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Outline of spirituality

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Title: Outline of spirituality  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Spirituality, Enlightenment (spiritual), Illuminationism, Neurotheology, Nondualism
Collection: Outlines, Religion-Related Lists, Spirituality
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

Outline of spirituality

Spirituality can refer to an ultimate or an alleged immaterial reality,[1] an inner path enabling a person to discover the essence of his/her being, or the “deepest values and meanings by which people live.”[2]

Spiritual practices, including meditation, prayer and contemplation, are intended to develop an individual's inner life; spiritual experience includes that of connectedness with a larger reality, yielding a more comprehensive self; with other individuals or the human community; with nature or the cosmos; or with the divine realm.[3]

The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to spirituality:


  • Introductory topics 1
  • Eastern 2
    • Esotericism and mysticism 2.1
      • Category:Shabda 2.1.1
      • Other topics 2.1.2
    • Philosophy and religion 2.2
  • Paths 3
    • Inner path 3.1
    • Left-hand path 3.2
  • Magic and occult 4
  • Martial arts 5
  • New Age 6
  • People 7
  • Spiritual and occult practices 8
    • Concentration 8.1
    • Divination 8.2
    • Other 8.3
  • Western 9
    • Religion, esotericism, and mysticism 9.1
      • Organizations 9.1.1
      • People 9.1.2
      • Rosicrucianism 9.1.3
    • Occultism and practical mysticism 9.2
      • Neopaganism 9.2.1
      • Christianity 9.2.2
        • Esoteric Christianity
      • Egyptian mythology 9.2.3
      • Islam 9.2.4
        • Sufism
      • Judaism 9.2.5
  • See also 10
  • References 11
  • External links 12

Introductory topics


Esotericism and mysticism


Other topics

Philosophy and religion


Inner path

"Inner path", as a spiritual or religious concept, is referred to in:

Left-hand path

Magic and occult

Martial arts

New Age


Spiritual and occult practices





Religion, esotericism, and mysticism




Occultism and practical mysticism



Esoteric Christianity

Egyptian mythology




See also


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