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List of members of the European Parliament for the United Kingdom, 1999–2004


List of members of the European Parliament for the United Kingdom, 1999–2004

This is a list of members of the European Parliament for the United Kingdom in the 1999 to 2004 session, ordered by name.

For a list ordered by constituency, see Members of the European Parliament for the United Kingdom 1999–2004 by region.


Name National party EP Group Constituency
Gordon Adam [1]      Labour Party      PES
Robert Atkins      Conservative Party      EPP–ED
Elspeth Attwooll      Liberal Democrats      ELDR
Richard Balfe      Conservative Party      PES /      EPP–ED
Christopher Beazley      Conservative Party      EPP–ED
Lord Bethell [2]      Conservative Party      EPP–ED
Graham Booth [3]      UK Independence Party      EDD
David Bowe      Labour Party      PES
John Bowis      Conservative Party      EPP–ED
Philip Charles Bradbourn      Conservative Party      EPP–ED
Philip Bushill-Matthews      Conservative Party      EPP–ED
Martin Callanan      Conservative Party      EPP–ED
Michael Cashman      Labour Party      PES
Giles Chichester      Conservative Party      EPP–ED
Nicholas Clegg      Liberal Democrats      ELDR
Richard Corbett      Labour Party      PES
John Corrie      Conservative Party      EPP–ED
Chris Davies      Liberal Democrats      ELDR
Nirj Deva      Conservative Party      EPP–ED
Alan Donnelly [4]      Labour Party      PES
Den Dover      Conservative Party      EPP–ED
Andrew Duff      Liberal Democrats      ELDR
James Elles      Conservative Party      EPP–ED
Jill Evans      Plaid Cymru      G–EFA
Jonathan Evans      Conservative Party      EPP–ED
Robert Evans      Labour Party      PES
Nigel Farage      UK Independence Party      EDD
Glyn Ford      Labour Party      PES
Jacqueline Foster      Conservative Party      EPP–ED
Neena Gill      Labour Party      PES
Robert Goodwill      Conservative Party      EPP–ED
Pauline Green [5]      Labour Party      PES
Daniel Hannan      Conservative Party      EPP–ED
Malcolm Harbour      Conservative Party      EPP–ED
Christopher Heaton-Harris      Conservative Party      EPP–ED
Roger Helmer      Conservative Party      EPP–ED
Michael Holmes [6]      UK Independence Party      EDD /      NI
Mary Honeyball      Labour Party      PES
Richard Howitt      Labour Party      PES
Ian Hudghton      Scottish National Party      G–EFA
Stephen Hughes      Labour Party      PES
Christopher Huhne      Liberal Democrats      ELDR
John Hume      Social Democratic and Labour Party      PES Northern Ireland
Richard Inglewood      Conservative Party      EPP–ED
Caroline Jackson      Conservative Party      EPP–ED
Bashir Khanbhai      Conservative Party      EPP–ED
Glenys Kinnock      Labour Party      PES
Timothy Kirkhope      Conservative Party      EPP–ED
Jean Lambert      Green Party (England and Wales)      G–EFA
Caroline Lucas      Green Party (England and Wales)      G–EFA
Sarah Ludford      Liberal Democrats      ELDR
Elizabeth Lynne      Liberal Democrats      ELDR
Alexander Macmillan      Conservative Party      EPP–ED
Linda McAvan      Labour Party      PES
Arlene McCarthy      Labour Party      PES
Neil MacCormick      Scottish National Party      G–EFA
Edward McMillan-Scott      Conservative Party      EPP–ED
Eryl McNally      Labour Party      PES
David Martin      Labour Party      PES
Bill Miller      Labour Party      PES
Claude Moraes      Labour Party      PES
Eluned Morgan      Labour Party      PES
Simon Murphy      Labour Party      PES
Bill Newton Dunn      Liberal Democrats      EPP–ED (1999–2000) /      ELDR
Jim Nicholson      Ulster Unionist Party      EPP–ED Northern Ireland
Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne      Liberal Democrats      ELDR
Mo O'Toole      Labour Party      PES
Ian Paisley      Democratic Unionist Party      NI Northern Ireland
Neil Parish      Conservative Party      EPP–ED
Roy Perry      Conservative Party      EPP–ED
James Provan      Conservative Party      EPP–ED
John Purvis      Conservative Party      EPP–ED
Mel Read      Labour Party      PES
Brian Simpson      Labour Party      PES
Peter Skinner      Labour Party      PES
Struan Stevenson      Conservative Party      EPP–ED
Catherine (Taylor-)Stihler      Labour Party      PES
Robert Sturdy      Conservative Party      EPP–ED
David Sumberg      Conservative Party      EPP–ED
Charles Tannock      Conservative Party      EPP–ED
Jeffrey Titford      UK Independence Party      EDD
Gary Titley      Labour Party      PES
Ian Twinn [7]      Conservative Party      EPP–ED
Geoffrey Van Orden      Conservative Party      EPP–ED
Theresa Villiers      Conservative Party      EPP–ED
Diana Wallis      Liberal Democrats      ELDR
Graham Watson      Liberal Democrats      ELDR
Mark Watts      Labour Party      PES
Phillip Whitehead      Labour Party      PES
Eurig Wyn      Plaid Cymru      G–EFA
Terence Wynn      Labour Party      PES

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  1. ^ Appointed in 2000
  2. ^ Resigned in 2003
  3. ^ Appointed in 2002
  4. ^ Resigned in 2000
  5. ^ Resigned in 1999
  6. ^ Resigned in 2002
  7. ^ Appointed in 2003
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