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The Defense of the Sampo, by Akseli Gallen-Kallela, shows Louhi in the form of a flying, winged creature

Louhi (Finnish pronunciation: ) is a queen of the land known as Pohjola in Finnish, Karelian and Lappish mythology.


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In mythology

Louhi is described as a powerful Sampo.

As many mythological creatures and objects are easily conflated and separated in Finnish mythology, Louhi is probably an alter-ego of various other goddesses, notably Loviatar.

In popular culture

Finnish Black metal composer Gleb Poro has a track named "Louhi".

Louhi was the main antagonist in the Finnish-Soviet film Sampo[2] and was also an inspiration for a foe of Conan the Barbarian's in the Marvel comics version of the character (no such foe ever appears in Howard's stories),[3] the Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light boss character Louhi the Witch of the North, the Final Fantasy XI item Louhi's Mask,[4] the orchestral work Louhi by the Finnish composer Kalevi Aho, and the wind orchestral work Louhi's Spells / Louhen loitsut by Finnish composer Tomi Räisänen.[5][6] Louhi is the main antagonist of Michael Scott Rohan's fantasy trilogy The Winter of the World.[7]

Louhi is also one of the names of the witch Iggwilv in the Dungeons & Dragons game's Greyhawk campaign by Gary Gygax. In his book Sea of Death, Iggwilv is mentioned as being called Louhi on an alternate Earth.[8]

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