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List of municipalities in Armenia

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Title: List of municipalities in Armenia  
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Subject: Lists of cities by country
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List of municipalities in Armenia

The Municipalities of Armenia are referred to as communities (համայնքներ hamaynkner, singular համայնք hamaynk ). Each community is self-governing and consists of one or more settlements (bnakavayrer, singular bnakavayr). Settlements are classified as either towns (kaghakner, singular kaghak) or villages (gyugher, singular gyugh). As of 2007, Armenia includes 915 communities, of which 49 are considered urban and 866 are considered rural. The capital, Yerevan, also has the status of a community.[1]

Towns or urban communities

Community Province (marz) Founded Land area (km2) Population (2009)
Abovyan Kotayk 11 46,000
Agarak Syunik 2.5 4,800
Akhtala Lori 18th century (first mentioned) 4.3 2,400
Alaverdi Lori 17th century (first mentioned) 18 16,500
Aparan Aragatsotn 2nd century (first mentioned) 3.5 6,600
Ararat Ararat 6 20,700
Armavir Armavir 8th century BC 6 33,600
Artashat Ararat 12 25,300
Artik Shirak 9 17,400
Ashtarak Aragatsotn 9th century (first mentioned) 7.5 21,600
Ayrum Tavush 1.6 2,400
Berd Tavush 10th century 3.5 8,500
Byureghavan Kotayk 4 8,400
Chambarak Gegharkunik 1830s 6 7,400
Charentsavan Kotayk 5 24,800
Dastakert Syunik 12th century (first mentioned) 0.5 300
Dilijan Tavush 13th century 13 15,600
Gavar Gegharkunik 16 25,700
Goris Syunik 8 23,000
Gyumri Shirak 5th century BC as Kumayri
as Alexandropol
54 146,400
Hrazdan Kotayk 21 52,900
Ijevan Tavush 1780s 4.6 20,500
Jermuk Vayots Dzor 13th century (first mentioned) 3 6,200
Kajaran Syunik 2.8 8,500
Kapan Syunik 10th century 36 45,500
Maralik Shirak 5th century (first mentioned) 4 6,000
Martuni Gegharkunik  ? 10 12,000
Masis Ararat 5.7 22,200
Meghri Syunik 17th century 3 4,900
Metsamor Armavir 4 10,300
Nor Hachen Kotayk 2.3 10,300
Noyemberyan Tavush 13th century (first settled) 3.6 5,500
Sevan Gegharkunik 8.5 23,200
Shamlugh Lori 3.6 800
Sisian Syunik 8th century BC (first mentioned) 9 16,700
Spitak Lori 17th century 5.6 15,100
Stepanavan Lori 14 16,200
Talin Aragatsotn 2nd century (first mentioned) 7 5,600
Tashir Lori 5.6 8,700
Tsaghkadzor Kotayk 574 (first mentioned) 2.5 1,600
Tumanyan Lori 1 1,900
Vagharshapat (Ejmiatsin) Armavir 13 57,300
Vanadzor Lori 1820s 32 104,800
Vardenis Gegharkunik 10 12,700
Vayk Vayots Dzor 3 5,900
Vedi Ararat  ? 5.6 13,500
Yeghegnadzor Vayots Dzor 5th century (first mentioned) 6 8,200
Yeghvard Kotayk 6th century (first mentioned) 7 12,200
Yerevan N/A 227 1,245,700

Villages or rural communities







Non-community villages


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  • Khachatryan, Anush; Karapetyan, Arsen: "Public Green Space in Armenian Cities: A Legal Analysis" in the Ccaucasus Analytical Ddigest No. 23
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