SARS may refer to:

  • Severe acute respiratory syndrome, a pneumonia-like disease, originating from the 2002–2003 outbreak
  • The South African Revenue Service, the tax collection agency for South Africa
  • Special Administrative Regions, commonly abbreviated to SARs
  • Suffolk Accident Rescue Service, the charity providing a medical care
  • Sars, the Specialist Anti-Robbery Squad, an elite police unit in Nigeria
  • Michael Sars, a Norwegian biologist, father of Georg Sars.
  • Georg Ossian Sars, a Norwegian biologist, son of Michael Sars.
  • Sarah Bunting, also known as Sars, one of the founders of the television recap site Television Without Pity
  • Sars (urban-type settlement), an urban-type settlement in Perm Krai, Russia
  • Sveže Amputirana Ruka Satrijanija, or S.A.R.S., a Serbian alternative rock band
  • Sars, a common abbreviation for sarsaparilla in Australia
    • Sarsi, also known as Sars, a similar sarsaparilla drink in East Asia

See also

  • Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV or MERS), originating from the 2013 SARS-like outbreak
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