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List of national parks of Colombia

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Title: List of national parks of Colombia  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Sumapaz Paramo, Farallones de Cali, Protected areas of Colombia, National parks of Colombia, Sierra Nevada del Cocuy
Collection: National Parks of Colombia
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List of national parks of Colombia

Parques Nacionales de Colombia
Location  Colombia
Area 142,541.443 km2 (55,035.559 sq mi)

The protected areas of Colombia are grouped into the National System of Protected Areas. As of 2013, there are 58 nationally protected areas which cover about 142,541.443 km2 (55,035.559 sq mi) and represent more than 11% of the country's area. [1]


  • National Natural Park System 1
  • List of Nationally Protected Areas 2
  • Proposed Areas 3
  • Disbanded Areas 4
  • References 5

National Natural Park System

The National Natural Park System is divided into the following categories:

  • Natural National Parks (Parque Natural Nacional - PNN): 41
  • Fauna and Flora Sanctuaries (Sanctuario de Flora y Fauna - SFF): 11
  • Natural National Reserves (Reserva Natural Nacional - RNN): 2
  • Unique Natural Areas (Área Natural Única - ANU): 1
  • Road park (Vía Parque): 1

List of Nationally Protected Areas

National Natural Parks of Colombia
Photo Established Name Region Department Extension (ha)
1960 PNN Cueva de los Guácharos Andean (Cordillera Oriental) Huila 9,000
1964 PNN Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Caribbean Magdalena, La Guajira, Cesar 383,000
1964 Salamanca Island Road Park Caribbean Magdalena 56,200
1968 PNN Farallones de Cali Andean (Cordillera Occidental) Valle del Cauca 150,000
1968 PNN Puracé Andean (Cordillera Central) Cauca, Huila 83,000
1969 PNN Tayrona Caribbean Magdalena 15,000
1970 PNN El Tuparro Orinoquía Vichada 548,000
1971 PNN Serranía de la Macarena Orinoquía Meta 620,000
1973 PNN Las Orquídeas Andean (Cordillera Occidental) Antioquia 32,000
1973 PNN Los Katíos Pacific Chocó, Antioquia 72,000
1973 PNN Los Nevados Andean (Cordillera Central) Risaralda, Tolima, Caldas, Quindio 58,300
1975 PNN Amacayacu Amazon Amazonas 293,500
1977 PNN Las Hermosas Andean (Cordillera Central) Tolima, Valle del Cauca 125,000
1977 PNN Nevado del Huila Andean (Cordillera Central) Huila, Tolima, Cauca, Valle del Cauca 158,000
1977 PNN Cordillera de los Picachos Andean (Cordillera Oriental) Meta, Caquetá, Huila 444,740
1977 PNN Chingaza Andean (Cordillera Oriental) Cundinamarca, Meta 76,600
1977 PNN Sumapaz Andean (Cordillera Oriental) Meta, Cundinamarca, Huila 154,000
1977 PNN Sierra Nevada del Cocuy Andean (Cordillera Oriental) Arauca, Boyacá, Casanare 306,000
1977 PNN Pisba Andean (Cordillera Oriental) Boyacá 45,000
1977 PNN Tamá Andean (Cordillera Oriental) Norte de Santander 15,000
1977 SFF Iguaque Andean (Cordillera Oriental) Boyacá 6,750
1977 PNN Corales del Rosario y San Bernardo Caribbean Bolívar, Sucre 120,000
1977 SFF Ciénaga Grande de Santa Marta Caribbean Magdalena 26,810
1977 PNN Sanquianga Pacific Nariño 80,000
1977 PNN Macuira Caribbean La Guajira 25,000
1977 PNN Paramillo Andean (Cordillera Occidental) Córdoba, Antioquia 460,000
1977 PNN Munchique Andean (Cordillera Occidental) Cauca 44,000
1977 SFF Los Colorados Caribbean Bolívar 1,000
1977 SFF Isla de La Corota Andean (Cordillera Central) Nariño 16
1977 SFF Los Flamencos Caribbean La Guajira 7,682
1983 PNN Isla Gorgona Insular Cauca 61,687
1984 PNN La Paya Amazon Putumayo 422,000
1985 SFF Galeras Andean (Nudo de los Pastos) Nariño 7,615
1986 PNN Cahuinarí Amazon Amazonas 575,000
1987 PNN Ensenada de Utría Pacific Chocó 54,300
1987 PNN Tatamá Andean (Cordillera Occidental) Chocó, Risaralda, Valle del Cauca 51,900
1988 Los Estoraques Unique Natural Area Andean (Cordillera Oriental) Norte de Santander 640
1989 PNN Serranía de Chiribiquete Amazon Caquetá, Guaviare 1,280,000
1989 RNN Nukak Amazon Guaviare, Vaupés 855,000
1989 RNN Puinawai Amazon Guainía 1,092,500
1989 PNN Tinigua Amazon Meta 201,875
1989 PNN Catatumbo Barí Andean (Cordillera Oriental) Norte de Santander 158,125
1993 SFF Guaneta Alto Río Fonce Andean (Cordillera Oriental) Santander 10,429
1995 PNN Old Providence McBean Lagoon Insular San Andrés y Providencia 995
1995 SFF Malpelo Insular Valle del Cauca 120
1996 SFF Otún Quimbaya Andean (Cordillera Central) Risaralda 489
2002 PNN Río Puré Amazon Amazonas 999,880
2002 PNN Alto Fragua Indi-Wasi Amazon Caquetá 68,000
2002 SFF El Corchal Caribbean Sucre, Bolívar 3,850
2005 PNN Selva de Florencia Andean (Cordillera Central) Caldas 10,019
2005 PNN Serranía de los Yariguíes Andean (Cordillera Oriental) Santander 78,837
2007 PNN Doña Juana-Cascabel Volcanic Complex Andean (Nudo de los Pastos) Cauca, Nariño 65,858
2007 PNN Serranía de Los Churumbelos Auka-Wasi Amazon Cauca, Caquetá, Putumayo, Huila 97,189
2008 SFF Plantas Medicinales Orito Ingi-Ande Amazon Nariño, Putumayo 10,204
2009 PNN Yaigojé Apaporis [2] Amazon Vaupés 1,060,603
2010 PNN Uramba Bahía Málaga [3] Pacific Valle del Cauca 47,094

Proposed Areas

Currently there are other proposed areas for national natural parks:

  • Serranía de Minas, a regional natural park in Huila with 20,000 ha.
  • Morichales de Paz de Ariporo [4]

The following locations could be declared fauna and flora sanctuaries:

Disbanded Areas

Some zones of the park system had been disbanded because of negative human impact on the environment:

  • SSF Arauca
  • PNN Manaure


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