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List of eating utensils

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Title: List of eating utensils  
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List of eating utensils

Wooden and plastic chopsticks

Humans in different cultures use a variety of tools to eat. This is a list of eating implements.


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  • Combination utensils 3
  • Utensils for specific foods 4
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In some cultures, such as Ethiopian cuisine and Indian dining, breads or hands are used in place of utensils.


Combination utensils

Four types of spork

Over time, these utensils were combined in various ways in attempts to make eating more convenient or to reduce the total number of utensils required.

  • Chopfork – A utensil with a fork at one end and chopsticks/tongs at the other.[1][2]
  • Chork – Pointed and slightly curved tongs, which can be used like chopsticks (as pincers) or as a fork (for spearing).[3][4] A different kind of chork is a fork with a split handle, which can be broken in half to make two chopsticks.[5]
  • Forkchops – Used in a pair, these are basically a pair of chopsticks with a small fork and knife on the non-pointed ends.[6]
  • Knork – Knife and Fork
  • Spoon Straw – A scoop-ended drinking straw intended for slushies and milkshakes.
  • Sporf – Spoon and Fork and Knife
  • Spork – Spoon and Fork
  • Splayd – Spoon and Fork and Knife
  • Spife – Spoon and Knife

Utensils for specific foods

A fondue fork

Some utensils are useful only for specific foods.

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