303 2003 Gillig 35-foot Phantom C20B102N4
  • 1401-1408 2003 Gillig 29-foot Low-floor G18E102R2
  • 1501-1503 2005 Blue Bird A3RE78005 Transit
  • 1601-1606 2006 Gillig 35-foot Low-floor G21B102N4
  • 1701-1709 2008 Gillig 35-foot Low-floor G21B102N4
  • 1801-1802 2008 Gillig 29-foot Low-floor G27E102R2
  • 1901-1909 2010 Gillig 35-foot Low-floor Hybrid G30B102N4

Retired Fleet


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External links

  • Votran Official Website
  • Volusia County Metropolitan Planning Organization
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