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Maeil Broadcasting Network

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Title: Maeil Broadcasting Network  
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Maeil Broadcasting Network

MBN (Maeil Broadcasting Network)
Type Private cable television
Country South Korea
First air date
March 1, 1995
Slogan Opening the world MBN.
Broadcast area
Seoul Jung-gu Toegyero 190 (1-ga, 30-1).
Owner Maeil Broadcasting Network Ltd., a division of the Maeil Business Newspaper
Key people
Jang Dae-hwan (Chairman and CEO)
Official website
MBN Home Page
MBN (Maeil Broadcasting Network)
Country South Korea
Broadcast area Nationwide
SkyLife Channel 16 (HD)
Available on most South Korean cable systems Check local listings for details
B TV Channel 16 (HD)
U+ TV Channel 16 (HD)
Olleh TV Channel 16 (HD)

Maeil Broadcasting, Inc. (주식회사 매일방송) is a nationwide general cable TV network operated by Maeil Business Newspaper in the Republic of Korea.


The company was founded on September 23, 1993, as Maeil Business TV. It later changed its name to MBN. The station is owned by Maeil Business Newspaper and was formerly a news channel between 1993 and 2011. On midnight, December 1, 2011, the station transitioned into a general programming cable TV channel from a news channel after 17 years of operation. MBN general programming was launched along with JTBC, Channel A, and TV Chosun.



  • 1993 September 23: The company is founded
  • 1994 January 26: Construction of broadcasting facilities begins
  • 1994 August 19: Channel number confirmed (Channel 20)
  • 1994 October 20: Ceremony to recognise that broadcast facilities completed
  • 1994 December 6: Cable TV industry's first successful satellite transmission
  • 1995 January 5: Test broadcast (1 day 8 hours)
  • 1995 March 1: Started broadcasting (1 day 15 hours)
  • 1996 January 1: Began Broadcasting 24 hours a day
  • 1996 February 3: 20 billion won in capital increase
  • 1997 May 31: VISION KOREA 'National Conference for Reviving Economy" held
  • 1998 April 29: Unsold Apartment Housing Fair held
  • 1998 July 2: International Real Estate Expo
  • 1998 October 1: Maeil Business TV Internet broadcasts conducted
  • 1998 November 10: Foreign Investment Roadshow (Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore)
  • 1999 June 1: Corporate Information Campaign
  • 1999 October 5: TAN-TV and satellite broadcasting Americas Export contract program


  • 2000 April 29: 25 billion won in capital increase
  • 2000 May 3: Daily Stock TV (MBNs) project approval
  • 2000 June 10 to 30 billion won in capital increase
  • 2000 November 13: Began digital broadcasting
  • 2000 December 11: Daily Stock TV (MBNs) countries.
  • 2001 May 24: Japan TV Tokyo stations sign a strategic partnership agreement
  • 2001 June 4: Daily Stock TV (MBNs) securities in the MK TV (MKS) to change the channel name to the current SBS CNBC, satellite TV channel providers selected
  • 2001 December 28: MK Securities TV (MKS) provisionally suspended broadcasting
  • 2001 September 27: Korea Digital Satellite Broadcasting (now the KT Sky Life) and the program supply agreement
  • 2002 April 30: USA CNBC and the business cooperation contract, plus MBN - CNBC to the channel name and logo Change
  • 2003 July 25: endnotes EchoStar broadcasting transmission
  • 2003 August 25: 24 hour live news Establishing the system
  • 2004 December 15: Republic of Korea 10th Anniversary Forum on new growth
  • 2005 March 28: T-DMB concession acquisition
  • 2005 May: T-DMB radio PP register
  • 2005 July 1: MBN CNBC channel name is changed to the reduction in the MBN
  • 2005 July 4: Announced a new CI (upper MBN => case mbn), and scrolling stock ticker stocks abolished
  • 2005 July 18: TV with satellite DMB broadcasting start
  • 2005 December 1: Terrestrial DMB mbn radio Countries
  • 2006 May: MBC T-DMB radio studios completed
  • 2006 July: MBN, gasicheong reached 15 million households
  • July 2006: the pop-up a wireless portal service startup
  • 2006 September: MBN radio live studio new information center here
  • 2007 March 6: change the approved supply areas - Press (economic news), and adding supplemental data broadcasting
  • 2007 May 4: Digital news OB vehicles introduced
  • 2007 October 16: The 8th World Knowledge Forum held
  • 2008 April: Expo International Real Estate Fund
  • 2008 May: NEMA-mbn 'media coverage in Fire Prevention "concluded hyeopyaksik
  • 2008 July: State-of-the-art digital news production system; opened a new news studio
  • 2008 November: Republic of Korea newsreader news channel slogan mbn
  • 2009 October 5: MBN HD TV. To start transmission (Sky Life a October 5 from digital Cable TV the October 12 from)
  • 2009 November: MBN DMB Radio Visual Radio broadcasts switch to


  • 2010 January: Internet Securities countries broadcasting
  • 2010 February: T-DMB channels to start broadcasting countries and MBN TV
  • 2010 December: A comprehensive program channels bidder
  • 2011 March: Renamed to Maeil Broadcasting Network Ltd.
  • 2011 May: General broadcast channels with programming project approval
  • 2011 September: MBN DMB radio stations shut down
  • 2011 October announced a new CI (lowercase mbn => uppercase MBN) and the Completed jongpyeon Broadcast Center
  • 2011 December 1: Countries with comprehensive programming channels


Dramas, sitcoms


  • National Quiz Championship
  • STAR battery Talk Men My Story
  • Show K Music
  • Gag Republic
  • The Duet
  • A magnificent zoo

Liberal, documentary

  • Now, the power era
  • Open TV Open World
  • Pine
  • Chungmuro chattering
  • Scientists in South Korea
  • MBN Documentary Feature
  • Health Solutions
  • Pension lottery 520 lottery broadcast
  • Precious infinite happiness sharing

News, current affairs and economic

  • NEWS 1
  • MBN News
  • MBN News 8
  • MBN special broadcast
  • MBN Mt discussion
  • Suggest planning a Mac
  • Sports Station M
  • News today and tomorrow.
  • Live every economic
  • News Plaza
  • NEWS M
  • Good Morning, MBN
  • MBN News Worldwide
  • Jeongungap intensive analysis of
  • Newsmaker horse! End! End!
  • Popcorn Video
  • Suggest planning a Mac
  • Yeouijeon

Special Programs

  • K-POP concert
  • Open the Star
  • Mom's challenges, hopes infancy in the Sahara
  • Into an era of hope in times of anger
  • Korea's economic Meets the Big Three
  • My office is more beautiful than your bar
  • Documentary during the day
  • Variety young men and women at work meetings, and no hands!
  • Max! Aepeulrisyo 2
  • A beautiful story of millionaire
  • Blue House bapsang
  • Jeongungap intensive analysis of the leadership of South Korea

Jongyoung Programs

Entertainment, economy, living

Maeil Business TV (news channels)

  • Looks jaetekeu money
  • KDI easy to understand that with the economy
  • Tax Counseling
  • Mbn Securities 10
  • Established the field into the
  • Jeongbosyo! Plus the idea
  • The Golden Goose
  • Healthy and get some
  • Jessica's refreshing day
  • Our company is
  • 0.1% of the secret success strategies
  • TV into an exciting
  • Green Ocean! Find a new growth engine
  • The new book
  • Precious infinite happiness sharing
  • Hello Dr.
  • Documentary M
  • Market Day to
  • Money Talk, happy house
  • Welkeomtu welchon
  • MVP Entertainment Magazine
  • Chul gonggam 80 minutes of
  • Chul gonggam 60 minutes of
  • Plus Chul gonggam of
  • Live the economic gonggam
  • Dr. Solutions

Daily broadcasting (jongpyeon Channel)

  • Daily Concerts
  • Nohongcheolui Star bytes

News, current affairs

Maeil Business TV (news channels)

  • Go! Morning News
  • Mbn Today
  • MBN News 8 on weekdays
  • Today's Live Jong Jin
  • News 2.0
  • NewsShow 36.5 °
  • The upside of suprasellar Pacific News
  • World Today
  • Global News
  • Mondays Sports
  • Mbn General News
  • Mbn tomorrow.
  • Shares the yard this morning
  • MBN-CNBC reports Economic News Plus
  • MBN-CNBC Reports News-wide economic
  • Wide News Channel mbn News
  • MBN Business News
  • News Tonight
  • MBN General News
  • MBN General News
  • 10 City covering the field
  • MBN spotlight
  • Song Ji Square, old news
  • MBN News 12:00 (daily)
  • MBN News 13:00 (Friday)
  • MBN News 13:00 (weekends)
  • MBN News 16:00 (except Friday)
  • MBN News 18:00
  • MBN News 23:00 (or later, except Thursday.)
  • MBN News 21:00 (weekdays)
  • MBN News 21:00 (weekends)
  • Wide Morning News
  • MBN News Panorama
  • News headlines

Daily broadcasting (jongpyeonchaeneol)

  • News 8 (morning)
  • News 12
  • MBN News 8 (Weekdays and weekends)
  • News 7
  • Live the economy Square


Radio program

  • Radio, the book meets
  • Mbn today (sujunggye)
  • Reader's Book
  • Live the economic Today
  • Dr. Solutions
  • Welcome to Everyday English
  • News Plaza
  • Hee Kyung Kim's Today
  • Bravo My Life
  • Music World
  • We hope the family financial planning
  • Economic gonggam
  • Jeongungap intensive analysis of
  • VIP Entertainment Magazine
  • Catch the economy
  • A good economic life
  • Work Sketches
  • White paper work life


External links

  • MBN Homepage
  • MBN YouTube Channel
  • MBN Facebook
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