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List of rivers in Kerala

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Title: List of rivers in Kerala  
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Subject: Index of India-related articles, Lists of rivers, Pamba River, Geography of Kerala, Kerala, Mahé River, Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary
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List of rivers in Kerala

There are 44 rivers in Kerala, all but three originating in the Western Ghats.[1] 41 of them flow westward and 3 eastward. The rivers of Kerala are small, in terms of length, breadth and water discharge. The rivers flow faster, owing to the hilly terrain and as the short distance between the Western Ghats and the sea. All the rivers are entirely monsoon-fed and many of them shrink into rivulets or dry up completely during summer.

West flowing rivers

The following is a list of the westward-flowing rivers of Kerala state in southern India, in order of length, and their tributaries. These rivers all originate in the Western Ghats range and flow westward into the Kerala Backwaters or into the Arabian Sea. Length in kilometers is in parentheses.

  1. Periyar River (244)
    1. Edamala River
    2. Cheruthoni River
    3. Mullayar River
    4. Muthirapuzha River
    5. Perinjankutti River
  2. Bharatapuzha River (209)
    1. Thuthapuzha River
    2. Gayathripuzha River
    3. Kalpathipuzha River
    4. Kannadipuzha River
  3. Pamba River (176)
    1. Azhuthayar
    2. Kakkiyar
    3. Kakkattar
    4. Kallar
    5. Perunthenaruvi
    6. Madatharuvi
    7. Thanungattilthodu
    8. Kozhithodu
    9. Varattar
    10. Kuttemperoor
  4. Chaliyar River (169)
  5. Chalakudy River (169)
    1. Parambikulam River
  6. Kadalundy River (130)
  7. Achankoil River (128)
  8. Kallada River (121)
  9. Muvattupuzha River (121)
  10. Valapattanam River (110)
  11. Chandragiri River (105)
  12. Manimala River (90)
  13. Vamanapuram River (88)
  14. Kuppam River (88)
  15. Meenachil River (78)
  16. Kuttiyadi River (74)
  17. Karamana River (68)
  18. Shiriya River (68)
  19. Kariangode River (64)
  20. Ithikkara River (56)
  21. Neyyar River (56)
  22. Mahé River (54)
  23. Keecheri River (51)
  24. Perumba River (51)
  25. Uppala River (50)
  26. Karuvannur River (48)
    1. Kurumali River
  27. Anjarakkandi River (48)
  28. Tirur River (48)
  29. Neeleshwaram River (46)
  30. Pallikkal River (42)
  31. Kallayi River (40)
  32. Korapuzha River (40)
  33. Mogral River (34)
  34. Kaveripuzha River (31)
  35. Pannagam River (30)
  36. Thanikkudam River (29)
  37. Manam River (27)
  38. Thalassery River (28)
  39. Chittary River (25)
  40. Ramapuram River (19)
  41. Ayiroor River (17)
  42. Bangra Manjeswara River (16)

East flowing rivers

There are three rivers rise in Kerala and flow eastwards, Kabini into Karnataka and the other two into Tamil Nadu.

  1. Kabani (57)
  2. Bhavani (38)
  3. Pambar (25)

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