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List of heads of government of Burkina Faso

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Title: List of heads of government of Burkina Faso  
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Subject: Politics of Burkina Faso, Constitution of Burkina Faso, Foreign relations of Burkina Faso, Provinces of Burkina Faso, Republic of Upper Volta
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List of heads of government of Burkina Faso

Prime Minister of Burkina Faso
Coat of Arms
Yacouba Isaac Zida

since 19 November 2014
Appointer Michel Kafando,
as Interim Head of State of Burkina Faso
Inaugural holder Gérard Kango Ouédraogo
Formation 13 February 1971
This article is part of a series on the
politics and government of
Burkina Faso

The following is a list of heads of government of Burkina Faso, since the country gained independence from France in 1960 as the Republic of Upper Volta.

List of Heads of Government of Burkina Faso

(Dates in italics indicate de facto continuation of office)

Tenure Portrait Incumbent Affiliation Notes
French Upper Volta Autonomous
18 May 1957 to 26 July 1958 Daniel Ouezzin Coulibaly, Vice President of the Government Council RDA/PDU
26 July 1958 to 7 September 1958 Daniel Ouezzin Coulibaly, President of the Government Council PDU Died in office
7 September 1958 to 21 October 1958 Maurice Yaméogo, acting President of the Government Council UDV
21 October 1958 to 11 December 1958 Maurice Yaméogo, President of the Government Council UDV
Republic of Upper Volta Autonomous
(République de Haute-Volta)
11 December 1958 to 11 December 1959 Maurice Yaméogo, Prime Minister UDV
11 December 1959 to 5 August 1960 Post Abolished
Republic of Upper Volta Independence from France
(République de Haute-Volta)
5 August 1960 to 13 February 1971 Post Abolished
13 February 1971 to 8 February 1974 Gérard Kango Ouédraogo, Prime Minister UDV-RDA
8 February 1974 to 7 July 1978 Sangoulé Lamizana, Prime Minister MNR
7 July 1978 to 25 November 1980 Joseph Conombo, Prime Minister UDV-RDA Deposed in a coup d'état
25 November 1980 to 7 November 1982 Saye Zerbo, Prime Minister Mil Deposed in a coup d'état
7 November 1982 to 10 January 1983 Vacant
10 January 1983 to 17 May 1983 Thomas Sankara, Prime Minister Mil Dismissed and placed under house arrest
17 May 1983 to 4 August 1984 Post Abolished
Burkina Faso
4 August 1984 to 16 June 1992 Post Abolished
16 June 1992 to 22 March 1994 Youssouf Ouédraogo, Prime Minister ODP-MT
22 March 1994 to 6 February 1996 Roch Marc Christian Kaboré, Prime Minister ODP-MT
6 February 1996 to 7 November 2000 Kadré Désiré Ouedraogo, Prime Minister CDP
7 November 2000 to 11 June 2007 Paramanga Ernest Yonli, Prime Minister CDP
11 June 2007 to 18 April 2011 Tertius Zongo, Prime Minister CDP Dismissed during the 2011 Burkinabè protests
18 April 2011 to 30 October 2014 Luc-Adolphe Tiao, Prime Minister CDP Dismissed during the 2014 Burkinabé uprising
30 October 2014 to 19 November 2014 Vacant
19 November 2014 to Present Yacouba Isaac Zida, Acting Prime Minister Mil


CDP Congrès pour la Démocratie et le Progrès
(Congress for Democracy and Progress) extreme left, abandoned marxism 1 August 1997, former ODP-MT
PDP Parti pour la Démocratie et le Progrès
(Party for Democracy and Progress) social-democratic
FP Front Popular
(Popular Front)
MDV Voltaïc Democratic Movement
MNR National Movement for Renewal
ODP-MT Organisation pour la Démocratie Populaire-MT
(Organization for People’s Democracy-Worker’s Movement) renamed CDP
PDU Parti Démocratique Unifié
(Unified Democratic Party)
RDA Rassemblement Démocratique Africain
(Rally for a Democratic Africa)
UDV Union Démocratique du Volta
(Democratic Union of Volta) only legal party 1960–1966
UDV-RDA Union Démocratique du Voltaic-Rassemblement Démocratique Africain
(Voltaic Democratic Union-Rally for a Democratic Africa)
Mil Military

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