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Turkey at the 1996 Summer Olympics

Turkey at the Olympic Games

Flag of Turkey
IOC code  TUR
NOC National Olympic Committee of Turkey
Website (Turkish)
At the Atlanta
Competitors 53
Rank: 19
Olympic history (summary)
Summer Games
Winter Games
Intercalated Games

Atlanta, United States.


  • Medalists 1
  • Results by event 2
    • Archery 2.1
    • Athletics 2.2
    • Boxing 2.3
    • Swimming 2.4
    • Weightlifting 2.5
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Medal Name Sport Event
 Gold Mutlu, HalilHalil Mutlu Weightlifting Men's Flyweight (54 kg)
 Gold Süleymanoğlu, NaimNaim Süleymanoğlu Weightlifting Men's Featherweight (64 kg)
 Gold Yerlikaya, HamzaHamza Yerlikaya Wrestling Men's Greco-Roman Middleweight (82 kg)
 Gold Demir, MahmutMahmut Demir Wrestling Men's Freestyle Super Heavyweight (> 100 kg)
 Silver Beyleroglu, MalikMalik Beyleroglu Boxing Men's Middleweight
 Bronze Pirim, AkifAkif Pirim Wrestling Men's Greco-Roman Featherweight (62 kg)

Results by event


In its fourth Olympic archery competition, Turkey's women nearly earned two medals. Elif Altankaynak made it to the semifinals in the individual competition, and the women's team made it there in the team round. However, the semifinals were as far as any Turkish archer got, and Altankaynak and the team both lost there and in the bronze medal matches.

Women's Individual Competition:

Men's Individual Competition:

Women's Team Competition:

  • Altankaynak, Nasaridze, and Eksi → Bronze Medal Match, 4th place (2-1)


Men's Decathlon

  • Final Result — 7575 points (→ 29th place)

Women's Javelin Throw

  • Qualification — 57.86m (→ did not advance)

Women's Marathon


Men's Light Flyweight (– 48 kg)

Men's Bantamweight (– 54 kg)

Men's Featherweight (– 57 kg)

Men's Lightweight (– 60 kg)

Men's Light Welterweight (– 63.5 kg)

Men's Welterweight (– 67 kg)

Men's Middleweight (– 75 kg)

Men's Light Heavyweight (– 81 kg)


Men's 400m Freestyle

  • Can Ergenekan
  • Heat — 4:02.39 (→ did not advance, 27th place)

Men's 100m Backstroke

Men's 200m Backstroke

Men's 100m Butterfly

Men's 200m Butterfly

  • Can Ergenekan
  • Heat — 2:01.65 (→ did not advance, 27th place)

Women's 100m Butterfly

  • Nida Zuhal
  • Heat — 1:04.11 (→ did not advance, 35th place)

Women's 200m Butterfly

  • Nida Zuhal
  • Heat — 2:18.46 (→ did not advance, 26th place)


Men's Light-Heavyweight (– 83 kg)

  • Final — 165.0 + 197.5 = 362.5 (→ 7th place)


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