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National League A


National League A

National League A
Current season, competition or edition:
Current sports event 2015–16 NLA season

Nationalliga A

  • NDA
Sport Ice hockey
Founded 1999
CEO Marc Furrer
No. of teams 12
Country Switzerland
Most recent champion(s) HC Davos
Most titles HC Davos (31)
TV partner(s) SRG, Teleclub
Related competitions National League B
Official website

National League A (NLA) is a professional Ice hockey league in Switzerland. It is the top tier of the Swiss hockey league system and of the two-tier National League. Prior to the 2007–08 season, the league was officially called Nationalliga A (German), (French: Ligue Nationale A (LNA), Italian: Lega Nazionale A). The NLA has the most attended hockey club in Europe, SC Bern, and is also the most attended league within the same continent.[1]


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Season structure

During the regular season, each of the 12 teams play 50 games. The top eight teams after the regular season qualify for the playoffs to determine the Swiss champion in best-of-seven series. The bottom four teams in the standings play a relegation tournament, called playouts, in which each team retains their regular season points and play an additional 6 matches. Following those matches, the two bottom ranked teams will play each other in a best-of-seven series, with the loser then playing the winner of the National League B playoffs in a best-of-seven series for a spot in the successive NLA season.[2]

Current teams

The following teams will participate in the 2015–16 NLA season:

Team City Arena Capacity Attendance 2014/15[3]
HC Ambrì-Piotta Ambrì Valascia 6,500 5,154
SC Bern Bern PostFinance-Arena 17,031 16,164
EHC Biel Biel/Bienne Tissot Arena 6,521 4,676
HC Davos Davos Vaillant Arena 6,800 4,763
HC Fribourg-Gottéron Fribourg BCF Arena 6,700 6,261
Genève-Servette HC Geneva Patinoire des Vernets 7,135 6,619
Kloten Flyers Kloten Kolping Arena 7,719 5,262
Lausanne HC Lausanne CIG de Malley 7,600 6,711
HC Lugano Lugano Pista La Resega 7,800 5,559
SCL Tigers Langnau im Emmental Ilfis Stadium 6,050 5,053
EV Zug Zug Bossard Arena 7,015 6,366
ZSC Lions Zürich Hallenstadion 11,200 9,331

Past champions

Swiss National Championship Serie A (1909–1937)

Swiss International Championship Serie A (1916–1933)

  • 1916: Akademischer EHC Zürich
  • 1917: HC Les Avants
  • 1918: HC Bellerive Vevey
  • 1919: HC Rosey Gstaad
  • 1920: HC Rosey Gstaad
  • 1921: HC Rosey Gstaad
  • 1922: HC Château-d'Œx
  • 1923: EHC St Moritz
  • 1924: HC Château-d'Œx
  • 1925: HC Rosey Gstaad
  • 1926: no winner
  • 1927: HC Davos
  • 1928: HC Rosey Gstaad
  • 1929: HC Davos
  • 1930: HC Davos
  • 1931: HC Davos
  • 1932: HC Davos
  • 1933: Grasshopper-Club Zürich

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External links

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  • Meltzer, Bill. "Hockey a Hot Ticket in Switzerland" at Retrieved 6 April 2006.
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