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Title: Orsini-Rosenberg  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Orsini family, Die Entführung aus dem Serail, Amadeus (film), Austrian nobility, Princes of the Holy Roman Empire, Rosenberg (surname)
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House Orsini-Rosenberg
Country Austria
Ancestral house House of Graben von Stein
Titles Reichsfürst und Reichsgraf von Orsini und Rosenberg
Burggraf of Klagenfurt
Freiherr auf Lerchenau und Grafenstein
Founder Konrad ab dem Roesenperg
Founding first named in 1322

Orsini-Rosenberg (also Ursin-Rosenberg) is the name of an old Austrian noble family. Originally sprang out from the family Von Graben (an apparent, or illegitimate branch of the House of Meinhardin)[1] from Schloss Alt-Grabenhofen near the city of Graz.[2]


The earliest known member of the Orsini-Rosenberg family, Konrad ab dem Roesenperg, lived around 1322. He was a member of the low nobility who lived at Schloss Alt-Grabenhofen, between Reinerkogel and Rosenberg. During the 17th and 18th century, the success of that family arose from the steady accumulation of land, and loyalty to the Habsburg Emperor.

On August 2, 1633 Johann Andreas von Rosenberg, Herr von Rosenberg, was elevated to the Reichsfreiherrenstand with the title Freiherr of the Holy Roman Empire, Freiherr of Lerchenau, Herr of Magereckh and Grafenstein and in 1648 to the Austrian Grafenstand. Since 1681 the family Orsini-Rosenberg held the title as Reichsgraf and in 1683 they became members of the Reichstag. At the same year they take the name of the old Italian princely Orsini family; their family name changed to Ursini-Rosenberg or Orsini-Rosenberg. On October 9, 1790 Franz Xaver Wolfgang von Orsini-Rosenberg elevated to Reichsfürst von Orsini-Rosenberg.

Family members

  • Johann Andreas von Rosenberg (1600–1667), became first count of Rosenberg
  • Vinzenz von Orsini-Rosenberg (1722–1794), Landeshauptmann of Carynthia
  • Franz Xaver Wolfgang von Orsini-Rosenberg (1726–1795), was made first count of the Holy Roman Empire of Orsini-Rosenberg and later first prince of the Holy Roman Empire of Rosini-Rosenberg, diplomat and politician. Basis for the character Count Orsini-Rosenberg in the fictional work Amadeus.
  • Prince Franz Seraph of Orsini-Rosenberg (1761–1832), Austrian General of Cavalry



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