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List of treaties of the Ottoman Empire

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Title: List of treaties of the Ottoman Empire  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Treaty of Belgrade, Treaty of Niš (1739), Treaty of Constantinople
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List of treaties of the Ottoman Empire

Below is a list of major treaties of the Ottoman Empire.[1][2]

Year Name Main signatories (Other than the Ottoman Empire)
1416 Ottoman–Venetian Republic of Venice
1444 Szeged and Edirne Hungary
1479 Constantinople (1479) Republic of Venice
1533 Constantinople (1533) Holy Roman Empire
1536 Franco-Turkish France
1547 Adrianople (1547) Holy Roman Empire
1555 Amasya Safavid Persia
1568 Adrianople (1568) Holy Roman Empire
1590 Constantinople (1590) Safavid Persia
1606 Zitvatorok Holy Roman Empire
1612 Nasuh Pasha Safavid Persia
1617 Busza Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth
1618 Serav Safavid Persia
1621 Khotyn Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth
1639 Zuhab (Kasr'ı Şirin)[3] Safavid Persia
1664 Vasvar Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth
1672 Buczacs Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth
1676 İzvença (Żurawno) Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth
1681 Bakhchisarai Russian Empire
1699 Karlowitz Holy Roman Empire, Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth, Republic of Venice
1700 Constantinople (1700) Russian Empire
1711 Pruth Russian Empire
1718 Passarowitz Holy Roman Empire, Republic of Venice
1724 Constantinople (1724) Russian Empire
1732 Ahmet Pasha Safavid Persia
1736 Constantinople (1736) Afshjarid Persia
1739 Belgrade Holy Roman Empire
1739 Niš (1739) Russian Empire
1746 Kerden Afshjarid Persia
1774 Küçük Kaynarca Russian Empire
1779 Aynalıkavak Russian Empire
1791 Sistova Holy Roman Empire
1792 Jassy Russian Empire
1795 Algeria United States
1796 Tripoli United States
1797 Tunis (1797) United States
1802 Paris (1802) France
1809 Kale’i Sültaniye (Dardanelles) United Kingdom
1812 Bucharest (1812) Russian Empire
1815 Algiers (1815) United States
1823 Erzurum (1823) Qajar Persia
1824 Tunis (1824) United States
1826 Akkerman Russian Empire
1828 Adrianople (1829) Russian Empire
1832 Constantinople (1832) United Kingdom, France, Russian Empire
1833 Hünkâr İskelesi Russian Empire
1833 Kütahya Egypt (nominal vassal of the Ottoman Empire)
1838 Balta Liman United Kingdom
1840 London (1840) United Kingdom, Russian Empire, Germany, Austria-Hungary
1841 London Straits Convention United Kingdom, Russian Empire, France, Germany, Austria-Hungary
1856 Paris (1856) Russian Empire, United Kingdom, France, Kingdom of Sardinia
1862 Shkodër Montenegro (nominal vassal of Ottoman Empire)
1878 San Stefano Russian Empire
1878 Berlin (1878) Russian Empire
1878 Cyprus United Kingdom
1886 Tophane Bulgaria
1897 Constantinople (1897) Greece
1912 Ouchy Italy
1913 London (1913) Balkan League (Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Greece)
1913 Constantinople (1913) Bulgaria
1913 Athens Greece
1913 Anglo-Ottoman (1913) United Kingdom
1917 Erzincan Soviet Union
1918 Brest Litovsk Soviet Union, Germany, Austria-Hungary
1918 Trabzon Transcaucasian Sejm
1918 Batum Armenia
1918 Mudros United Kingdom
1920 Sèvres Allies (United Kingdom, France, Italy, and others)

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