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List of mountains in Croatia

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Title: List of mountains in Croatia  
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Subject: Geography of Croatia, Mali Kozjak, LGBT history in Croatia, Healthcare in Croatia, List of Croatian mottos
Collection: Lists of Landforms of Croatia, Lists of Mountains by Country, Mountains of Croatia
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List of mountains in Croatia

This is a list of mountains (Croatian: planina) in Croatia.

The highest mountains in Croatia belong to the Dinarides range that is sometimes also called Dinaric Alps, of which Dinara is the highest mountain in Croatia. Together with the easternmost parts of the Alps, these mountains span most of the country, and their orogenic activity started in the Paleozoic with the Variscan orogeny and continued in the Mesozoic and Cenozoic with the Alpine orogeny.

The mountains in the northeastern part of the country, in the Pannonian plain, are considerably older than the rest as their orogeny happened in the Paleozoic.

Mountains in the list are ordered by height.

Mountain Peak Height (m)
Dinara Dinara (Sinjal)[note 1] 1831
Kamešnica Kurljaj or Kamešnica [note 2] 1809
Biokovo Sveti Jure 1762
Velebit Vaganski vrh 1757
Plješevica Ozeblin 1657
Velika Kapela Bjelolasica (Kula) 1533
Risnjak Risnjak 1528
Svilaja Svilaja 1508
Snježnik Snježnik 1506
Viševica Viševica 1428
Učka Vojak 1396
Mosor Mosor 1339
Šibenik Veliki Šibenik 1314
Mala Kapela Seliški vrh 1279
Ćićarija Veliki Plamik 1272
Sniježnica Sniježnica 1234
Veliki Kozjak Bat 1207
Klek Klek 1182
Žumberačka Gora Sveta Gera 1181
Promina Velika Promina 1148
Bitoraj Bitoraj 1140
Tuhobić Tuhobić 1106
Ivanšćica Ivanšćica 1059
Medvednica Sljeme 1035
Psunj Brezovo polje 984
Pelješac Sveti Ilija 961
Papuk Papuk 953
Rilić Šapašnik 920
Samoborska Gora Japetić 879
Strahinščica Strahinščica 846
Moseč Movran 838
Krndija Kapovac 792
Vidova gora (Island of Brač) Sutvid 780
Kozjak Sveti Luka 779
Plešivica Plešivica 777
Boraja Crni vrh 739
Ravna Gora (Trakošćan) Ravna gora 686
Jurašinka Jurašinka 674
Opor (mountain) Crni krug 650
Kalničko gorje Kalnik 642
Sveti Niko (Island of Hvar) Sveti Nikola 627
Požeška Gora Kapavac 618
Zrinska gora Piramida 616
Osoršćica (Island of Lošinj) Osoršćica 589
Klupca (Island of Korčula) Klupca 569
Obzovo (Island of Krk) Obzovo 568
Vodenica Vodenica 537
Petrova Gora Veliki Petrovac 512

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  1. ^ For Dinara, the highest peak on the territory of Croatia has been listed; the mountain’s highest peak belongs to Bosnia and Herzegovina (Troglav, 1913 m).
  2. ^ Most of Kamešnica belongs to Bosnia and Herzegovina, along with its highest peak (Konj, 1855 m).


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