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A multiple-system operator or multi-system operator (MSO) is an operator of multiple cable or direct-broadcast satellite television systems. A cable system in the United States, by Federal Communications Commission (FCC) definition, is a facility serving a single community or a distinct governmental entity, each with its own franchise agreement with the cable company. Though in the strictest sense any cable company that serves multiple communities is thus an MSO, the term today is usually reserved for companies that own a large number of cable systems, such as Time Warner Cable, Cablevision, Comcast, Charter Communications and Cox Communications in the United States, Rogers Communications, Videotron and Shaw Communications in Canada or Virgin Media in the UK.

Top 25 Multichannel Video Service Customers In USA by number of subscribers for 2012

  • Contains estimates from SNL Kagan.[1]
MSO Name # of subscribers
Comcast 21,995,000
DirecTV 20,080,000
Dish Network Corporation 14,056,000
Time Warner Cable, Inc. 12,218,000
Verizon Communications Inc. 4,726,000
Cox Communications, Inc. 4,540,280
AT&T 4,536,000
Charter Communications, Inc. 4,158,000
Cablevision Systems Corporation 3,197,000
Brighthouse Networks, LLC 2,013,145
Suddenlink Communications 1,211,200
MediaCom Communications Corporation 1,000,000
WOW! (f.k.a. WideOpenWest) 702,101
CableOne, Inc. 593,615
RCN Corporation 327,631
Atlantic Broadband Group, LLC 247,792
Midcontinent Communications 236,250
Armstrong Cable Services 234,573
Service Electric Cable TV Incorporated 213,058
Metrocast Cablevision 164,921
Blue Ridge Communications 164,796
WaveDivision Holdings, LLC 152,975
General Communications 140,000
Buckeye Cablesystem 130,954
Grande Communications 92,667

Top Multichannel Video Service Customers Outside of USA by number of subscribers

Country MSO Name # of Subscribers
India DEN Networks 52,300,
India Digi Cable 32,500,000
China Shandong Cable 25,000,000
India IN Cable 22,500,000
India Hathway Cable 22,500,000
India Siti Cable 22,525,000
EMEA UPC Broadband (9 in Europe)[2] 9,100,000
China Beijing Gehua 9,000,000
Germany Kabel Deutschland[3] 8,900,000
China Shanghai OCN 6,000,000
Brazil NET Serviços de Comunicação 5,381,000
UK Virgin Media 4,772,800
France Numericable[4] 3,500,000
Korea, South CJ Hellovision[5] 3,300,000
Japan J:Com 3,300,000
Korea, South T-Broad[6] 3,200,000
Netherlands Ziggo[7] 3,017,000
Korea, South C&M 2,700,000
Belgium Telenet 2,300,000
Germany Kabel BW 2,300,000
Canada Rogers Cable 2,295,000
Canada Shaw Communications 2,241,503
Spain ONO[8] 1,823,536
Sweden Com Hem 1,760,000
Switzerland Cablecom[9] 1,670,000
Canada Videotron 1,652,200
China Jinan Cable Network 1,300,000
Denmark YouSee A/S 1,200,000
Taiwan Kbro 1,150,000
Taiwan CNS 1,100,000
Canada Star Choice 886,106
Canada Cogeco 859,090
Australia Austar 742,000
Poland Vectra S.A. 740,000
Taiwan TBC 700,000
Taiwan TFN media 550,000
India (Mumbia) J P R Channel 120,000


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  • – National Cable & Telecommunications Association, Top 25 MSOs as of June, 2011
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