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Viceroy of Peru

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Title: Viceroy of Peru  
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Subject: History of the Pacific Islands, Irish diaspora, Monarch, Pedro de Valdivia, Marquesas Islands, Galápagos Islands, Title, The Bridge of San Luis Rey, Blue at the Mizzen, Pedro Sarmiento de Gamboa
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Viceroy of Peru

The viceroys of Peru ruled Viceroyalty of Peru from 1544 to 1826 in the name of the King of Spain. The territories under de jure rule by the viceroys included in the 16th and 17th century almost all of South America except eastern Brazil.

Governors of New Castile (1528-1544)

Picture Governor From Until Monarch
Francisco Pizarro 1528 June 26, 1541 Charles I
Cristóbal Vaca de Castro 1541 1544
60px Gonzalo Pizarro
Usurper and claimant to the governorship of Peru. Claims not definitively quelled until
Battle of Jaquijahuana
1544 1548

Viceroys of Peru (1544-1826)

Picture Viceroy From Until Monarch
Blasco Núñez Vela May 15, 1544 January 18, 1546 Charles I
Pedro de la Gasca,
Dean of the Audiencia
April 10, 1547 January 27, 1550
Antonio de Mendoza,
Marquis of Mondéjar, Count of Tendilla
September 23, 1551 July 21, 1552
Melchor Bravo de Saravia,
Dean of the Audiencia
July 1552 June 1556
Andrés Hurtado de Mendoza,
3rd Marquis of Cañete
June 29, 1556 March 30, 1561 Philip II
Diego López de Zúñiga,
4th Count of Nieva
April 17, 1561 February 20, 1564
Juan de Saavedra,
Dean of the Audiencia
1564 1564
Lope García de Castro,
Dean of the Audiencia
September 2, 1564 November 26, 1569
Francisco de Toledo,
Count of Oropesa
November 26, 1569 September 23, 1581
Martín Enríquez de Almanza September 23, 1581 March 13, 1583
Cristóbal Ramírez de Cartagena,
Dean of the Audiencia
1584 1584
Fernando Torres de Portugal y Mesía,
1st Count of Villadompardo
March 31, 1584 November 20, 1589
García Hurtado de Mendoza,
5th Marquis of Cañete
January 8, 1590 July 24, 1596
Luis de Velasco,
Marquis of Salinas
July 24, 1596 January 18, 1604
Gaspar de Zúñiga,
5th Count of Monterrey
January 18, 1604 March 16, 1606 Philip III
Diego Núñez de Avendaño,
Dean of the Audiencia
1607 1607
Juan de Mendoza,
3rd Marquis of Montesclaros
December 21, 1607 December 18, 1615
Francisco de Borja y Aragón,
Count of Rebolledo, Prince of Esquilache
December 18, 1615 December 31, 1621
Juan Jiménez de Montalvo,
Dean of the Audiencia
December 31, 1621 July 25, 1622 Philip IV
Diego Fernández de Córdoba,
Marquis of Guadalcázar, Count of Posadas
July 25, 1622 January 14, 1629
Luis Jerónimo de Cabrera,
4th Count of Chinchón
January 14, 1629 December 18, 1639
Pedro de Toledo,
1st Marquis of Mancera
December 18, 1639 September 20, 1648
García Sarmiento de Sotomayor,
2nd Count of Salvatierra
September 20, 1648 February 24, 1655
Luis Enríquez de Guzmán,
9th Count of Alba de Liste
February 24, 1655 December 31, 1661
Diego de Benavides,
8th Count of Santisteban del Puerto, 1st Marquis of Solera
December 31, 1661 March 16, 1666
Bernardo de Iturriaza,
Dean of the Audiencia
March 1666 November 1667 Charles II
Pedro Antonio Fernández de Castro,
10th Count of Lemos
November 21, 1667 December 6, 1672
Bernardo de Iturriaza,
Dean of the Audiencia
December 1672 August 1674
Baltasar de la Cueva,
Count of Castellar
August 15, 1674 July 7, 1678
Melchor Liñán y Cisneros
(Archbishop of Lima)
July 7, 1678 November 20, 1681
Melchor de Navarra,
Duke of Palata
November 20, 1681 August 15, 1689
Melchor de Navarra,
3rd Count of Monclova
August 1689 1705
Miguel Núñez de Sanabria,
Dean of the Audiencia
September 1705 May 1707 Philip V
Manuel de Oms,
1st Marquis of Castelldosrius
July 7, 1707 April 22, 1710
Miguel Núñez de Sanabria,
Dean of the Audiencia
April 22, 1710 September 14, 1710
Diego Ladrón de Guevara September 14, 1710 March 2, 1716
Mateo de la Mata Ponce de León,
Dean of the Audiencia
March 2, 1716 August 15, 1716
Diego Morcillo Rubio de Auñón, O.SS.T.
(Archbishop of Lima)
August 15, 1716 October 5, 1716
Carmine Caracciolo,
5th Prince of Santo Buono
October 5, 1716 January 26, 1720
Diego Morcillo Rubio de Auñón, O.SS.T.
(Archbishop of Lima)
January 26, 1720 May 14, 1724
José de Armendáriz,
1st Marquis of Castelfuerte
May 14, 1724 February 4, 1736 Philip V of Spain was the king; then from 1724–1746. Louis I only reigned in 1724.
José Antonio de Mendoza,
3rd Marquis of Villagarcía
February 4, 1736 December 15, 1745 Philip V
José Manso de Velasco,
1st Count of Superunda
December 15, 1745 October 12, 1761 Ferdinand VI
Manuel de Amat y Juniet October 12, 1761 July 17, 1776 Charles III
Manuel de Guirior July 17, 1776 July 21, 1780
Agustín de Jáuregui July 21, 1780 April 29, 1784
Teodoro de Croix April 29, 1784 March 25, 1790
Francisco Gil de Taboada March 25, 1790 June 6, 1796 Charles IV
Ambrosio O'Higgins,
1st Marquis of Osorno
July 24, 1796 March 19, 1801
Manuel Arredondo y Pelegrín,
Dean of the Audiencia
March 19, 1801 November 5, 1801
Gabriel de Avilés,
2nd Marquis of Avilés
November 5, 1801 August 20, 1806
José Fernando de Abascal y Sousa,
1st Marquis of La Concordia
August 20, 1806 July 7, 1816
Joaquín de la Pezuela,
1st Marquis of Viluma
July 7, 1816 January 29, 1821 Ferdinand VII
José de la Serna e Hinojosa,
1st Count of los Andes
January 29, 1821 December 9, 1824
Juan Pío de Tristán y Moscoso December 9, 1824 January 23, 1826

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