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List of Palestinian militant groups suicide attacks

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Title: List of Palestinian militant groups suicide attacks  
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Subject: Second Intifada, List of battles since 2001, Child suicide bombers in the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, Palestinian political violence
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List of Palestinian militant groups suicide attacks

List of suicide attacks carried out by Palestinian militant groups

A 2007 study of Palestinian suicide bombings during the Second Intifada (September 2000 through August 2005) found that 39.9 percent of the suicide attacks were carried out by Hamas, 25.7 percent by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), 26.4 percent by Fatah, 5.4 percent by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and 2.7 percent by other organizations.[1]

The criteria used for this list: successful deliberate attacks committed by Palestinian militant groups against civilians and security forces, in which the perpetrators intended to die during the attack.

  • Bold indicates attacks resulting in over 10 deaths.
  • Bold Underscored indicates attacks resulting in over 20 deaths.
  • Death tolls noted in this list do not include the perpetrator(s)


1989 (1 attack)

NameDateLocationDeath tollNotes
Bus 405 suicide attackJuly 6, 1989Near Kiryat Yearim16 Carried out by Palestinian Islamic Jihad.


1993 (2 bombings)

NameDateLocationDeath tollNotes
Mehola Junction bombingApril 16, 1993Mehola junction1Hamas claimed responsibility.[2] Carried out together with Palestinian Islamic Jihad.
Beit El car bombOctober 4, 1993Near Beit El29 injuredHamas member Sulayman Idan was responsible.[3][4]

1994 (5 bombings)

NameDateLocationDeath tollNotes
Afula Bus suicide bombingApril 6, 1994Afula8Hamas claimed responsibility. Carried out together with Palestinian Islamic Jihad.
Hadera bus station suicide bombingApril 13, 1994Hadera5Hamas claimed responsibility. Carried out together with Palestinian Islamic Jihad.
Dizengoff Street bus bombingOctober 19, 1994Tel Aviv22Attributed to Hamas.
Netzarim Junction bicycle bombingNovember 11, 1994Netzarim3Hamas claimed responsibility. Carried out together with Palestinian Islamic Jihad.
Jerusalem Binyanei Hauma suicide bombingDecember 25, 1994Jerusalem13 injuredAttributed to Hamas.

1995 (4 bombings)

NameDateLocationDeath tollNotes
Beit Lid massacreJanuary 22, 1995Beit Lid Junction21Two bombers. One detonated at rescue party. Palestinian Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility.
Kfar Darom bus attackApril 9, 1995Vicinity of Kfar Darom8Hamas claimed responsibility.
Ramat Gan bus 20 bombingJuly 24, 1995Ramat Gan6Hamas claimed responsibility.
Ramat Eshkol bus bombingAugust 21, 1995Jerusalem4Police Chief Noam Eisenman was killed. Hamas claimed responsibility.

1996 (4 bombings)

NameDateLocationDeath tollNotes
Ashkelon bus station bombingFebruary 25, 1996Ashqelon1Hamas claimed responsibility.
First Jerusalem bus 18 suicide bombingFebruary 25, 1996Jerusalem Central Bus station26Hamas claimed responsibility.
Second Jerusalem bus 18 suicide bombingMarch 3, 1996Jaffa street, Jerusalem19Hamas claimed responsibility.
Dizengoff Center suicide bombingMarch 4, 1996Tel Aviv13Attributed to Hamas. Carried out together with Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

1997 (3 bombings)

NameDateLocationDeath tollNotes
Café Apropo bombingMarch 21, 1997Tel Aviv3Hamas claimed responsibility.
1st Mahane Yehuda Market attackJuly 30, 1997Jerusalem main market16Hamas claimed responsibility.
Ben Yehuda Street BombingSeptember 4, 1997Jerusalem Ben Yehuda Street5Hamas claimed responsibility.

1998 (2 bombings)

NameDateLocationDeath tollNotes
1st Kfar Darom bombingOctober 29, 1998Gaza Strip1Hamas claimed responsibility.
Jerusalem bombingNovember 6, 1998Jerusalem220 wounded. Two Islamic Jihad suicide bombers.[5]

1999 (2 bombings)

NameDateLocationDeath tollNotes
Egged bus 960 bombingSeptember 5, 1999TveriaNoneHamas claimed responsibility.
Haifa Central Bus Station bombingSeptember 5, 1999HaifaNoneHamas claimed responsibility.


2000 (5 bombings)

NameDateLocationDeath tollNotes
Gaza bombingOctober 26, 2000Gaza Strip1 injuredYouth suicide bomber on bike. Palestinian Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility.
2nd Mahane Yehuda Market attackNovember 2, 2000Jerusalem2Booby-trapped car. Palestinian Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility.
2nd Kfar Darom bombingNovember 20, 2000Gaza Strip2Hamas claimed responsibility.
Hadera main street bombingNovember 22, 2000Hadera2Booby-trapped car. Hamas claimed responsibility.
Mehola bombingDecember 22, 2000Mehola Junction3 injuredHamas claimed responsibility.

2001 (40 bombings)

NameDateLocationDeath tollNotes
Netanya centre bombingJanuary 1, 2001Netanya60 injuredHamas claimed responsibility.
Tayibe Bridge bombingJanuary 30, 2001Tayibe2 injuredPalestinian Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility.
Beit Yisrael bombingFebruary 8, 2001Jerusalem2 injuredHamas claimed responsibility.
Mei Ami junction bombingMarch 1, 2001Vadi Ara1Hamas claimed responsibility.
Netanya bombingMarch 4, 2001Netanya3Hamas claimed responsibility.
Talpiot industrial zone bombingMarch 27, 2001Jerusalem7 injuredPalestinian Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility.
Egged bus 6 bombingMarch 27, 2001French Hill, Jerusalem28 injuredHamas claimed responsibility.
Mifgash Shalom attackMarch 28, 2001Mifgash Shalom gas station, Kfar Saba2Hamas claimed responsibility.
Kfar Saba bombingApril 22, 2001Kfar Saba1Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility.
Or Yehuda bombingApril 23, 2001Near Ben Gurion Airport8 injuredHamas claimed responsibility.
Nablus school bus bombingApril 29, 2001Nablus, West BankNoneHamas claimed responsibility.
HaSharon Mall suicide bombingMay 18, 2001HaSharon shopping mall, Netanya5Hamas claimed responsibility.
Hadera Mall bombingMay 25, 2001HaderaNoneHamas claimed responsibility.
Hadera bus station suicide bombingMay 25, 2001Central bus station, Hadera65 injured2 Palestinians within a car bomb. Palestinian Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility.
Jerusalem Center bombingMay 27, 2001JerusalemNonePFLP claimed responsibility.
Jaffa Road bombingMay 27, 2001Jerusalem30 injuredPalestinian Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility.
Netanya school bombingMay 30, 2001Netanya8 injuredPalestinian Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility.
Dolphinarium discotheque suicide bombingJune 1, 2001Tel Aviv21Hamas claimed responsibility.[6]
Dugit bombingJune 22, 2001Gaza Strip2Booby trapped car's explosion. Hamas claimed responsibility.
Yehud suburb bombingJuly 2, 2001Tel Aviv6 injuredExplosion of two separate bombs. PFLP claimed responsibility.
Kissufim bombingJuly 9, 2001Southern Gaza Strip crossing pointNoneExplosion of two separate bombs. Hamas claimed responsibility.
Binyamina train station suicide bombingJuly 16, 2001Binyamina2Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility.
Moshav Beka'ot bombingAugust 8, 2001Northern Jordan Valley1 injuredHamas claimed responsibility.
Sbarro restaurant suicide bombingAugust 9, 2001Downtown Jerusalem15Carried out by Hamas together with Palestinian Islamic Jihad.
Wall-Street Restaurant bombingAugust 12, 2001Kiryat Motzkin21 injuredPalestinian Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility.
Russian Compound bombingAugust 21, 2001Downtown Jerusalem1 injuredHamas claimed responsibility.
Jerusalem car bombingsSeptember 3, 2001Jerusalem3 injuredSeries of car bombs.
Hanevi'im street bombingSeptember 4, 2001Jerusalem20 injuredHamas claimed responsibility.
Nahariya train station suicide bombingSeptember 9, 2001Nahariya train station3Suicide bomber was an Arab Israeli citizen. Hamas claimed responsibility.
Beit Lid junction bombingSeptember 9, 2001Near Netanya17 injuredHamas claimed responsibility.
Talpiot neighborhood bombingOctober 1, 2001JerusalemNoneHamas claimed responsibility.
1st Erez Crossing attackOctober 7, 2001Erez Passage near GazaNoneHamas claimed responsibility.
Kibbutz Shluhot bombingOctober 7, 2001Kibbutz Shluhot1Palestinian Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility.
2nd Erez Crossing attackNovember 26, 2001Gaza Strip2 injuredHamas claimed responsibility.
1st Egged bus 823 bombingNovember 29, 2001Wadi Ara Junction3Carried out by Palestinian Islamic Jihad together with Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades.
Ben Yehuda Street BombingDecember 1, 2001Downtown Jerusalem11Hamas claimed responsibility.
Haifa bus 16 suicide bombingDecember 2, 2001Haifa15Hamas claimed responsibility.
Hilton Mamilla bombingDecember 5, 2001Mamilla, Jerusalem11 injuredCarried out by Palestinian Islamic Jihad together with Hamas.
Check Post Junction bombingDecember 9, 2001Check Post Junction in the direction of Tel Hanan (Haifa area)30 injuredPalestinian Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility.
Neve Dekalim bombingDecember 12, 2001Neve Dekalim4 injuredHamas claimed responsibility.

2002 (47 bombings)

NameDateLocationDeath tollNotes
Tel Aviv outdoor mall bombingJanuary 25, 2002Tel Aviv25 injuredDouble Suicide attack, carried out by Palestinian Islamic Jihad together with Fatah.
Jaffa Street bombingJanuary 27, 2002 Jerusalem1First female suicide bomber in Al-Aqsa Intifada, Wafa Idris. Hamas claimed responsibility.
Tayibe bombingJanuary 31, 2002TayibeNoneHamas claimed responsibility.
Karnei Shomron Mall suicide bombingFebruary 16, 2002Karnei Shomron, West Bank3About 30 injuries (6 seriously). PFLP claimed responsibility.[7][8]
Maale Adumim - Jerusalem road bombingFebruary 18, 2002Jerusalem1Soldier killed by an explosive that was detonated by the driver of the car he was checking. Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades claimed responsibility.
Efrat supermarket bombing attackFebruary 22, 2002Efrat, West Bank1 injuredSuicide bomber in supermarket.
Maccabim bombingFebruary 27, 2002Maccabim3 injuredHamas claimed responsibility.
Yeshivat Beit Yisrael massacreMarch 2, 2002Yeshiva in Jerusalem11Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades claimed responsibility.
2nd Egged bus 823 bombingMarch 5, 2002Afula1Palestinian Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility.[8]
Ariel hotel lobby bombingMarch 7, 2002Ariel, West Bank15 injured (1 seriously)PFLP claimed responsibility.[8]
Café Moment bombingMarch 9, 2002Rehavia, Jerusalem11Hamas claimed responsibility.
Egged bus 22 bombingMarch 17, 2002Jerusalem25 InjuredHamas claimed responsibility.
3rd Egged bus 823 bombingMarch 20, 2002Vadi Ara, Muzmuz Junction7Palestinian Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility.
King George Street bombingMarch 21, 2002Jerusalem3Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades claimed responsibility.
Passover massacreMarch 27, 2002Netanya30Suicide attack on Passover seder in Park Hotel. Carried out by Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad.
Kiryat HaYovel supermarket bombingMarch 29, 2002Kiryat Yovel in Jerusalem2Hamas claimed responsibility.
Allenby Street coffee shop bombingMarch 30, 2002Tel Aviv1Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades claimed responsibility.
Baqa al-Gharbiyah bombingMarch 30, 2002Baqa al-Gharbiyah1Booby-trapped vehicle that Palestinians tried to sneak into Israel.
Matza restaurant suicide bombingMarch 31, 2002Haifa15Hamas claimed responsibility.
Efrat Medical CenterMarch 31, 2002Efrat, West Bank4 injured (1 seriously)Hamas claimed responsibility.
Jerusalem Roadblock bombingApril 1, 2002Jerusalem1Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades claimed responsibility.
Yagur Junction bombingApril 10, 2002Yagur8Palestinian Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility.
3rd Mahane Yehuda Market attackApril 12, 2002Jerusalem6Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades claimed responsibility.
Rishon LeZion bombingMay 7, 2002Rishon LeZion15Hamas claimed responsibility.
Netanya Market bombingMay 19, 2002Netanya3Carried out by Hamas together with PFLP.
Afula road bombingMay 20, 2002AfulaNoneHamas claimed responsibility.
Rothschild Street bombingMay 22, 2002Rishon Lezion2Hamas claimed responsibility.
Pi Glilot bombingMay 23, 2002North of Tel AvivNoneA bomb exploded underneath a fuel truck. The truck burst into flames, but the blaze was quickly contained.
Studio 49 Disco bombingMay 24, 2002Tel Aviv5 injuredThe security guard opened fire on a Palestinian attempting to detonate a car bomb. The Palestinian was killed, but the bomb exploded prematurely, injuring bystanders.
Petah Tikva Mall bombingMay 27, 2002Petah Tikva2Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades claimed responsibility.
Megiddo Junction bus bombingJune 5, 2002Megiddo Junction17Palestinian Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility.
Herzliya shawarma restaurant bombingJune 11, 2002Herzliya1Hamas claimed responsibility.
Patt Junction Bus BombingJune 18, 2002Jerusalem19Hamas claimed responsibility.
French Hill Junction massacreJune 19, 2002French Hill, Jerusalem7Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades claimed responsibility.
Immanuel bus attackJuly 16, 2002Emmanuel-Bnei Brak bus 1899Detonation of an explosive device and shooting. Hamas claimed responsibility.
Neve Shaanan Street bombingJuly 17, 2002Southern Tel Aviv5Hamas claimed responsibility.
Nevi'im Street bombingJuly 30, 2002Jerusalem5 injuredApparently the bomb exploded prematurely.
Hebrew University massacreJuly 31, 2002Hebrew University, Jerusalem9Included American and French casualties. Bomber was from East Jerusalem. Hamas claimed responsibility.
Meron Junction Bus 361 attackAugust 4, 2002Meron Junction9Arab bomber with Israeli citizenship. Hamas claimed responsibility.
1st Umm al-Fahm bombingAugust 5, 2002Umm al-Fahm Junction in Wadi Ara1 injuredThe Palestinian exploded in a taxi killing himself and wounding an Israeli-Arab driver from Nazareth.
2nd Umm al-Fahm bombingSeptember 18, 2002Umm al-Fahm Junction in Wadi Ara1Palestinian Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility.
Allenby Street bus bombingSeptember 19, 2002bus 4, near the Great Synagogue, Tel Aviv6Hamas claimed responsibility.
Geha road bombingOctober 10, 2002Bar-Ilan interchange, Geha road1Hamas claimed responsibility.
Karkur junction suicide bombingOctober 21, 2002Carcur Junction142 Suicide bombers used a booby-trapped jeep with 100 KG TNT. Palestinian Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility.
Sonol gas station bombingOctober 27, 2002Ariel, West Bank3Victims killed while trying to prevent the Palestinian from detonating the bomb. Hamas claimed responsibility.
Kfar Saba shopping mall bombingNovember 4, 2002Kfar Saba2Palestinian Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility.
Kiryat Menachem bus bombingNovember 21, 2002Kiryat Menahem, Jerusalem11Hamas claimed responsibility.

2003 (23 bombings)

NameDateLocationDeath tollNotes
Tel-Aviv central bus station massacreJanuary 5, 2003Southern Tel Aviv23Carried out by two members of the Fatah Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, with the help of Palestinian Islamic Jihad.
Haifa bus 37 suicide bombingMarch 5, 2003Carmeliya neighborhood, Haifa17Carried out by Hamas member and attributed to Hamas, yet never acknowledged.
London Cafe bombingMarch 30, 2003Netanya54 injuredPalestinian Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility.
Kfar Saba train station bombingApril 24, 2003Kfar Saba113 injured (2 seriously). PFLP claimed responsibility jointly with Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades.[8][9]
Mike's Place suicide bombingApril 30, 2003Mike's Place pub, Tel Aviv3Carried out by Hamas using a British Muslim citizen of Pakistani descent and together with al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades.
Gross square attackMay 17, 2003Gross square, Hebron, West Bank2Hamas claimed responsibility.
Jerusalem bus 6 bombingMay 18, 2003Jerusalem7Hamas claimed responsibility.
3rd Kfar Darom bombingMay 19, 2003Gaza Strip3 injuredA Palestinian suicide bomber riding a bicycle blew up himself next to a military jeep. Hamas claimed responsibility.
Afula mall bombingMay 19, 2003Afula shopping center3Hamas claimed responsibility.
Netzarim bus bombingMay 22, 2003Netzarim, Gaza Strip9 injuredHamas claimed responsibility.
Davidka Square bus bombingJune 11, 2003Downtown Jerusalem17Hamas claimed responsibility.
Sdei Trumot bombingJune 19, 2003Moshav Sdei Trumot1Palestinian Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility.
Kfar Yavetz bombingJuly 7, 2003Kfar Yavetz1Palestinian Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility.
Ariel bus station bombingAugust 12, 2003Ariel, West Bank2Hamas claimed responsibility.
Rosh HaAyin bombingAugust 12, 2003Rosh HaAyin1
Shmuel HaNavi bus bombingAugust 19, 2003Shmuel Hanavi, Jerusalem23Hamas claimed responsibility.
Tzrifin bus stop attackSeptember 9, 2003Bus stop near Tzrifin army base9Hamas claimed responsibility.
Café Hillel bombingSeptember 9, 2003Hillel Cafe, Jerusalem7Hamas claimed responsibility.
Maxim restaurant suicide bombingOctober 4, 2003Haifa21Palestinian Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility.
Tulkarem bombingOctober 9, 2003Tulkarem, West Bank3 injuredHamas claimed responsibility.
Beit Hanoun Junction bombingOctober 15, 2003Gaza Strip3The victims were part of a US diplomatic convoy.
Azzoun bombingNovember 3, 2003Azzoun, West Bank1 injuredAl-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades claimed responsibility.
Geha Interchange bus stop bombingDecember 25, 2003Geha Junction4Over 20 injured. PFLP claimed responsibility.[8][9]

2004 (17 bombings)

NameDateLocationDeath tollNotes
3rd Erez Crossing attackJanuary 14, 2004Gaza Strip4Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade and Hamas claimed joint responsibility.
Gaza Street bus bombingJanuary 29, 2004Rehavia, Jerusalem11Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade and Hamas claimed responsibility.
Liberty Bell Park bus bombingFebruary 22, 2004Liberty Bell Garden, Jerusalem8Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade claimed responsibility.
4th Erez Crossing attackMarch 6, 2004Gaza Strip3The victims were Palestinian policemen who died in a shooting spree and suicide car bomb attack. Two of the vehicles exploded on the Palestinian side of the crossing. Four Palestinians were killed. There were no IDF casualties. Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and the military wing of Fatah claimed responsibility.
Ashdod Port massacreMarch 14, 2004Port of Ashdod10Double suicide bombing. Carried out by Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade together with Hamas.
5th Erez Crossing attackApril 17, 2004Erez Crossing, Gaza Strip1Carried out by Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade together with Hamas.
Deir al-Balah suicide attackApril 26, 2004Gaza Strip2The victims were Palestinians killed when a suicide bomber detonated himself on the way to carry out an attack in Israel.
Beka'ot checkpoint bombingMay 22, 2004Beka'ot checkpoint, Jordan Valley, West Bank1 injuredPFLP claimed responsibility.[8][10]
Tel Aviv bus stop bombingJuly 11, 2004Tel Aviv1Hamas claimed responsibility.
Kalandia checkpoint attackAugust 11, 2004Kalandia, West Bank2The victims were Palestinian bystanders. 18 people (including six Border Policemen) were injured.
Beersheba bus bombingsAugust 31, 2004Downtown Beersheba on buses 7 and 1216Hamas claimed responsibility.
Baka al-Sharkiyeh checkpoint attackSeptember 8, 2004Near the Green Line border with the West BankNoneAl-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades claimed responsibility.
Kalandia Gate suicide bombingSeptember 14, 2004South of Kalandia, West Bank2 injuredA suicide bomber riding on a bicycle blew himself up near an armored IDF jeep at an agricultural gate.
French Hill Junction bombingSeptember 22, 2004French Hill, Jerusalem2Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades claimed responsibility.
Sinai bombingsOctober 7, 2004Sinai peninsula, Egypt34Suicide bombing at two Sinai holiday resorts frequented by Israeli tourists: thirty-one died at the Taba Hilton and three at Ras a-Satan. Among the dead were 12 Israelis; over 120 were wounded. The attack was masterminded by Iyad Saleh and carried out by a Palestinian group.
Carmel Market bombingNovember 1, 2004Tel Aviv3Over 30 injured. PFLP claimed responsibility.[8][11]
Karni Crossing attackDecember 7, 2004Karni Crossing, Gaza Strip1An IDF soldier of the Oketz canine unit was killed by a bomb, along with his dog, when a booby-trapped chicken coup exploded northwest of the Karni Crossing. Four soldiers were wounded in the exchange of fire while evacuating him. Hamas claimed responsibility for the attack.

2005 (9 bombings)

NameDateLocationDeath tollNotes
Morag attackJanuary 12, 2005Morag, Southern Gaza Strip1One Israeli civilian was killed and three IDF soldiers wounded when a bomb was detonated against a military vehicle patrolling the route near Morag. Two Palestinians were killed by IDF forces. The area was booby-trapped with explosive devices, in addition to the bomb that exploded. Palestinian Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility.
Karni border crossing attackJanuary 13, 2005Karni crossing, Gaza Strip6Carried out together by Hamas with Fatah Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades and Popular Resistance Committees.
Gush Katif checkpoint attackJanuary 18, 2005Gush Katif, Gaza Strip1Hamas claimed responsibility.
Stage Club bombingFebruary 25, 2005Tel Aviv sea promenade5Carried out together with Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades and with Hizballah involvement.
1st HaSharon Mall suicide bombingJuly 12, 2005Netanya5Palestinian Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility.
Beersheba central bus station bombingAugust 28, 2005Beersheba50 injured, 2 criticallyCarried out by Palestinian Islamic Jihad together with Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades.
Hadera Market bombingOctober 26, 2005Hadera7Palestinian Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility.
2nd HaSharon Mall suicide bombingDecember 5, 2005Netanya5Palestinian Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility.
Tulkarem roadblock bombingDecember 29, 2005Near Tulkarem, West Bank3One Israeli soldier was killed when a Palestinian en route to carry out an attack in Israel was discovered and detonated himself at a checkpoint. A second intended suicide bomber was also killed in the blast as well as the driver and a third passenger. Three soldiers and seven Palestinians were also wounded.

2006 (3 bombings)

NameDateLocationDeath tollNotes
1st Rosh Ha'ir restaurant bombingJanuary 19, 2006Near Tel Aviv old central bus station31 injuredPalestinian Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility.
Kedumim bombingMarch 30, 2006Kdumim, West Bank4Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades claimed responsibility.
2nd Rosh Ha'ir restaurant bombingApril 17, 2006Near Tel Aviv old central bus station1168 injured. Carried out by Palestinian Islamic Jihad together with Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades.

2007 (1 bombing)

NameDateLocationDeath tollNotes
Eilat bakery bombingJanuary 29, 2007Eilat3Both Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades claim joint responsibility.

2008 (2 bombings)

NameDateLocationDeath tollNotes
Dimona bombingFebruary 4, 2008Dimona19 injuries. Carried out by Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades together with Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).[12]
Kerem Shalom suicide bombingApril 19, 2008Kerem Shalom border crossing, Gaza Strip13 injuredThree Palestinian suicide bombers broke through the border fence to attack the Kerem Shalom IDF post, blowing themselves up and wounding several Israeli soldiers. Hamas claimed responsibility.

Total number of fatalities, by year


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