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Miami 7

Miami 7
Miami 7 opening titles
Also known as S Club 7 in Miami
Genre Family Entertainment
Directed by Andrew Margetson
Starring S Club 7
Alfie Wise
Paul Louis
Opening theme "Bring It All Back"
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of series 1 (in Miami)
4 (in total)
No. of episodes 13
Executive producer(s) Simon Fuller
Malcolm Gerrie
Christopher Pilkington
Running time 25 mins (approx)
Original channel CBBC (on BBC One), Play UK and Disney Channel UK
Original release 8 April 1999 –
1 July 1999
Followed by L.A. 7

Miami 7 is a television series starring British pop group S Club 7. Thirteen episodes were produced and aired on CBBC from 8 April 1999 to 1 July 1999[1] During each episode, the members would perform one of the songs from their album S Club. All seven members of the group starred as themselves. It was created and partially written by Kim Fuller, who also created and wrote the Spice Girls' film Spiceworld: The Movie. Following a breakdown that happened on the CBBC's Channel launch day, 11th February 2002, at around 6.25pm, the show had to be stopped indefinitely.

Renamed S Club 7 in Miami, the show was taken to America where it aired on Fox Family[2] - which later became ABC Family - between 6 November 1999 and 5 February 2000. It also aired on MusiquePlus.

The show was watched by 90 million viewers in over 100 different countries.[3]


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Main cast

Recurring cast


The show saw the group, desperate to make it big, offered a chance for success in Miami by their management. Instead, the gang find themselves working in a hotel for Howard and Marvin Borlotti and entertaining the residents of the hotel. They learn to deal with the culture shock of being in a new country and eventually enjoy and somewhat become accustomed to what America has to offer.

Recurring elements

  • The group were always shown to have a strong connection. Every time they put their hands together in a circle and said the words "United we stand, divided we fall", a bolt of lightning would spread throughout their arms & while it happened, the lightning hurt them.
  • The group would always sing one of their songs at the end of every episode. With the exception of episode two where the group sing "Tie a Yellow Ribbon" and episode eleven where they sing "Dancing Queen", which was recorded for the Abbamania soundtrack.


Title Original airdate U.S. airdate S Club song #
"Take Off" 8 April 1999[1] 6 November 1999 "Everybody Wants Ya"
"It's a Feel Good Thing (Buenos Tiempos)"
The gang are demoralised by bad management and a lack of decent gigs. However, when they are sent to Miami to perform they see it as their chance to find fame and fortune. The group arrives at the Paradise Hotel expecting to live a life of luxury, however, hotel manager Howard has other plans for S Club 7.
"Howard's Hotel" 15 April 1999[1] 6 November 1999 "Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree"
"S Club Party"
The hotel isn't as glamorous as the group's agent promised them. Instead of singing and performing, the gang have to work as hotel employees, rather than as full-time performers. When Howard does ask the group to sing, his choice of song is not from their original songs and is not their musical style.
"The Blue Chevy" 22 April 1999[1] 12 November 1999 "Down at Club S" 3
The group persuades Howard to pay them decent wages and sell them his spare car, which promptly breaks down. Jo and Bradley decide to secretly take parts from Howard's Red Chevy and put them in their own car (a 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air convertible).
"Wind Resistance" 29 April 1999[1] 13 November 1999 "Everybody Wants Ya" 4
With a hurricane on the way, Howard leaves Paul in charge of the hotel and the Hawaiian Luau party he's planned for its guests. Unfortunately, Paul becomes extremely bossy and forces the group to wear grass skirts. As the storm rages, the gang discover Howard has taken shelter in the basement, and persuade him that the hurricane has passed.
"The Man From E.M.I." 6 May 1999[1] 20 November 1999 "Two in a Million" 5
The gang are excited to hear that the head of EMI Records is staying at the hotel. Meanwhile, Rachel's upset that her boyfriend hasn't written yet, whilst Jo becomes angry at her boyfriend, Robert, for writing too often! Jo decides to break up with him only to discover that her boyfriend is standing behind her! Jo then fixes her mistake by writing and performing a song dedicating her love for him. During which, he hooks up with the executive woman, who specialises in elevator music.
"Alligator" 13 May 1999[1] 26 November 1999 "So Right" 6
Howard's finds himself with a date with a swimsuit model and Rachel, Tina, and Jo set about giving him a complete makeover. Meanwhile, The boys and Hannah decide to set their boss's pet alligator, Clint, free. However, they're disappointed when Clint returns. Marvin explains to them that he's a homing (domesticated but allowed some freedom) alligator. Howard's date is a disaster - his dinner partner, Arlene, has no fashion sense. He returns home disappointed, but it appears he's taken his new-found metrosexuality a bit too seriously.
"Volleyball" 20 May 1999[1] 27 November 1999 "You're My Number One" 7
The group give Jon tips on chatting up girls. They're also given a volleyball lesson by some locals, who turn out to be workers at Howard's cousin Hank's hotel. Howard decides to set up a volleyball match between the two hotels and bets that S Club will lose. S Club are fuming and do everything they can to win the match.
"Alien Hunter" 27 May 1999[1] 4 December 1999 "We Can Work It Out" 8
The band become the stars of the fictional hit TV series, Alien Hunter; the hotel is used as a filming location. Tina, dressed as an alien, falls asleep in a laundry truck and wakes up in a busy shopping mall on the other side of the city, where she meets a handsome photographer. Meanwhile, Tina's dad suddenly turns up at Paradise Hotel and blames Howard for her mysterious disappearance. Meanwhile, Rachel and Hannah have a slight falling out over Rachel's teasing Hannah about her role on the show.
"Missing" 3 June 1999[1] 11 December 1999 "I Really Miss You" 9
Howard loses S Club, in a card game, to his cousin Hank, who runs the nearby Sunset Sands Hotel, which seems to resemble what their agent in England promised them. As Hank treats the band worse than Howard, the band begin to realise that working for Howard isn't as bad as they had thought. With the group away from the hotel, Howard and Marvin's profits are down and they're actually missing the gang, so they set up another card game to win them back.
"Court in the Act" 10 June 1999[1] 18 December 1999 "Bring It All Back" 10
Howard erects a sculpture of himself outside S Club's dormitories and gets into trouble with Raylan Crowe from the Department of Labour for employing foreigners at the hotel. In court, the band persuades the judge to let them stay by performing, whilst Howard is fined $5,000. To raise the money, he tries to sell the statue, which crumbles around him.
"Bermuda Triangle" 17 June 1999[1] 8 January 2000 "Dancing Queen" 11
Wanting to take a day off, S Club 7 borrow Howard's boat and take a cruise back to the 1970s. Along the way they meet Elvis, Madonna and Cher before returning to 1999 where they discover that Howard has changed.
"How Deep is Your Love?" 24 June 1999[1] 22 January 2000 "Hope for the Future" 12
The group is given a holiday when Howard's hotel is shut down by the Department of Health, so they head to the Miami Seaquarium to swim with dolphins. Rachel meets a photographer who reckons she'd make a good model and Paul falls for scuba instructor Janeane, who seems to like him too. The others aren't so sure though when they catch Janeane kissing another guy and discover she's also been dating Bradley.
"Reprise" 1 July 1999[1] 5 February 2000 "Gonna Change the World", "Rain" 13
With their contract with Howard about to end and their deal with their old manager now expired, the gang look back over their time in Miami. They have lunch with Jill Ward (the star of Alien Hunter) and she advises them that they should travel to Los Angeles to make a name for themselves. Howard has a "realization" that maybe he was a little too hard on S Club and tries to "apologize" to them and persuade them to stay. They refuse because they feel like they will be going nowhere as where they first started, although Howard is much closer to them than before, even sharing an emotional goodbye with them. At the end of the episode, they have to decide between moving on to Los Angeles or returning to England to renew their expired management deal or split up as a group when they come across an intersection between the airport and the road to the LA. At the last second, they turn the car towards the long road to LA.


Title Original airdate U.S. airdate S Club sing #
"Back to the '50s" 18 September 1999 (ITV) 11 March 2000 "You're My Number One"
"Friday Night"
"Viva La Fiesta"
"S Club Party"
The group begin their journey to Los Angeles from Miami. After accidentally coming across a time portal, they find a town in the 1950s, which is dominated by a gang.
"Boyfriends & Birthdays" 12 December 1999 29 May 2000 "Bring It All Back"
"Two In A Million"
S Club take a rest stop at a trailer park near Paradise Beach in Smalltown, where they meet a family who live in an RV. They discover that the father may or may not arrive to attend the son's birthday, so they strive to make his birthday the best ever. Meanwhile, Rachel receives a call from her boyfriend back home, who asks her to choose: him or S Club.

Video releases

Miami 7 PAL video cover
Miami 7 was released on PAL video in 2000. It was released both as three individual cassettes or in a "Complete Boxset" containing all thirteen episodes. The first two volumes were also released on NTSC video however the third volume (containing the final six episodes) was never released. Also along with the L.A. 7 and Miami 7 series, it was never released on DVD. The NTSC version also contained bonus scenes and extra footage.[4]

Ratings (CBBC Channel)

Tuesday 19 February 2002- 60,000

Thursday 21 February 2002- 70,000 [5]


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