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List of mountains of the Alps

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Title: List of mountains of the Alps  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Hoher Dachstein, Aiguille du Plat de la Selle, Carè Alto, Presanella, Antelao, Parseierspitze, Piz Palü, Zuckerhütl, Krottenkopf, Miha Valič
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

List of mountains of the Alps

This is a list of mountains of the Alps, ordered by elevation. All of these mountains are located in France, Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany and Slovenia. Only the peaks with a prominence of at least 300 metres are counted.[1] For a list ordered by topographic prominence, see the list of Alpine peaks by prominence.

For a complete list of Alpine mountains over 2500 m see List of mountains of the Alps above 3000 m and List of mountains of the Alps (2500-2999 m).

Name Range Country Elevation (m)
Mont Blanc Mont Blanc massif France, Italy 4810[2]
Monte Rosa Pennine Alps Switzerland 4634
Dom Pennine Alps Switzerland 4545
Lyskamm Pennine Alps Switzerland, Italy 4538
Weisshorn Pennine Alps Switzerland 4505
Matterhorn Pennine Alps Switzerland, Italy 4478
Dent Blanche Pennine Alps Switzerland 4357
Grand Combin Pennine Alps Switzerland 4314
Finsteraarhorn Bernese Alps Switzerland 4274
Zinalrothorn Pennine Alps Switzerland 4221
Grandes Jorasses Mont Blanc massif France, Italy 4208
Alphubel Pennine Alps Switzerland 4206
Rimpfischhorn Pennine Alps Switzerland 4199
Aletschhorn Bernese Alps Switzerland 4192
Strahlhorn Pennine Alps Switzerland 4190
Dent d'Hérens Pennine Alps Switzerland, Italy 4171
Breithorn Pennine Alps Switzerland, Italy 4164
Jungfrau Bernese Alps Switzerland 4158
Aiguille Verte Mont Blanc massif France 4122
Mönch Bernese Alps Switzerland 4107
Barre des Écrins Dauphiné Alps France 4101
Schreckhorn Bernese Alps Switzerland 4078
Ober Gabelhorn Pennine Alps Switzerland 4063
Gran Paradiso Graian Alps Italy 4061
Gross Fiescherhorn Bernese Alps Switzerland 4049
Piz Bernina Bernina Range Switzerland 4049
Grünhorn Bernese Alps Switzerland 4043
Weissmies Pennine Alps Switzerland 4023
Lagginhorn Pennine Alps Switzerland 4010
Piz Zupò Bernina Range Switzerland, Italy 3995
Fletschhorn Pennine Alps Switzerland 3993
Meije Dauphiné Alps France 3987
Gletscherhorn Bernese Alps Switzerland 3983
Eiger Bernese Alps Switzerland 3970
Grivola Graian Alps Italy 3969
Grand Cornier Pennine Alps Switzerland 3962
Ailefroide Dauphiné Alps France 3954
Mont Pelvoux Dauphiné Alps France 3946
Piz Roseg Bernina Range Switzerland 3937
Bietschhorn Bernese Alps Switzerland 3934
Trugberg Bernese Alps Switzerland 3933
Aiguille de Tré la Tête Mont Blanc massif Italy 3930
Pic Sans Nom Dauphiné Alps France 3913
Gross Wannenhorn Bernese Alps Switzerland 3906
Ortler Ortler Alps Italy 3905
Aiguille d'Argentière Mont Blanc massif Switzerland, France 3901
La Ruinette Pennine Alps Switzerland 3875
Aiguille de Triolet Mont Blanc massif France, Italy 3870
Grande Casse Graian Alps France 3855
Königspitze Ortler Alps Italy 3851
Aiguille du Midi Mont Blanc massif France 3842
Monte Viso Cottian Alps Italy 3841
Bouquetins Pennine Alps Switzerland, Italy 3838
Tour Noir Mont Blanc massif France, Switzerland 3836
Nesthorn Bernese Alps Switzerland 3824
Aiguille du Chardonnet Mont Blanc massif France 3823
Mont Dolent Mont Blanc massif Switzerland, Italy 3823
Aiguille des Glaciers Mont Blanc massif France, Italy 3816
Le Râteau Dauphiné Alps France 3809
Grossglockner Hohe Tauern Austria 3798
Schinhorn Bernese Alps Switzerland 3797
Breithorn Bernese Alps Switzerland 3780
Mont Pourri Graian Alps France 3779
Wildspitze Ötztal Alps Austria 3774
Aiguille Noire de Peuterey Mont Blanc massif Italy 3773
Monte Cevedale Ortler Alps Italy 3769
La Grande Ruine Dauphiné Alps France 3765
Aiguille de Leschaux Mont Blanc massif France, Italy 3759
Pointe de Charbonnel Graian Alps France 3752
Piz Morteratsch Bernina Range Switzerland 3751
Aiguille de la Grande Sassière Graian Alps Italy, France 3747
Weißkugel Ötztal Alps Austria, Italy 3739
Roche Faurio Dauphiné Alps France 3730
Mont Vélan Pennine Alps Switzerland, Italy 3727
L'Evêque Pennine Alps Switzerland 3716
La Singla Pennine Alps Switzerland, Italy 3714
Le Pleureur Pennine Alps Switzerland 3704
Mittelhorn Bernese Alps Switzerland 3701
Balmhorn Bernese Alps Switzerland 3698
Dent Parrachée Graian Alps France 3697
Torre del Gran San Pietro Graian Alps Italy 3692
Monte Disgrazia Bregaglia Range Italy 3678
Punta San Matteo Ortler Alps Italy 3678
Uia di Ciamarella Graian Alps Italy 3676
Dent de Perroc Pennine Alps Switzerland 3675
Großvenediger Hohe Tauern Austria 3674
Dômes de Miage Mont Blanc massif France 3673
Les Bans Dauphiné Alps France 3669
Les Agneaux Dauphiné Alps France 3664
Blüemlisalp Bernese Alps Switzerland 3661
La Grande Motte Graian Alps France 3656
Portjengrat Pennine Alps Switzerland, Italy 3654
Aiguilles Rouges d'Arolla Pennine Alps Switzerland 3644
Ciarforon Graian Alps Italy 3642
Doldenhorn Bernese Alps Switzerland 3638
L'Albaron Graian Alps France 3637
Dammastock Urner Alps Switzerland 3630
Hintere Schwärze Ötztal Alps Austria, Italy 3628
Tödi Glarus Alps Switzerland 3620
Levanna Centrale Graian Alps France, Italy 3619
Pointe de Ronce Graian Alps France 3612
Les Diablons Pennine Alps Switzerland 3609
Grande Rousse Nord Graian Alps Italy 3607
La Tsanteleina Graian Alps France, Italy 3602
Aiguille du Plat de la Selle Dauphiné Alps France 3596
Piz Glüschaint Bernina Range Switzerland, Italy 3594
La Bessanèse Graian Alps France, Italy 3592
Les Rouies Dauphiné Alps France 3589
Grand Roc Noir Graian Alps France 3582
Mont Brulé Pennine Alps Switzerland, Italy 3578
Großes Wiesbachhorn Hohe Tauern Austria 3564
Olan Dauphiné Alps France 3564
Cime de Clot Châtel Dauphiné Alps France 3563
Tschingelhorn Bernese Alps Switzerland 3562
Aiguille de Péclet Graian Alps France 3561
Monte Emilius Graian Alps Italy 3559
Tête de l'Etret Dauphiné Alps France 3559
Presanella Adamello-Presanella Alps Italy 3558
Adamello Adamello-Presanella Alps Italy 3554
Aouille Tseuque Pennine Alps Switzerland, Italy 3554
Ouille d'Arbéron Graian Alps France, Italy 3554
Monte Leone Lepontine Alps Switzerland, Italy 3550
Ramolkogel Ötztal Alps Austria 3550
Schalfkogel Ötztal Alps Austria 3540
Rocciamelone Graian Alps Italy 3538
Watzespitze Ötztal Alps Austria 3532
Mont Gelé Pennine Alps Switzerland, Italy 3518
Weißseespitze Ötztal Alps Austria, Italy 3518
Galmihorn Bernese Alps Switzerland 3517
Aiguilles d'Arves Dauphiné Alps France 3514
Fineilspitze Ötztal Alps Austria, Italy 3514
Punta Tersiva Graian Alps Italy 3512
Hochfeiler Zillertal Alps Austria, Italy 3510
Zuckerhütl Stubai Alps Austria 3507
Aiguille de Scolette Cottian Alps France, Italy 3505
Sustenhorn Urner Alps Switzerland 3503
Becca de Luseney Pennine Alps Italy 3502
Dreiherrnspitze Hohe Tauern Austria, Italy 3499
Rötspitze Hohe Tauern Austria, Italy 3495
Testa del Rutor Graian Alps Italy 3486
Großer Möseler Zillertal Alps Austria, Italy 3480
Hochwilde Ötztal Alps Austria, Italy 3480
Schrankogel Stubai Alps Austria 3479
Olperer Zillertal Alps Austria 3476
Ruderhofspitze Stubai Alps Austria 3474
Hinterer Seelenkogel Ötztal Alps Austria, Italy 3472
Pic Bayle Dauphiné Alps France 3465
Roche de la Muzelle Dauphiné Alps France 3465
Carè Alto Adamello-Presanella Alps Italy 3463
Wilder Pfaff Stubaier Alps Austria 3458
Bliggspitze Ötztal Alps Austria 3454
Piz Corvatsch Bernina Range Switzerland 3451
Rinderhorn Bernese Alps Switzerland 3448
Pointe Bazel Mont Blanc massif France 3440
Cima Piazzi Livigno Alps Italy 3439
Hochgall Hohe Tauern Austria, Italy 3436
Gspaltenhorn Bernese Alps Switzerland 3436
Stellihorn Pennine Alps Switzerland 3436
Verpeilspitze Ötztal Alps Austria 3425
Bifertenstock Glarus Alps Switzerland 3419
Piz Kesch Albula Range Switzerland 3418
Bellecôte Graian Alps France 3417
Fleckistock Urner Alps Switzerland 3416
Aiguille de Chambeyron Cottian Alps France 3412
Schrammacher Zillertal Alps Austria 3411
Piz Linard Silvretta Switzerland 3410
Hochfirst Ötztal Alps Austria 3403
Rheinwaldhorn Lepontine Alps Switzerland 3402
Fluchthorn Silvretta Austria, Switzerland 3399
Piz Calderas Albula Range Switzerland 3397
Großer Bärenkopf Hohe Tauern Austria 3396
Hohe Geige Ötztal Alps Austria 3395
Piz Platta Oberhalbstein Range Switzerland 3392
Pic de la Font Sancte Cottian Alps France 3387
Rognosa d'Etiache Cottian Alps France, Italy 3382
Güferhorn Lepontine Alps Switzerland 3379
Grand Tournalin Pennine Alps Italy 3379
Großer Löffler Zillertal Alps Austria, Italy 3376
Cima di Castello Bregaglia Range Switzerland, Italy 3375
Blinnenhorn Lepontine Alps Switzerland, Italy 3374
Cima Viola Livigno Alps Italy 3374
Hoher Eichham Hohe Tauern Austria 3371
Piz Cengalo Bregaglia Range Switzerland, Italy 3369
Schwarzenstein Zillertal Alps Austria, Italy 3369
Hoher Tenn Hohe Tauern Austria 3368
Malhamspitze Hohe Tauern Austria 3368
Hochalmspitze Hohe Tauern Austria 3360
Wilde Leck Stubai Alps Austria 3359
Schneebiger Nock Hohe Tauern Italy 3358
Glockturm Ötztal Alps Austria 3355
Rofelewand Ötztal Alps Austria 3354
Puitkogel Ötztal Alps Austria 3345
Marmolada (Punta Penia) Dolomites Italy 3344
Bric de Rubren Cottian Alps France, Italy 3340
Piz Ela Albula Alps Switzerland 3339
Punta Sommeiller Cottian Alps France, Italy 3333
Fuscherkarkopf Hohe Tauern Austria 3331
Oberalpstock Glarus Alps Switzerland 3328
Mont Fort Pennine Alps Switzerland 3328
Pizzo Scalino Bernina Range Italy 3323
Corno Bianco Pennine Alps Italy 3320
Pic de Rochebrune Cottian Alps France 3320
Mont Giusalet Cottian Alps France 3312
Piz Buin Silvretta Austria, Switzerland 3312
Reichenspitze Zillertal Alps Austria 3303
Bric Froid Cottian Alps France, Italy 3302
Piz Paradisin Livigno Alps Italy, Switzerland 3302
Lisenser Fernerkogel Stubai Alps Austria 3298
Verstanclahorn Silvretta Switzerland 3298
Monte Sobretta Sobretta-Gavia Range Italy 3296
Monte Argentera Maritime Alps Italy 3295
Schärhorn Glarus Alps Switzerland 3295
Strahlkogel Stubai Alps Austria 3295
Muttler Samnaun Alps Switzerland 3294
Keeskogel Hohe Tauern Austria 3291
Schlieferspitze Hohe Tauern Austria 3290
Petzeck Hohe Tauern Austria 3283
Roter Knopf Hohe Tauern Austria 3281
Pizzo Tambò Lepontine Alps Italy, Switzerland 3279
Habicht Stubai Alps Austria 3277
Basòdino Lepontine Alps Switzerland, Italy 3272
Helsenhorn Lepontine Alps Switzerland 3272
Feuerstein Stubai Alps Austria 3268
Clariden Glarus Alps Switzerland 3267
Antelao Dolomites Italy 3264
Ankogel Hohe Tauern Austria 3264
Scima da Saoseo Livigno Alps Italy, Switzerland 3264
Piz Languard Livigno Alps Italy, Switzerland 3262
Dents du Midi Chablais Alps Switzerland 3257
Düssi Glarus Alps Switzerland 3256
Hocharn Hohe Tauern Austria 3254
Piz Tschütta Samnaun Alps Switzerland 3254
Sasseneire Pennine Alps Switzerland 3254
Rauhkofel Zillertal Alps Austria 3252
Grosser Hornkopf Hohe Tauern Austria 3251
Wildhorn Bernese Alps Switzerland 3248
Ringelspitz Glarus Alps Switzerland 3247
Wildstrubel Bernese Alps Switzerland 3243
Hohe Fürlegg Hohe Tauern Austria 3243
Hochschober Hohe Tauern Austria 3242
Tofana di Mezzo Dolomites Italy 3241
Titlis Urner Alps Switzerland 3239
Grand Golliat Pennine Alps Switzerland, Italy 3238
Hoher Seeblaskogel Stubai Alps Austria 3235
Grosser Muntanitz Hohe Tauern Austria 3232
Hoher Riffler Zillertal Alps Austria 3231
Augstenberg Silvretta Austria, Switzerland 3228
Hintere Stangenspitze Zillertal Alps Austria 3225
Tofana di Rozes Dolomites Italy 3225
Monte Gavia Sobretta-Gavia Range Italy 3223
Monte Cristallo Dolomites Italy 3221
Monte Civetta Dolomites Italy 3220
Tour Sallière Chablais Alps Switzerland 3220
Diablerets Bernese Alps Switzerland 3210
Piz Medel Lepontine Alps Switzerland 3210
Hocheiser Hohe Tauern Austria 3206
Glödis Hohe Tauern Austria 3206
Punta Sorapiss Dolomites Italy 3205
Piz Sesvenna Sesvenna range Switzerland 3204
Kitzsteinhorn Hohe Tauern Austria 3203
Schwarzhorn Pennine Alps Switzerland 3201
Gross Spannort Urner Alps Switzerland 3198
Dreiländerspitze Silvretta Austria, Switzerland 3197
Cima di Vezzana Dolomites Italy 3192
Pizzo Rotondo Lepontine Alps Switzerland 3192
Löffelspitze Hohe Tauern Austria, Italy 3190
Scopi Lepontine Alps Switzerland 3190
Gross Windgällen Glarus Alps Switzerland 3187
Winnebacher Weißkogel Stubai Alps Austria 3182
Langkofel Dolomites Italy 3181
Piz Murtaröl Ortler Alps Italy, Switzerland 3180
Cima Tosa Brenta group Italy 3176
Piz Pisoc Sesvenna range Switzerland 3173
Hoher Riffler Verwall Austria 3168
Monte Pelmo Dolomites Italy 3168
Piz Quattervals Livigno Alps Switzerland 3262
Hausstock Glarus Alps Switzerland 3158
Piz Boè Dolomites Italy 3152
Becs de Bosson Pennine Alps Switzerland 3149
Kuchenspitze Verwall Austria 3148
Zillerplattenspitze Zillertal Alps Austria 3148
Hohe Gaisl Dolomites Italy 3146
Piz Mundin Samnaun Alps Switzerland 3146
Dreischusterspitze Dolomites Italy 3145
Napfspitze Zillertal Alps Austria, Italy 3144
Durreck Hohe Tauern Italy 3135
Großer Friedrichskopf Hohe Tauern Austria 3133
Hinter Schloss Urner Alps Switzerland 3133
Piz Nuna Sesvenna Range Switzerland 3124
Schareck Hohe Tauern Austria 3123
Gross Seehorn Silvretta Austria, Switzerland 3121
Luibiskogel Ötztal Alps Austria 3110
Ochsner Zillertal Alps Austria 3107
Ohrenspitzen Hohe Tauern Austria, Italy 3101
Rotgratspitze Stubai Alps Austria 3099
Piz Segnas Glarus Alps Switzerland 3099
Lasörling Hohe Tauern Austria 3098
Blockkogel Ötztal Alps Austria 3097
Pflerscher Tribulaun Stubai Alps Austria 3097
Zwölferkofel Dolomites Italy 3094
Elferkofel Dolomites Italy 3092
Racherin Hohe Tauern Austria 3092
Vesulspitze Samnaun Alps Austria 3089
Wildkarspitze Zillertal Alps Austria 3080
Fundusfeiler Ötztal Alps Austria 3079
Piz Sena Livigno Alps Italy, Switzerland 3075
Bristen Glarus Alps Switzerland 3073
Pizzo Campo Tencia Lepontine Alps Switzerland 3072
Zwieselbacher Rosskogel Stubai Alps Austria 3070
Großer Hafner Hohe Tauern Austria 3068
Hoher Prijakt Hohe Tauern Austria 3064
Piz Grisch Oberhalbstein Alps Switzerland 3062
Seeköpfe Verwall Austria 3061
Bruschghorn Lepontine Alps Switzerland 3056
Patteriol Verwall Austria 3056
Pizzo Coca Bergamo Alps Italy 3052
Grand Muveran Bernese Alps Switzerland 3051
Lohner Bernese Alps Switzerland 3049
Piz Minor Livigno Alps Switzerland 3049
Rosenspitze Hohe Tauern Austria 3049
Parseierspitze Lechtal Alps Austria 3036
Hexenkopf Samnaun Alps Austria 3035
Surettahorn Oberhalbstein Range Italy, Switzerland 3027
Sass Rigais Dolomites Italy 3025
Hochreichkopf Stubai Alps Austria 3010
Ritterkopf Hohe Tauern Austria 3006
Furgler Samnaun Alps Austria 3004
Rosengarten Dolomites Italy 3002
Gamspleisspitze Silvretta Austria 3001
Gigalitz Zillertal Alps Austria 3001
Tre Cime di Lavaredo Dolomites Italy 2999
Pizzo Centrale Lepontine Alps Switzerland 2999
Hoher Dachstein Dachstein Austria 2995
Felber Tauernkogel Hohe Tauern Austria 2988
Aroser Rothorn Plessur Range Switzerland 2980
La Tsavre Pennine Alps Switzerland 2978
Grand Pic de Belledonne Dauphiné Alps France 2977
Ahornspitze Zillertal Alps Austria 2973
Wildgrat Ötztal Alps Austria 2971
Schilthorn Bernese Alps Switzerland 2970
Dent de Morcles Bernese Alps Switzerland 2969
Haut de Cry Bernese Alps Switzerland 2969
Schesaplana Rätikon Austria, Switzerland 2965
Zugspitze Wetterstein Austria, Germany 2962
Weiße Spitze Hohe Tauern Austria 2962
Piz Lagalb Livigno Alps Switzerland 2959
Brunnistock Urner Alps Switzerland 2952
Torent Alto Lepontine Alps Switzerland 2952
Hochkönig Berchtesgaden Alps Austria 2941
Eggishorn Bernese Alps Switzerland 2934
Croix de Belledonne Dauphiné Alps France 2929
Schwarzhorn Bernese Alps Switzerland 2928
Glärnisch Glarus Alps Switzerland 2920
Cristallina Lepontine Alps Switzerland 2912
Lizumer Reckner Tux Alps Austria 2884
Triglav Julian Alps Slovenia 2864
Hochgolling Schladming Tauern Austria 2863
Wandfluhhorn Lepontine Alps Italy, Switzerland 2863
Cima d'Asta Catena dei Lagorai Italy 2847
Pizol Glarus Alps Switzerland 2844
Calanda Glarus Alps Switzerland 2805
Grand Tête de l'Obiou Dévoluy France 2790
Mölltaler Polinik Hohe Tauern Austria 2784
Coglians Carnic Alps Austria, Italy 2780
Große Sandspitze Gailtal Alps Austria 2770
Roetihorn Bernese Alps Switzerland 2757
Große Wildgrubenspitze Lechquellen Alps Austria 2753
Jôf di Montasio Julian Alps Italy 2753
Pointe Percée Aravis Range France 2750
Birkkarspitze Karwendel Austria 2749
Hochwanner Wetterstein Austria, Germany 2744
Roteck Schladming Tauern Austria 2742
Škrlatica Julian Alps Slovenia 2740
Monte Zucchero Lepontine Alps Switzerland 2736
Serles Stubai Alps Austria 2718
Watzmann Berchtesgaden Alps Germany 2713
Weißeck Niedere Tauern Austria 2711
Leutasch Dreitorspitze Wetterstein Austria, Germany 2682
Mangart Julian Alps Slovenia 2679
Jof Fuart Julian Alps Italy 2666
Großer Krottenkopf Allgäu Alps Austria 2656
Jalovec Julian Alps Slovenia 2645
Zimba Rätikon Austria 2645
Birnhorn Leoganger Steinberge Austria 2634
Hochkalter Berchtesgaden Alps Germany 2607
Razor Julian Alps Slovenia 2601
Biberkopf Allgäu Alps Austria, Germany 2599
Grauspitz Rätikon Liechtenstein, Switzerland 2599
Le Catogne Mont Blanc massif Switzerland 2598
Großer Hundstod Berchtesgaden Alps Austria, Germany 2593
Hochvogel Allgäu Alps Austria, Germany 2592
Kanin Julian Alps Slovenia, Italy 2587
Kanjevec Julian Alps Slovenia 2568
Schiara Dolomites Italy 2565
Schlern Dolomites Italy 2563
Kreuzjoch Kitzbühel Alps Austria 2558
Grintovec Kamnik Alps Slovenia 2558
Pizzo Tre Signori Bergamo Alps Italy 2554
Prisojnik Julian Alps Slovenia 2547
Jezerska koca Kamnik Alps Slovenia 2540
Östliche Karwendelspitze Karwendel Austria, Germany 2538
Skuta Kamnik Alps Slovenia 2532
Hocheisspitze Berchtesgaden Alps Austria, Germany 2523
Hoher Göll Berchtesgaden Alps Austria, Germany 2522
Tschuggen Bernese Alps Switzerland 2521
Großer Priel Totes Gebirge Austria 2515
Großes Ochsenhorn Loferer Steinberge Austria 2511
Säntis Appenzell Alps Switzerland 2502
Prestreljenik Julian Alps Slovenia 2500
Hochkarspitze Karwendel Austria, Germany 2482
Greim Wölzer Tauern Austria 2474
Špik Julian Alps Slovenia 2472
Col Nudo Venetian Prealps Italy 2471
Eisenhut Carinthian-Styrian Alps Austria 2441
Cornettes de Bise Chablais Alps Switzerland, France 2432
Raucheck Tennengebirge Austria 2430
Geierhaupt Seckau Tauern Austria 2417
Grigna Settentrionale Bergamo Alps Italy 2409
Zirbitzkogel Seetal Alps Austria 2396
Westlicher Gamskogel Triebener Tauern Austria 2386
Hochtor Ennstaler Alpen Austria 2369
Niesen Bernese Alps Switzerland 2362
Großes Teufelshorn Berchtesgaden Alps Austria, Germany 2361
Grimming Grimming Austria 2351
Brienzer Rothorn Urner Alps Switzerland 2351
La Tournette Préalpes de Savoie France 2351
Kahlersberg Berchtesgaden Alps Austria, Germany 2350
Ojstrica Kamnik Alps Slovenia 2350
Ellmauer Halt Kaisergebirge Austria 2344
Veunza/Vevnica Julian Alps Italy, Slovenia 2340
Cima Dodici Vicenza Alps Italy 2336
Tour d'Aï Bernese Alps Switzerland 2331
Nabois Grande Julian Alps Italy 2313
Monte Togano Lepontine Alps Italy 2299
Stadelhorn Berchtesgaden Alps Austria, Germany 2286
Großer Daumen Allgäu Alps Germany 2280
Tošc Julian Alps Slovenia 2275
Ponza Grande/Visoka Ponca Julian Alps Italy, Slovenia 2274
Höfats Allgäu Alps Germany 2257
Soiernspitze Karwendel Germany 2257
Krn Julian Alps Slovenia 2244
Stol Karawanken Austria, Slovenia 2237
Hoher Ifen Allgäu Alps Austria, Germany 2229
Monte Baldo Prealpi Bresciane e Gardesane Italy 2218
Pointe d'Arcalod Bauges France 2217
Große Arnspitze Wetterstein Austria, Germany 2196
Totenkirchl Kaisergebirge Austria 2190
Stockhorn Bernese Alps Switzerland 2190
Gridone Lepontine Alps Switzerland, Italy 2188
Kreuzspitze Ammergau Alps Germany 2185
Monte Bondone Dolomites Italy 2180
Kepa Karawanken Slovenia 2133
Storžic Kamnik Alps Slovenia 2132
Peca Karawanken Austria, Slovenia 2126
Mont Aiguille French Prealps France 2085
Chamechaude Chartreuse France 2082
Klosterwappen Schneeberg Austria 2076
Rochers de Naye Bernese Alps Switzerland 2042
Heukuppe Rax Austria 2007
Moléson Bernese Alps Switzerland 2002

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