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List of Skinny Puppy side projects

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Title: List of Skinny Puppy side projects  
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Subject: Skinny Puppy
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List of Skinny Puppy side projects

This is a list of side projects of the prominent industrial band Skinny Puppy, who have released twelve albums and toured extensively since 1982. This list includes other projects begun by cEvin Key and Nivek Ogre—the only constant members of Skinny Puppy—since its inception. Other members have included Dwayne Goettel, Mark Walk, Dave "Rave" Ogilvie, and many other guests/session musicians; this list does not include other projects of those musicians.

Side projects

  • A Chud Convention: A one-off project of Key, Goettel, and Ogre with JΔ3 SEUQCAJ and SΔ3 EVETS of à;GRUMH....
    • Sorrow (1987) [1]
  • Cyberaktif: A one-off project of Key and Goettel with Bill Leeb, with a guest appearance from Blixa Bargeld.
    • Temper (1990)
    • Nothing Stays (1991)
    • Tenebrae Vision (1991)
  • Hell 'O' Death Day: The name Key and Ogre used when they opened for [6]
  • Hilt: Begun in the mid-1980s by Key and Alan Nelson as The Flu, who self-released some of their early material on cassette. Listed below are Hilt's releases.
    • Get Stuck (1989)
    • Call the Ambulance (Before I Hurt Myself) (1990)
    • Stoneman (1990)
    • Journey to the Centre of the Bowl (1991)
    • Orange Pony (1991)
    • The Worst of The Flu 1985-1996 (2003)
    • Minoot Bowl Dropped the Ball (2007}
  • Involution: A one-off project of Key with Paris Sedonis and Bree. [7]
    • Involution (1998)
  • Lee Chubby King: A one-off project of Key and Goettel with Alan Nelson and Lee Salford.
    • Yo' Pusface [8]
  • Mutual Mortuary: A one-off project of Ogre and Bill Leeb. "Shadow Gods" and "Hateless Insanity" were released on Belgian cassette compilations, without Ogre's consent. [9]
  • [13]
  • The Petty Tyrants: A one-off project of Ogre with Mark Walk and [15]
  • [16]
  • Raw Dog: a collaboration between Ogre and David "Rave" Ogilvie. Contributed the track "Raw Dog" to the 1993 compilation Rivet Head Culture on the record label If It Moves.
  • [17]
    • Bedside Toxicology (1998)
  • Scaremeister: Key's [19]
  • ZZZ Bot: Key with Jacob Cino of Third Eye Tribe.

Guest appearances

Notable guest appearances of Skinny Puppy members with other bands include:

  • Ogre with [20]
  • Ogre with [21]
  • Ogre with [22]
  • Ogre with [23]
  • Key guested with a number of bands, including the Legendary Pink Dots, Collide, and Dead Voices On Air.
  • Key and Goettel are listed as "additional personnel" on Decree's 1996 album Wake of Devastation, a variation of that album's "Talons Grasp" appeared as the Skinny Puppy track "Those Loud Neighbours" on Back and Forth Series 7.
  • Goettel played keyboards on "Night Returning" on Sister Machine Gun's debut album Sins of the Flesh (1992).
  • Remixes: Various members of Skinny Puppy have remixed a number of other artists, including [24]
  • Skinny Puppy had a brief cameo in the 1995 film [25]

External links

  • Official Skinny Puppy discography (includes detailed listings of all side projects and guest appearances)
  • Skinny Puppy FAQ and Lyric Archive
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