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Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding New Series

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Title: Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding New Series  
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Subject: EmmyAward NewSeries, 9th Primetime Emmy Awards, 10th Primetime Emmy Awards, 22nd Primetime Emmy Awards, 23rd Primetime Emmy Awards
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Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding New Series

The Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding New Series was a Primetime Emmy Award presented to the best new television series sporadically from 1954 to 1973.

Winners and nominees


Year Program Network Nominee(s)
Make Room for Daddy ABC Louis F. Edelman, executive producer; Sheldon Leonard, Charles Stewart, producers
The United States Steel Hour George Kondolf, Carol Irwin, producers
Adventure CBS Robert Northshield, producer
Ding Dong School NBC Reinald Werrenrath, producer
Letter to Loretta Tom Lewis, Matthew Rapf, executive producers
Person to Person CBS John Aaron, Jesse Zousmer, Charles Hill, Robert Sammon, Edward R. Murrow, producers
Playhouse 90 CBS Peter Kortner, executive producer; Julian Claman, Martin Manulis, Herbert Brodkin, producers
Air Power CBS Perry Wolff, James B Faichney, producers
The Dinah Shore Chevy Show NBC Bob Banner, Robert Wells, producers
The Ernie Kovacs Show Louis Heyward, producer
The Steve Allen Sunday Show Nick Vanoff, producer
The Seven Lively Arts CBS John Houseman, executive producer; Robert Herridge, producer
Leave it to Beaver CBS Joe Connelly, Bob Mosher, producers
Maverick ABC William T. Orr, executive producer; Roy Huggins, Coles Trapnell, producers
Tonight Starring Jack Paar NBC Perry Cross, Paul Keyes, Bob Shanks, producers
Wagon Train Howard Christie, Richard Lewis, executive producers; Frederick Shorr, producer


Year Program Network Nominee(s)
Room 222 CBS Gene Reynolds, producer
The Bill Cosby Show NBC Bill Cosby, executive producer; Marvin Miller, producer
The Forsyte Saga PBS Donald Wilson, producer
Marcus Welby, M.D. ABC David J. O'Connell, producer; David Victor, executive producer
Sesame Street NET David D. Connell, executive producer; Sam Gibbon, producer; Lutrelle Horne, producer; Jon Stone, producer
All in the Family CBS Norman Lear, producer
The Bold Ones: The Senator NBC David Levinson
The Flip Wilson Show Bob Henry, producer; Monte Kay, executive producer
Mary Tyler Moore CBS James L. Brooks, executive producer; Allan Burns, executive producer; David Davis, producer
The Odd Couple ABC Jerry Belson, executive producer; Jerry Davis, producer; Garry Marshall, executive producer
Elizabeth R PBS Roderick Graham, producer; Christopher Sarson, executive producer
Columbo NBC Everett Chambers, producer; Richard Levinson, executive producer; William Link, executive producer
Sanford and Son Aaron Ruben, producer; Bud Yorkin, executive producer
The Six Wives of Henry VIII PBS Mark Shivas, producer; Ronald Travers, producer
The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour CBS Chris Bearde, producer; Allan Blye, producer
America: A Personal History of the United States NBC Michael Gill, producer
The Julie Andrews Hour ABC Julie Andrews, Star; Nick Vanoff, producer
Kung Fu Jerry Thorpe, producer
M*A*S*H CBS Gene Reynolds, producer
Maude Norman Lear, executive producer; Rod Parker, producer
The Waltons Robert L. Jacks, producer; Lee Rich, executive producer
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