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The Bacon Brothers

The Bacon Brothers
The Bacon Brothers performing.
Background information
Origin United States
Genres Country rock
Folk rock
Years active 1995–present
Members Kevin Bacon
Michael Bacon

The Bacon Brothers is the American musical duo of Michael Bacon and Kevin Bacon. Although they have played music together since they were boys, the brothers have only been a working band since 1995.

Kevin Bacon
Michael Bacon

The Bacon Brothers also appear on Sandra Boynton's children's CDs Dog Train, and Philadelphia Chickens, on which they sing the title track. Their song "Chop Wood (Carry Water)" is on the soundtrack of the 2004 film The Woodsman, which Kevin produced and starred in. Their song "When You Decide You've Stayed Too Long" is on the soundtrack of the 2003 film Red Betsy. Kevin starred in and produced Loverboy with his wife Kyra Sedgwick, which Michael also scored.

In January 2006, the Bacon Brothers appeared on an episode of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. The episode featured Michael Bacon as the episode's "straight guy" and makeover recipient, and ended with both Bacon Brothers performing.

In 2008, Michael composed many soundtracks for television, including the soundtrack for the PBS mini series The Jewish Americans and The Kennedys for which he won an Emmy.

In February 2009, the Bacon Brothers were the special guests for Episode 16 of Live From Daryl's House, Daryl Hall's (of Hall & Oates fame) monthly free internet concert. They performed four tracks off their most recent album, as well as some cover songs and the Hall & Oates track "When The Morning Comes".

In early 2009 The Bacon Brothers did Hard Rock Cafe's March on Stage with the proceeds going to March On Stage, which is about helping people who make a difference, about giving back to those people that give selflessly of themselves. In the show closing, they were joined on stage by Matt Morris.

In April 2009 they recorded "Private Sessions" which aired on the A&E channel. A new single, "Guilty of the Crime", a duet with The Bellamy Brothers, was released in June 2009.

On June 27, 2009 The Bacon Brothers gave a brief concert, for the fundraisers who climbed to the top of Pikes Peak, Colorado, in support of the Love Hope Strength Foundation. The event was videoed by Matt Carpenter, high altitude marathoner and posted on their Myspace page.[1] Later that night, The Bacon Brothers played a concert at the Denver Hard Rock Cafe. Also playing were Cy Curnin of The Fixx, and The White Buffalo.

The Bacon Brothers toured in Fall 2009 throughout the US East Coast.

In 2009, Kevin and Michael teamed up with Philadelphia singer Bunny Sigler and a group of mummers from a local string band to record a special edition of their song "New Years Day" as a part of a fundraiser to be able to pay for the Mummers Parade in 2010 after the city could no longer fund the parade. An MP3 of the recording was sold online and people paid donations to purchase the song. In addition, they performed a one night only benefit on December 5, 2009 at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia, PA which was broadcast live. The concert included numerous performances such as The Fralinger String Band, and Bunny Sigler onstage with the band. Though many of the people in the crowd were from the Philadelphia area and had ties with the mummers, fans from various cities and states came out to support the band that night and the show became a huge success and the 2010 Mummers Parade took place. For their service, Kevin and Michael were given positions of Grand Marshals in the parade.

On May 6 & 7, 2011, The Bacon Brothers gave two concerts for the new non-profit California Dream Week design contest and event week. The concerts were geared to help promote the event's first year launch and awarded both students and high schools focusing on sustainable design for a healthy planet. Seven students from around California were awarded scholarships for their projects in Architecture & Design, Transportation, and Product Compliments during an award ceremony prior to the May 7 concert.


Title Release Date
Forosoco November 4, 1997
Getting There August 31, 1999
Can't Complain June 26, 2001
"The Bacon Brothers Live - No Food Jokes Tour" November 11, 2003
White Knuckles October 25, 2005
New Years Day November 11, 2008
Philadelphia Road - Best of The Bacon Brothers 2011
36¢ September 16, 2014


  1. ^ Pikes Peak Video for LHSF fundraiser

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