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Remission (EP)

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Title: Remission (EP)  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Skinny Puppy discography, The Singles Collect, Skinny Puppy, Solvent (disambiguation), Remission
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Remission (EP)

EP by Skinny Puppy
Released December 1984
Recorded July-Aug. 1984
(Mushroom Studios, Vancouver)
Genre Industrial, electronic, synthpop
Length 24:09 (original)
39:33 (re-issue)
Label Nettwerk (Canada)
Scarface/Play It Again Sam (Europe)
Producer cEvin Key, Dave Ogilvie
Skinny Puppy chronology
Back & Forth
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Allmusic [1]

Remission is a 1984 EP by Skinny Puppy,[2] their first release with Nettwerk Records. The vinyl EP was released with six tracks, and released on cassette in 1986 with additional tracks expanding the release to a full-length album. Tracks from both Remission and its follow-up Bites were combined into a single CD release in 1997 titled Bites And Remission; in 1993 Nettwerk released Remission on CD using the track listing from the 1986 cassette release.[2]


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Track listing

Original EP release
No. Title Length
1. "Smothered Hope"   5:14
2. "Glass Houses"   3:24
3. "Far Too Frail"   3:41
4. "Solvent"   4:37
5. "Sleeping Beast"   6:01
6. "Brap…"   1:12
Total length:
Cassette/Re-issued LP release
No. Title Length
1. "Smothered Hope"   5:14
2. "Glass Houses"   3:21
3. "Incision"   4:41
4. "Far Too Frail"   3:43
5. "Film"   2:51
6. "Manwhole"   1:44
7. "Ice Breaker"   2:46
8. "Solvent"   4:38
9. "Sleeping Beast"   6:01
10. "Glass Out"   3:25
11. "…Brap"   1:09
Total length:


Production notes

  • The cover art was designed by Steven R. Gilmore.[2]
  • Sides on the vinyl release are labelled "Back" and "Forth".[2]
  • Originally released as a vinyl EP in 1984 by Nettwerk. The first CD release was in 1987, when Remission (along with the extra track "Glass Out") was combined with the 1985 album Bites to form the release Bites and Remission on Nettwerk in 1987. A similar release called Remission & Bites was also released on Play It Again Sam in Europe during the same year. Finally, in 1993, Remission was released separately on CD, with some alternate versions of tracks from the Bites era added to extend the playing time to album length.
  • The songs "Smothered Hope", "Glass Houses", "Far Too Frail" and "Glass Out" contain various samples from Alfred Hitchcock's 1943 film Shadow of a Doubt"The world's a hell. What does it matter what happens in it?"
  • The song "Incision" contains samples from the movie The Tenant"Thou shalt return to the dust from which thou came, and only thy bones remain. The worms shall consume thy eyes, thy lips, thy mouth. They shall enter into thy ears, they shall enter into thy nostrils. The body shall putrefy unto its innermost recesses and shall give off a noisome stench..."
  • The song "Icebreaker" contains a sample from the film The Legend of Hell House"Think of me as your unseen host and believe that, during your stay here, I shall be with you in spirit. May you find the answer that you seek. It is here, I promise you. And now, Auf Wiedersehen."
  • The song "Far Too Frail" contains samples from a speech about pornography as an art by President Ronald Reagan.
  • The song "Sleeping Beast" contains samples from Dr. Helen Caldicott's Academy Award winning 1982 nuclear war documentary If You Love This Planet. - "A 20 megaton bomb on Boston in 1962 was estimated to have created 2.2 million corpses." "There'll be millions of corpses." "There'll be nobody left." "No art. No literature. Everything will be gone."


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