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Paraguayan Football Association

Paraguayan Football Association
Founded 1906
FIFA affiliation 1925
CONMEBOL affiliation 1921
President Lic. Alejandro Dominguez Wilson Smith

The Paraguayan Football Association (Paraguayan football league and the Paraguay national football team, and is based in the Paraguayan capital, Asunción. In 1906, the representatives of the five existing football teams in Paraguay at that time (Olimpia, Guaraní, Libertad, General Díaz, and Nacional) met to create the governing body of football in Paraguay, the Paraguayan Football League. In 1998 its name was changed to its current denomination.



Liga Paraguaya de Football Association
Name Period
Dr. Adolfo Riquelme 1906–1908
Dr. Eusebio Ayala 1908–1909
Don William Paats 1909–1910
Don Emilio Mantera 1910–1910
Don Junio Quinto Godoi 1910–1911
Don Alejandro Gatti 1911–1913
Dr. Enrique L. Pinho 1913–1923
Dr. Juan Manuel Álvarez 1923–1924
Dr. Esteban Semidei 1924–1926
Prof. Dr. Adriano Irala 1926–1928
Don Manuel Bedoya 1928–1931
Don Juan Pablo Gorostiaga 1931–1932
Dr. Ignacio L. Parra 1932–1932
Dr. Francisco Esculies 1935–1936
Don Ramón T. Cartes 1936–1937
Don Manuel Galiano 1937–1938
Dr. Juan Arturo Lavigne 1939–1940
Cnel. Sampson Harrison 1940–1940
Liga Paraguaya de Football
Name Period
Dr. Manuel Bedoya 1941–1941
Dr. Julio César Airaldi 1942–1944
Dr. Crispín Insaurralde 1944–1945
Don Fulgencio R. Moreno 1945–1946
Don Oscar Pinho Insfrán 1946–1947
Dr. Lorenzo N. Livieres 1947–1948
Clte. Ramón Martino 1948–1948
Dr. Blas A. Dos Santos 1948–1950
Don Lidio Quevedo 1950–1951
Dr. Blas A. Dos Santos 1951–1952
Dr. Alfonso Capurro 1952–1954
Don Lidio Quevedo 1954–1955
Dr. Raimundo Paniagua 1955–1956
Dr. Alfonso Capurro 1956–1957
Liga Paraguaya de Fútbol
Name Period
Dr. Pedro Recalde 1957–1957
Dr. Ernesto Gavilán 1958–1959
Dr. Hassel Aguilar Sosa 1959–1960
Dr. Tulio Manuel Quiroz 1960–1961
Dr. Manuel Duarte Pallarés 1961–1963
Dr. Anastacio Mendoza Sánchez 1963–1965
Dr. Jerónimo Angulo Gastón 1965–1967
Cnel. Raúl Fernández 1967–1968
Don Juan Antonio Sosa Gautier 1969–1970
Dr. Nicolás Leoz 1971–1972
Don Humberto Domínguez Dibb 1973–1976
Don Oscar Barchini 1977–1979
Dr. Nicolás Leoz 1979–1984
Don Jesús Manuel Pallarés 1985–1994
Esc. Oscar J. Harrison 1994–1998
Asociación Paraguaya de Fútbol
Name Period
Esc. Oscar J. Harrison 1998–2007
Lic. Juan Ángel Napout 2007 – 2014
Lic. Alejandro Dominguez Wilson Smith 2014 – Present

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