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List of Paralympic Games host cities

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Title: List of Paralympic Games host cities  
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Subject: Paralympic Games, Summer Paralympic Games, Winter Paralympic Games, All-time Paralympic Games medal table, International Paralympic Committee
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List of Paralympic Games host cities

Paralympic Games
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The opening ceremony of the 2004 Summer Paralympics in the Olympic Stadium in Athens, Greece

Since the Paralympic Games began in 1960, there have been 13 Summer Paralympic Games held in 13 separate cities and 10 Winter Paralympic Games held in 9 separate cities. Four cities have been chosen by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) to host upcoming Games; Sochi for the 2014 Winter Paralympics, Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Summer Paralympics, PyeongChang for the 2018 Winter Paralympics, and Tokyo for the 2020 Summer Paralympics.

One city has hosted Paralympic Games more than once; Innsbruck in 1984 and 1988.

The United States has hosted a total of three games (one was held in both the USA and the UK): more than any other country. Austria, Norway, Italy, United Kingdom and Canada have each hosted two games. Japan will host its third games in 2020.

The games have primarily been hosted on the continent of Europe (14 games). Four games have been hosted in Asia and five in North America, and one game has been hosted in the region of Oceania. (The 1984 Summer Paralympics were held in both the USA and the UK). Rio de Janeiro's winning bid for 2016 will be the third Americas host. No Paralympic Games have been hosted in the continents of Africa and Antarctica.

Host cities are selected by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International Paralympic Committee (IPC). Currently, they are selected seven years in advance.[1] The selection process takes two years. In the first stage of the selection process, any city in the world may submit an application to become a host city. After ten months, the Executive Board of the IOC decides which of these applicant cities will become candidate cities based on the recommendation of a working group that reviews the applications. In the second stage, the candidate cities are investigated thoroughly by an Evaluation Commission, which then submits a final short list of cities to be considered for selection. The host city is then chosen by vote of the IOC Session, a general meeting of IOC members.[2]

Paralympic host cities

City Country Continent Flag Paralympiad No. Season Year From To Ref
Rome Italy Europe S001I Summer 1960 18 September 25 September
Tokyo Japan Asia S002II Summer 1964 3 November 12 November
Tel Aviv Israel Europe[a] S003III Summer 1968 4 November 13 November
Heidelberg West Germany Europe S004IV Summer 1972 2 August 11 August
Örnsköldsvik Sweden Europe W001I Winter 1976 21 February 28 February
Toronto Canada Americas
S005V Summer 1976 3 August 11 August
Geilo Norway Europe W002II Winter 1980 1 February 7 February
Arnhem Netherlands Europe S006VI Summer 1980 21 June 30 June
Innsbruck Austria Europe W003III Winter 1984 14 January 20 January
New York
Stoke Mandeville
United States
United Kingdom

S007VII Summer 1984 17 June
22 July
30 June
1 August
W004IV Winter 1988 17 January 25 January
Seoul South Korea Asia S008VIII Summer 1988 15 October 24 October
France Europe W005V Winter 1992 25 March 1 April
Spain Europe S009IX Summer 1992 3 September 14 September
Lillehammer Norway Europe W006VI Winter 1994 10 March 19 March
Atlanta United States Americas S010X Summer 1996 16 August 25 August
Nagano Japan Asia W007VII Winter 1998 5 March 14 March
Sydney Australia Oceania S011XI Summer 2000 18 October 29 October
Salt Lake City United States Americas W008VIII Winter 2002 7 March 16 March
Athens Greece Europe S012XII Summer 2004 17 September 28 September
Turin Italy Europe W009IX Winter 2006 10 March 19 March
Beijing[b] China Asia S013XIII Summer 2008 6 September 17 September
Vancouver Canada Americas
W010X Winter 2010 12 March 21 March
London United Kingdom Europe S014XIV Summer 2012 29 August 9 September
Sochi Russia Europe W011XI Winter 2014 7 March 16 March
Rio de Janeiro Brazil Americas S015XV Summer 2016 7 September 18 September
Pyeongchang Korea Republic Asia W011XII Winter 2018 9 March 18 March
Tokyo Japan Asia S016XVI Summer 2020 25 August 6 September


Host cities for multiple Paralympic Games

Rank City Country Continent Summer Paralympics hosted Winter Paralympics hosted Total Paralympics hosted
1 Innsbruck Austria Europe 0 2 (1984, 1988) 2
1 Tokyo Japan Asia 2 (1964, 2020) 0 2

Total Paralympic Games by country

Rank Country Continent Summer Paralympics hosted Winter Paralympics hosted Total Paralympics hosted
1 United States Americas 2 (1984, 1996) 1 (2002) 3
2 Japan Asia 2 (1964, 2020) 1 (1998) 3
2 Austria Europe 0 2 (1984, 1988) 2
2 Norway Europe 0 2 (1980, 1994) 2
Americas 1 (1976) 1 (2010) 2
2 South Korea Asia 1 (1988) 1 (2010) 2
2 Italy Europe 1 (1960) 1 (2006) 2
2 United Kingdom Europe 2 (1984, 2012) 0 2
8 Israel Europe[a] 1 (1968) 0 1
8 West Germany Europe 1 (1972) 0 1
8 Netherlands Europe 1 (1980) 0 1
8 Spain Europe 1 (1992) 0 1
8 Australia Oceania 1 (2000) 0 1
8 Greece Europe 1 (2004) 0 1
8 China Asia 1 (2008) 0 1
8 Brazil Americas 1 (2016) 0 1
8 Sweden Europe 0 1 (1976) 1
8 France Europe 0 1 (1992) 1
8 Russia Europe 0 1 (2014) 1


  • b Equestrian events were held in China's Hong Kong SAR.[3] Although Hong Kong's separate NPC conducted the equestrian competition, it was an integral part of the Beijing Games; it is not conducted under a separate bid, flame, etc. The IPC website lists only Beijing as the host city.[4]


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