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Manoel de Barros

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Title: Manoel de Barros  
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Subject: Culture of Brazil, Brazilian literature
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Manoel de Barros

Manoel Wenceslau Leite de Barros (born December 19, 1916, Cuiabá) is a Brazilian poet. He has won many awards for his work, including twice the Prêmio Jabuti (the "Tortoise Prize"),[1] the most important literary award in Brazil. Today he is renowned by his critics as one of the great names of contemporary Brazilian poetry,[2] and by many authors he has been considered the greatest living poet from Brazil.[3] The poet Carlos Drummond de Andrade recognized Manoel de Barros as the biggest poet of Brazil.[4]

In the year 1998 the poet was rewarded with the "National prize of Literature of the Ministry of the Culture from Brazil", for the set of the work.



  • 1937—Poemas concebidos sem pecado
  • 1942—Face imóvel
  • 1956—Poesias
  • 1960—Compêndio para uso dos pássaros
  • 1966—Gramática expositiva do chão
  • 1974—Matéria de poesia
  • 1982—Arranjos para assobio
  • 1985—Livro de pré-coisas
  • 1989—O guardador das águas - Prêmio Jabuti de Literatura (Tortoise Prize) 1989.
  • 1990—Poesia quase toda
  • 1991—Concerto a céu aberto para solos de aves
  • 1993—O livro das ignorãças - Prize Alfonso Guimarães of the National Library from Brazil.
  • 1996—Livro sobre nada - Prize Nestlé of Brazilian Literature 1997, Category: Poetry.
  • 1998—Retrato do artista quando coisa
  • 1999—Exercícios de ser criança
  • 2000—Ensaios fotográficos
  • 2001—O fazedor de amanhecer [Children's literature] - Prêmio Jabuti (Tortoise Prize) de Literatura 2002.
  • 2001—Poeminhas pescados numa fala de João
  • 2001—Tratado geral das grandezas do ínfimo
  • 2003—Memórias inventadas (A infância)
  • 2003—Cantigas para um passarinho à toa
  • 2004—Poemas rupestres - Prize Nestlé of Brazilian Literature 2006.
  • 2005—Memórias inventadas II (A segunda infância)
  • 2007—Memórias inventadas III (A terceira infância)

Translated editions


  • 1996—Das Buch der Unwissenheiten


  • 2003—La Parole sans Limites. Une Didactique de lInvention


  • 2002 - Todo lo que no invento es falso
  • 2005 - Riba del dessemblat


  • 2010 - Birds for a Demolition (translated by Idra Novey, Carnegie Mellon University Press)


External links

  • Poem by Manoel de Barros in Spanish Language. Adrian'dos Delima. rimaevia. Brasil. 2011.
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  • Eduquenet. Textos, Artigos e Análises. O Livro das Ignorãças - Manoel de Barros.

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