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List of caves in Italy

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Title: List of caves in Italy  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Fauna of Italy, Frasassi Caves, Italian government debt, List of caves in Belize, List of caves in Lebanon
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List of caves in Italy

View of Castellana Caves

The following article shows a list of caves in Italy.


Main concentration of Italian caves (Italian : Grotte [1]) is close to the Alps and the Apennine Mountains, principally due to karst.

The main Italian touristic caves are Castellana and Frasassi. Other notable show caves are Pertosa, the Wind Cave, the Giant Cave, Castelcivita, Villanova, Toirano and Pastena.


The caves are listed by alphabetical order and there are shown the main touristic caves and other notable (ex.: archaeological or paleontological) underground voids.
Image Name Municipality Region Length Elevation Coordinates
Addaura Palermo (PA) Sicily 70 metres (230 ft)
Antro del Corchia Stazzema (LU) Tuscany ? 600 amsl
Bigonda Grigno (TN) Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol ? 400 amsl
Blue Grotto Anacapri (NA) Campania ? 0 amsl
Borgio Verezzi SV) Liguria ? 200 amsl
Bue Marino [2] (NU) Sardinia ? 0 amsl
Castelcivita Castelcivita (SA) Campania 3 km 94 amsl
Castellana Castellana Grotte (BA) Apulia 3 km 290 amsl
Cavallone Lama dei Peligni (CH)
Taranta Peligna (CH)
Abruzzo 1 km 1,300 amsl
Ear of Dionysius Syracuse (SR) Sicily 0,06 km
(65 m)
400 amsl
Frasassi Genga (AN) Marche 5 km 300 amsl
Gelo Randazzo (CT) Sicily ? 2,043 amsl
Giant Sgonico (TS) Friuli-V.G. 0,28 km
(280 m)
265 amsl
Giusti Monsummano Terme (PT) Tuscany 0,20 km
(200 m)
570 amsl
Ispinigoli NU) Sardinia ? 1,300 amsl
Is Zuddas Santadi (CI) Sardinia ? 0 amsl
Lauro Alcara li Fusi (ME) Sicily ? 1,068 amsl
Maona Montecatini Terme (PT) Tuscany 0,20 km
(200 m)
255 amsl
Neptune Alghero (SS) Sardinia ? 5 amsl
Nereo Alghero (SS) Sardinia ? 0 amsl
Paglicci Rignano Garganico (FG) Apulia ? 590 amsl
Pastena Pastena (FR) Lazio ? 310 amsl
Patone Arco (TN) Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol ? 300 amsl
Pertosa Pertosa (SA) Campania 3 km 263 amsl
San Giovanni Domusnovas (CI) Sardinia 2 km 150 amsl
Smeraldo Conca dei Marini (SA) Campania ? 0 amsl
Su Mannau Fluminimaggiore (CI) Sardinia ? 256 amsl
Su Marmuri Ulassai (OG) Sardinia ? 775 amsl
Tiscali Oliena (NU)
Sardinia ? 500 amsl
Toirano Toirano (SV) Liguria 2 km 50 amsl
Trullo Putignano (BA) Apulia ? 375 amsl
Villanova Lusevera [3] (UD)
Nimis (UD)
Friuli-V.G. 4 km 500 amsl
Wind Vergemoli (LU) Tuscany 4,5 km 650 amsl
Zelbio Zelbio (CO) Lombardy ? 900 amsl

Notes and references

  1. ^ Singular : Grotta
  2. ^ The entrance is close to the hamlet of Cala Gonone
  3. ^ The entrance is in the hamlet of Villanova delle Grotte

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