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List of mayors of Cleveland


List of mayors of Cleveland

Cleveland City Hall

The Mayor of Cleveland is the chief executive of the city's government. In 1924, the mayor-council (strong mayor) form of government was replaced by a city manager plan. This was reversed in 1931. Cleveland elections were partisan, but were made nonpartisan in 1977 under the mayoral administration of Ralph J. Perk. The term of office for the mayor and members of the Cleveland City Council was traditionally two years, but was extended to four years in 1981.

Cleveland has had a total of 57 mayoral administrations, including that of the city's current mayor, John H. Farley, and does not list Mayor Jackson. During the 2005 mayoral election, most media sources including The Plain Dealer and the city's major local news networks (WKYC, WEWS, WJW, and WOIO) all mistakenly referred to Jackson as Cleveland's 56th mayor.


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19th century

John W. Willey                             1836–1837                        Democrat
Joshua Mills 1838–1839 Whig
Nicholas Dockstader 1840 Whig
John W. Allen 1841 Whig
Joshua Mills (second) 1842 Whig
Nelson Hayward 1843 Democrat
Samuel Starkweather 1844–1845 Democrat
George Hoadley 1846 Independent
Josiah A. Harris 1847 Whig
Lorenzo A. Kelsey 1848 Democrat
Flavel W. Bingham 1849 Republican
William Case 1850–1851 Republican
Abner C. Brownell 1852–1854 Democrat
William B. Castle 1855–1856 Whig
Samuel Starkweather (second) 1857–1858 Democrat
George B. Senter 1859–1860 Republican
Edward S. Flint 1861–1862 Democrat
Irvine U. Masters 1863–1864 Republican
George B. Senter (second) 1864 Republican
Herman M. Chapin 1865–1866 Independent
Stephen Buhrer 1867–1870 Democrat
Frederick W. Pelton 1871–1872 Republican
Charles A. Otis Sr. 1873–1874 Democrat
Nathan P. Payne 1875–1876 Democrat
William G. Rose 1877–1878 Republican
Rensselaer R. Herrick 1879–1882 Republican
John H. Farley 1883–1884 Democrat
George W. Gardner 1885–1886 Republican
Brenton D. Babcock 1887–1888 Democrat
George W. Gardner (second) 1889–1890 Republican
William G. Rose (second) 1891–1892 Republican
Robert Blee 1893–1894 Democrat
Robert E. McKisson 1895–1898 Republican
John H. Farley (second) 1899–1900 Democrat

Mayors of Ohio City

Prior to its annexation, Ohio City was a separate entity and fierce rival of Cleveland. The city had eleven mayors from 1836 to 1854. The political affiliations of these mayors are currently unknown, although William B. Castle became mayor of Cleveland as a Whig after Ohio City's incorporation.

Josiah Barber                               1836
Francis A. Burrows 1837
Norman C. Baldwin 1838–1839
Needham M. Standart 1840–1841
Francis A. Burrows (second) 1842
Richard Lord 1843
Daniel H. Lamb 1844–1846
David Griffith 1847
John Beverlin 1848
Thomas Burnham 1849–1850
Benjamin Sheldon 1851–1852
William B. Castle 1853–1854

20th century

Tom L. Johnson 1901–1909                        Democrat
Herman C. Baehr 1910–1911 Republican
Newton D. Baker 1912–1915 Democrat
Harry L. Davis 1916–1919 Republican
William S. Fitzgerald 1920–1921 Republican
Frederick Kohler 1922–1923 Republican
William R. Hopkins (city manager) 1924–1929 Republican
Daniel E. Morgan (city manager) 1930–1931 Republican
Raymond T. Miller 1932–1933 Democrat
Harry L. Davis (second) 1934–1935 Republican
Harold H. Burton 1936–1940 Republican
Edward J. Blythin 1941 Republican
Frank J. Lausche 1942–1945 Democrat
Thomas A. Burke 1946–1953 Democrat
Anthony J. Celebrezze 1954–1961 Democrat
Ralph S. Locher 1962–1967 Democrat
Carl B. Stokes 1968–1971 Democrat
Ralph J. Perk 1972–1977 Republican
Dennis J. Kucinich 1977–1979 Democrat
George V. Voinovich 1980–1989 Republican
Michael R. White 1990–2001 Democrat

21st century

Jane L. Campbell                          January 7, 2002 – January 2, 2006                        Democrat
Frank G. Jackson January 2, 2006–Present Democrat

See also


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  • Cleveland: A Concise History, 1796–1996 by Carol Poh Miller and Robert Anthony Wheeler ISBN 0-253-21147-6
  • Seven Making History: A Mayoral Retrospective by The League of Women Voters of Cleveland

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