Sandhill View School

Sandhill View Community Arts School
Type Community School
Headteacher Mr. Richard Bain
Deputy Headteacher Mr. Stephen Banks, Mr. Allan Langford

Grindon Lane
Thorney Close

Tyne and Wear
 England Coordinates: 54°53′16″N 1°25′46″W / 54.88787°N 1.42931°W / 54.88787; -1.42931

Local authority Sunderland
DfE URN 108867
Gender Coeducational
Ages 11–16

Year 7 - Navy

Year 8 - Maroon

Year 9 - Grey

Year 10/11 - Black

Sandhill View Community Arts School is a secondary school located in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, England.

General Information

The school day is 8.30am until 3pm, with the exception of Wednesdays when school ends at 2pm.

The school's facilities include a state of the art media centre, community sports facilities, swimming pool, community library, electronic village hall, youth club, motor vehicle workshop, industrial kitchen, hair and beauty training base and community education facilities.

Wednesday afternoon is dedicated to the Enrichment activities timetable.

Status and achievements

In 2007 the school received its specialised status in Performing Arts, under the Performing Arts leadership of Mr. James Andriot who left the school in 2009.

Sandhill View moved into a new modern building on the site of the former building in 2002, under the headship of Mrs. Phil Marshall, who left the school in 2004 to join Monkwearmouth School. The school is now run by Mr. Richard Bain.

The school takes pupils from its feeder schools: Thorney Close Primary School, Grindon Broadway Junior School, Hastings Hill Primary School and Plains Farm Primary School.

The school changed its name to Sandhill View Community Arts School in May 2011.

Sunderland Empire Partnership

In 2010 the school made a partnership with the Sunderland Empire Theatre.

On Wednesday 21 July 2010 the school's year 10 Creative and Media group had put together a celebration show 'Fiesta La Sandhill'.

Rio Carnival

The school performs an annual carnival in the city centre based on that in Rio, Brazil, to showcase its creativity in art, drama, media, music and dance.



Partnership with Sunderland College

Student from Sandhill View School should be highly encouraged to go on to study at Sunderland College as Sandhill View is one of several local schools in partnership with the college which specialises in providing both opportunities for A Level and Vocational routes.

External links

  • Sandhill View School website
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