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The Christian O'Connell Breakfast Show

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Title: The Christian O'Connell Breakfast Show  
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Subject: Absolute Radio, Absolute Radio Extra, Absolute Xtreme, Absolute Radio sister stations, Absolute Radio 90s
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The Christian O'Connell Breakfast Show

The Christian O'Connell Breakfast Show
Running time 4 hours
Country United Kingdom
Language(s) English
Home station Absolute Radio
Host(s) Christian O'Connell
Starring Christian O'Connell
Richie Firth
Andrew Bailey
Air dates since 23 January 2006[1]
Website Absolute Radio Website
Podcast Absolute Radio Podcast

The Christian O'Connell Breakfast Show is a multi award winning morning radio programme, broadcast on Absolute Radio and presented by Christian O'Connell.

The show runs for four hours, between 6 am and 10 am, Monday to Friday with a 3 hours weekly highlight broadcast Sunday between 5 pm and 8 pm.[2] A daily podcast of the previous morning's show is also produced.


Christian O'Connell

Christian O'Connell (born 7 April 1973) is a British radio presenter. He began presenting on 2CR Radio in Bournemouth in 1999, moving to Juice FM in Liverpool in 2000. He later moved to the weekday breakfast show on xFM and hosting Fighting Talk on BBC 5 Live. After departing from xFM Christian hosted the weekday morning breakfast show on Virgin Radio, now Absolute Radio.

Richie Firth

Richie Firth is a British radio co-presenter. He began working at Absolute Radio when several other member of the breakfast show left for different positions elsewhere in Absolute Radio and on other stations. Having previously worked with Christian on local radio in Bournemouth where he was most noted for being the travel chicken he reunited with Christian to be his co-presenter and producer. Richie is known for making claims which are usually debunked fairly quickly by either by Andrew Bailey or listeners texting in. Richie makes use of his music skills to produce theme tunes for features during the show, most famously 'Kit Bingo' and 'Bang It Fluky'. Often referred to as Captain Chaos due to a long series of unfortunate incidents including breaking an Austin Allegro by filling the petrol tank with diesel and booking an outbound flight scheduled after the return flight. He was also the food taster for the feature 'Snack Genius'. Most of Richie's ideas for the show are panned after attempt despite their popularity, such as 'London Calling'.

Andrew Bailey

Andrew Bailey is a news reader and journalist for Absolute Radio, and reads the news for the Breakfast Show. Andrew, usually referred to as Bails, is credited as providing 'news and vibes' on the show by Christian and often adopts the position of "show prefect" when the rest of the team threatens to break the rules. A big fan of Star Wars, Andrew has been accused of taking advantage of his position at Absolute Radio when it comes to gaining access to science fiction events to interview his favourite actors such as James Earl Jones. Andrew is often the butt of jokes about his grumbling back and he has two special support chairs that are reserved for him at One Golden Square. He and Richie Firth are regular on-air sparring partners and both claim to be "pedants" - they often try and out-do each other with their weather knowledge. When the show goes on the road for an outside broadcast, Andrew is usually dispatched to the toilet to read the "news from the loos" at Christian's request!

Maggie Doyle

Maggie Doyle was the travel reporter for the show. Maggie often contributed stories about her life in County Wexford much to the amusement of the others. She was also known for starting the week with a hangover on occasion, much to the delight of Christian. Maggie gave lots of advice as well, most of which is known to be wrong or useless, such as going out with wet hair will make you ill. The subject of Maggie's personal life was often a talking point on the show - most recently, the practice of not using her boyfriend's name on air. The team instead referred to him as 'The Milky Bar Kid' as he is younger than Maggie and did work experience on the show prior to their relationship. Maggie quit the show at the end of January 2014. She now presents the Breakfast Show on BBC Radio Kent.


  • 2007 Sony Radio Academy Gold Award for a Competition (Who’s Calling Christian?).[3]
  • 2010 Sony Radio Academy Bronze Award for Best Use of Branded Content (One Last Dream).[4]
  • 2010 Sony Radio Academy Gold Award for Best Competition (Who's Calling Christian?)[5]
  • 2011 Sony Radio Academy Bronze Award for Breakfast Show of the Year (10 million plus).[6]
  • 2011 The Arqiva/Triple A Media Commercial Radio Breakfast Show of the Year.[7]
  • 2012 Sony Radio Academy Silver Award for Breakfast Show of the Year (10 million plus).[8]
  • 2012 Sony Radio Academy Silver for Best Competition (The Early Morning Game).[9]
  • 2013 Sony Radio Academy Silver Award for Breakfast Show of the Year (10 million plus).[10]
  • 2013 Sony Radio Academy Gold Award for Music Radio Personality of the Year.[11]
  • 2013 Sony Radio Academy Gold Award for Best Use of Branded Content.[12]

Former show members


  • The Vegas Hour: Between 6am and 7am things are discussed that will not be talked about after 7am, because 'Clive Jong Il' doesn't listen that early. Topics are often random and unpredictable due to the people being awake so early.
  • Celebrity Interviews:Various famous celebrities have phoned in over the years, some genuine and some not. When celebrities are unavailable, interviews are conducted with Alex Lowe. These have included Pope Benedict XVI, Tom Cruise, the British Royal Family, Barack Obama and Barry Clause (Santa's brother).

Past features

  • Brian's Fantasy Guest: Brian Murphy cut together an interview with a celebrity from their 'canon of work'. This feature was often sabotaged by Christian.
  • The Early Morning Game: A game is devised around a listeners job with a theme tune composed by Richie such as Kit Bingo, or a game devised around guessing which fish a fishmonger has slapped his colleague around the face with by the sound of the smack.
  • Would you rather...: Two hypothetical statements are given and the team must pick one, such as would you rather be stuck in a lift with a clown or a badger.
  • Doc Hollywood: The title of a movie is made up and Christian come up with the plot and actors.
  • Phone Buckaroo: Listeners guess how long Christian can keep telephone psychics and sex lines talking about inane and irrelevant subjects.
  • Kettle Classics
  • The People Carrier of Doom
  • First Friday
  • The Diamante Lounge: A members club for listeners that has discounts such as 5% off at Ormskirk Arials. Membership is limited to three new members a day. Entrance to the Diamante Lounge is across a drawbridge and through a beaded curtain.
  • Open Topic Tuesday/Thursday - Listeners introduce random topics for the team to discuss. Most famously, Russell Crowe took part in the discussion via Twitter.
  • Snack Genius: Three recipes a week are sent in for Richie to try and declare snack genius or snack hell; a casting vote may be given by Christian if necessary. The recipes often contain odd combinations of food which go together surprisingly well.
  • The 40 List: Christian attempts to tick off items on a list he wrote at the age of 13 of things he wished to accomplish before turning 40. The list includes thirteen items, such as date Kelly LeBrock, kick in Darth Vader, have an amazing splurge gun party like Bugsy Malone, and do what Ferris Bueller did when he skived off.


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