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Lomavren language

Native to Armenia, Syria, Azerbaijan, Russia[1]
Native speakers
50 in Armenia (2004)[2]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 rmi
Glottolog loma1235[3]
History of the Armenian language
Armenian alphabet
Romanization of Armenian

Lomavren (Armenian: Լոմավրեն lomavren) is a nearly extinct mixed language, spoken by the Lom people, that arose from language contact between a language related to Romani and Domari[4] and the Armenian language.


The language is also known as (Armenian) Bosa/Bosha.

Linguistic features

It lacks grammatical gender and has 7 nominal cases; its grammar is closely related to that of the Erzerum dialect of Armenian, with the vocabulary being almost exclusively Indic.


in the Romani, Domari and Lomavren languages, with Hindi and Persian forms for comparison.[5] Note that Romani 7–9 are borrowed from Greek.

Hindi Romani Domari Lomavren Persian
1 ek ekh, jekh yika yak, yek yak, yek
2 do duj lui du, do
3 tīn trin tærən tərin se
4 cār štar štar išdör čahār
5 pāñc pandž pandž pendž pandž
6 che šov šaš šeš šaš, šeš
7 sāt ifta xaut haft haft
8 āţh oxto xaišt hašt hašt
9 nau inja na nu nuh, noh
10 das deš des las dah
20 bīs biš wīs vist bist
100 sau šel saj saj sad


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