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Uzbekistan First League


Uzbekistan First League

Ўзбекистон биринчи лигаси
Country  Uzbekistan
Confederation AFC
Founded 1992
Number of teams 24
Levels on pyramid 2
Promotion to Uzbek League
Relegation to Uzbekistan Second League
Domestic cup(s) Uzbekistan Cup
Current champions Shurtan Guzar (2014)
Website PFL.Uz
2014 Uzbekistan First League

Uzbekistan First Division (Uzbek: Ўзбекистон биринчи лигаси or O‘zbekiston birinchi ligasi) is the second highest football league in Uzbekistan. The division is run by UFF. It is split in an Eastern and Western zone, each featuring 12 teams.


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  • Winners by year 2
  • Winners and topscorers 3
  • Coaches of promoted teams 4
  • Teams of Uzbekistan First League (2014) 5
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After of dissolution of the Soviet Union, UFF formed Oliy League and First Football League. Uzbekistan First league also began its first season from 1992.[1]

Winners by year

Winners and topscorers

Season Winners Runner-up Top scorer
1992[1] Shifokor Guliston Politotdel Oleg Shatskikh (Politotdel, 25 goals)
1993 FK Atlaschi Surkhon Termez Igor Burov (FK Atlaschi, 28 goals)
1994 Mash'al Mubarek FK Samarqand-Dinamo Khamza Jabbarov (FK Samarqand-Dinamo, 24 goals)
1995 Dinamo Urganch FK Kosonsoy Zakir Narzullaev (Diyor Bulungur, 24 goals)
1996[2] Zarafshan Navoi Chilonzor Tashkent Aleksey Zhdanov (Chilonzor Tashkent, 50 goals)
1997 Temiryo'lchi Qo'qon Metallurg Bekabad Shavkat Ismailov (Shurtan Guzar, 29 goals)
Ghayrat Odilov (Lochin, 29 goals)
1998 FK Yangiyer FK Samarqand-Dinamo Bakhtiyor Davlatov (FK Yangiyer, 39 goals)
1999[3] Semurg Angren Kimyogar Chirchiq Eldor Kasymov (Semurg Angren, 36 goals)
2000 Akademiya Tashkent Mash'al Mubarek Bakhtiyor Davlatov (Mash'al Mubarek, 35 goals)
2001 Temiryo'lchi Qo'qon Mash'al Mubarek Abduvosit Azizov (Mash'al Mubarek, 21 goals)
2002 FK Guliston Sementchi Kuvasoy Ulughbek Utarov (Sitora Bukhara, 19 goals)
2003[4] Sogdiana Jizzakh Lokomotiv Tashkent Qobil Aliqulov (Sogdiana Jizzakh, 23 goals)
2004 Shurtan Guzar Topalang Sariosiyo Ravshan Bozorov (Topalang Sariosiyo, 44 goals)
2005 FK Andijan Xorazm FK Urganch Pavel Pavlov (Sementchi Kuvasoy, 29 goals)
2006[5] Kuruvchi Vobkent FK Ilkhom Khamdamov (Vobkent FK, 42 goals)
2007 Sogdiana Jizzakh Uz-Dong-Ju Andijon Vladimir Gavrilov (Oqtepa, 27 goals)
2008 Xorazm FK Urganch Dustlik Jizzakh Muiddin Mamazulunov (O.Akbarov, 23 goals)
2009[6] Bunyodkor Qo'qon 1912 Mash'al Sport Aziz Asimov (NBU Osiyo, 20 goals)
Mansur Abdullaev (Zarafshon NCZ, 20 goals)[7]
2010 FK Buxoro Sogdiana Jizzakh Abdulatif Juraev (Chust-Pakhtakor/FK Buxoro, 27 goals)
2011 Lokomotiv Tashkent FK Guliston Zaynitdin Tadjiyev (Lokomotiv Tashkent, 30 goals)
2012 Sogdiana Jizzakh FK Guliston Khurshid Yuldoshev (Sogdiana Jizzakh, 26 goals)
2013 Mash’al Mubarek FK Andijan Firdavs Asadov (Spartak Bukhoro, 21 goals)
2014 Shurtan Guzar Kokand 1912 Viktor Klishin (Shurtan Guzar, 40 goals)
1:^ In the season 1999 additionally to the first second teams also promoted to Uzbek League: Qizilqum Zarafshon and Aral Nukus.[3]
2:^ The winner and runner-up team of season 2009 did not promoted to Uzbek League because the number of teams of Top League was reduced from 16 to 14 for upcoming 2010 season.[6]
3:^ FK Guliston could not enter the 2012 Uzbek League as runner-up team and was replaced by Qizilqum Zarafshon because of financial problems.

Coaches of promoted teams

Teams of Uzbekistan First League (2014)

Uzbekistan First League is located in Uzbekistan
FK Zaamin
FK Zaamin
Tashkent teams:Bunyodkor-2Lokomotiv BFKNBU Osiyo, OqtepaObodPakhtakor-2Istiqlol
Tashkent teams:

Lokomotiv BFK
NBU Osiyo, Oqtepa
Samarqand teams:SherdorRegiston

Samarqand teams:
Locations of the 2014 Uzbekistan First League Teams
Team Location Stadium Stadium capacity
Uz-Dong-Ju Andijan
Hotira-79 Namangan Province
Chust-Pakhtakor Chust
FK Kosonsoy Kosonsoy Kosonsoy Stadium 30,000
Kokand 1912 Kokand Kokand Stadium 8,000
Obod Tashkent
Bunyodkor-2 Tashkent JAR Stadium 8,460
Lokomotiv BFK Tashkent
NBU Osiyo Tashkent NBU Stadium 9,100
Oqtepa Tashkent Oq-Tepa Stadium 2,000
Pakhtakor-2 Tashkent Pakhtakor Stadium 33,000
Istiqlol Pskent Tukimachi Stadium (Tashkent)
FK Guliston Guliston Guliston Stadium 12,400
Ghallakor-Avtomobilchi Gallaorol
FK Zaamin Jizzakh Province Zaamin Stadium 4,000
FK Gijduvan Gijduvan
Registon Samarkand
Sherdor Samarkand
Shurtan Guzar Guzar G'uzor Stadium 8,000
Spartak Bukhoro Bukhoro
Mash'al-2 Muborak Bahrom Vafoev Stadium 10,000
Alanga Koson
FK Orol Nukus Nukus Turon Stadium 9,300
Xorazm FK Urganch Urganch Xorazm Stadium 12,000


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