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List of Growing Pains episodes

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Title: List of Growing Pains episodes  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: List of television programs by episode count
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List of Growing Pains episodes

The episode list of the ABC sitcom Growing Pains. The series aired from September 24, 1985 to April 25, 1992 with 166 episodes produced spanning 7 seasons.

Series overview

Seasons Episodes Season premiere Season finale
1 22 September 24, 1985 May 13, 1986
2 22 September 30, 1986 May 19, 1987
3 26 September 18, 1987 May 4, 1988
4 22 October 19, 1988 May 3, 1989
5 26 September 20, 1989 May 2, 1990
6 24 September 19, 1990 April 24, 1991
7 24 September 18, 1991 April 25, 1992
TV films 2 films

Season 1 (1985/86)

Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
11 "Pilot" John PasquinNeal MarlensSeptember 24, 1985206740
Maggie goes back to work as journalist, leaving Jason to take care of the kids. Underage Mike gets arrested for driving a car. 
22 "Springsteen" John PasquinDavid KendallOctober 1, 1985185803
Mike tries desperately to get tickets to a Bruce Springsteen concert and is ecstatic when Jason gets them. Then, at the concert.... 
33 "Jealousy" John PasquinCarol Black & Neal MarlensOctober 8, 1985185801
Jason becomes suspicious that Maggie is doing more with a co-worker than working on a story. 
44 "Carol's Article" John PasquinSybil Adelman & Martin SageOctober 15, 1985185804
Carol auditions for her school paper, but is angered when her mother doesn't give her a good review. Meanwhile, Mike and Ben get on a winning streak betting on horses. 
55 "Superdad!" Nick HavingaTom Walla & Dave WollertOctober 29, 1985185805
In Maggie's absence, Jason gives Carol boy-trouble advice. 
66 "Mike's Madonna Story" John PasquinCarol Black & Neal MarlensNovember 5, 1985185802
Mike becomes romantically attracted to a "Madonna look-alike" (Dana Plato), which worries Maggie; Ben accidentally ruins Carol's plant project. 
77 "Weekend Fantasy" John TracyArnold MargolinNovember 12, 1985185808
Jason and Maggie leave Mike in charge while they go on a getaway weekend. But when nobody answers when they call home, they imagine all sorts of dreadful possibilities. 
88 "Slice of Life" John TracyRich ReinhartNovember 19, 1985185809
After Jason reviews a marriage-compatibility test for his work, he and Maggie take it. They're in for some unpleasant surprises. 
99 "Carol's Crush" John TracyStephen J. CurwickNovember 26, 1985185810
Carol has blooming romantic feelings for an older family friend, including jealousy when he's romantically attracted to someone else. 
1010 "Dirt Bike" John TracyKerry Ehrin & Ali Marie MathesonDecember 3, 1985185811
Mike rides a dirt bike against his parents' wishes while camping with Boner. 
1111 "Standardized Test" Nick HavingaCarol Black & Neal MarlensDecember 10, 1985185806
Mike completely disregards an IQ test and gets a score that worries his parents. 
1212 "A Christmas Story" John TracyStory by: Carol Black & Neal Marlens
Teleplay by: Tom Walla & Dave Wollert
December 17, 1985185812
On Christmas Eve, Ben is having second thoughts about Santa Claus; a patient of Jason's threatens to commit suicide by head-firsting down their chimney. 
1313 "The Love Song of M. Aaron Seaver" John TracyArnold MargolinJanuary 7, 1986185814
Mike falls for a cultural student whom he impresses with a poem written by Carol. Their next date is on an annual family bowling night. 
1414 "First Blood" John TracyMark FinkJanuary 14, 1986185813
Ben's hockey team unfortunately features father-son bullies, the father being the team's coach; things only get worse when Ben's father gets involved. At home, Maggie teaches Mike how to ballroom-dance so he can escort his girlfriend to a family wedding. 
1515 "Slice of Life II" John TracyTom Walla & David KendallJanuary 21, 1986185815
When Maggie tells Jason she might be pregnant, Jason realizes he might not be emotionally ready. 
1616 "The Seavers vs. the Cleavers" John TracySusan BeaversJanuary 28, 1986185817
Mike and Carol don't want their parents chaperoning a dance, so they're glad when they are actually told not to--until Carol finds out the PTA's objection to them. 
1717 "Charity Begins at Home" John TracyDan Guntzelman & Steve MarshallFebruary 18, 1986185816
Ben doesn't have enough money to buy Jason the really good present he thinks he deserves, but Mike's advice causes him to accidentally commit a crime. 
1818 "Reputation" John TracyDavid KendallFebruary 25, 1986185819
Mike gets the best grade in the class on his American history final, stunning the class, his family, and Mike himself. The teacher accuses him of cheating. 
1919 "The Anniversary That Never Was" John TracyTimothy JamesMarch 4, 1986185818
Mike, Carol, and Ben want to give their parents a relaxing anniversary, but Maggie gets called to Washington for business, distressing Jason. 
2020 "Be a Man" John TracyRich ReinhartMarch 11, 1986185820
Home alone while the rest of the family goes to visit Maggie's parents, Mike throws an unsupervised party. The Malones are having financial trouble and won't accept money from anyone, including their son-in-law. 
2121 "Career Decision" John TracyStory by: Bob Brush
Teleplay by: Bob Brush & Tom Walla
May 6, 1986185821
When Maggie brings Carol to work, Carol has to witness Maggie's humiliation over a mistake she made in an article. Meanwhile, Mike realizes that the world doesn't revolve around him. 
2222 "Extra Lap" John TracyStephen J. CurwickMay 13, 1986185807
Jokester Uncle Bob dies in his sleep during a visit; after the funeral, Mike believes he's seeing his ghost. 

Season 2 (1986/87)

Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
231 "Jason and the Cruisers" John TracyTom WallaSeptember 30, 1986185962
Maggie reunites Jason with his former band when he starts to feel old. 
242 "Fast Times at Dewey High" Dan GuntzelmanDavid KendallOctober 21, 1986185963
Mike finds himself with two dates for the school dance. 
253 "Long Day's Journey Into Night" John TracyDavid KendallOctober 28, 1986185961
Carol is overjoyed when a popular girl at school starts hanging out with her--until she finds out she's only interested in Mike. 
264 "Call Me" John TracyTim O'DonnellNovember 11, 1986185965
Maggie and Jason recall how Ben got into trouble by calling a pornographic hotline, then blaming a neighbor kid for giving out the number. 
275 "Employee of the Month" John TracyTom WallaNovember 18, 1986185967
Mike tries to help a co-worker (Olivia d'Abo) by taking responsibility for her frequent mistakes; after he's fired, he acts like he's still going to work. Danny Nucci guest stars as Mike's boss. 
286 "Dream Lover" John TracyTim O'DonnellNovember 25, 1986185970
Carol tutors the captain of the football team. 
297 "Do You Believe in Magic?" John TracyMelody RowlandDecember 2, 1986185969
After being conned out of $10 by Mike, Carol and Ben (with their parents' help) hatch an elaborate scheme to get it back. 
308 "Jason's Rib" John TracyTom WallaDecember 9, 1986185971
Maggie feels belittled by Jason when they disagree about a school dress code during a parents' meeting. 
319 "The Kid" John TracyTim O'DonnellDecember 16, 1986185972
Overwhelmed by the holiday spirit, Ben brings home a homeless teen (Hallie Todd). 
3210 "The Breakfast Club" John TracyDavid Tyron KingJanuary 6, 1987185966
After Maggie insists that Mike be grounded for lying, she's caught in a lie herself and Jason suggests that she should ground herself to teach Mike a lesson. But this is one of those times when a punishment hurts the parent more than the child--Maggie will be missing a concert in Atlantic City by one of her favorites! While Maggie stays with Mike, Carol goes to Atlantic City with Jason so the tickets won't go to waste. 
3311 "Choices" John TracySusan BeaversJanuary 13, 1987185964
Maggie and Carol are thrilled when Carol gets a chance to skip a grade. Then Maggie wonders if her life choices might have given her daughter the wrong idea. 
3412 "Higher Education" John TracySusan BeaversJanuary 20, 1987185973
Mike is blackmailed by a girl who helped change his grade on an English test so he'd be allowed to go on a ski trip; when Jason and Maggie have colds, Carol runs the house a bit too well for Jason's liking. 
3513 "Some Enchanted Evening" John TracySusan BeaversJanuary 27, 1987185976
Carol is eager for Bobby to invite her to the Dewey High winter formal, but he doesn't seem so eager. Meanwhile, Mike has 3 girls courting him to be their date. 
3614 "Thank You, Willie Nelson" John TracyDavid KendallFebruary 3, 1987185974
Maggie's father sells his house without his wife's approval, causing a controversy between them. Mike and Ben attempt to find ways to mess with Carol's pajama party. 
3715 "Thank God It's Friday" John TracyDan Guntzelman & Steve MarshallFebruary 10, 1987185975
Mike and his friends are pressured to take drugs at a college party. 
3816 "My Brother, Myself" John TracySusan BeaversFebruary 24, 1987185981
Ben hits puberty and--with advice from Mike--tries to hit on his babysitter. 
3917 "Jimmy Durante Died for Your Sins" John TracyChristopher Ames & Carolyn ShelbyMarch 3, 1987185979
After Carol's parents tell her she can only get a nose job if she gets the money for it herself, she wins it in a radio contest. 
4018 "Carnival" John TracySybil Adelman & Martin SageMarch 10, 1987185968
Maggie volunteers to help out at Ben's school carnival but starts to ignore Ben and do it only for herself. 
4119 "The Awful Truth" John TracyKate BoutilierMarch 17, 1987185980
The kids believe that Jason was married before and Mike was the product of that marriage. 
4220 "Born Free" John TracyTim O'DonnellMarch 31, 1987185978
Jason and Mike go on a guys' trip to Boston so Jason can show Mike around his old college and convince him to go to college. But before they even get there, Mike gets some serious life experience during the flight. 
4321 "The Long Goodbye" John TracyDavid Kendall & Tim O'DonnellMay 5, 1987185982
Maggie believes that the Seavers' handyman is getting too old (he's messing up more than he's fixing) and tries to convince Jason to let him go. Then they find out that somebody else was behind the mistakes. 
4422 "Confidentially Yours" John TracyTom WallaMay 19, 1987185977
Maggie gets a job offer--from a womanizer who only wants to sleep with her. 

Season 3 (1987/88)

Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
451 "Aloha (Part 1)" John TracyStory by: Tom Walla
Teleplay by: Dan Guntzelman & Steve Marshall
September 18, 1987186103
The Seavers journey to Hawaii but the holiday doesn't go as Jason planned. Maggie has work problems, Mike and Carol find romance, and Ben finds a new interest. 
462 "Aloha (Part 2)" John TracyStory by: Tom Walla
Teleplay by: Dan Guntzelman & Steve Marshall
September 18, 1987186104
Maggie solves her problem; initially shocked that his Hawaiian girlfriend has a daughter, Mike enjoys babysitting her; Bobby arrives. 
473 "Taking Care of Business" John TracyTim O'DonnellSeptember 22, 1987186102
The family is supportive of the positive effects of Mike's job. Then Jason discovers his employers use bait-and-switch tactics. 
484 "Not Necessarily the News" John TracyTim O'DonnellSeptember 29, 1987186109
Maggie's family becomes anxious to find her a new job. 
495 "Michaelgate" John TracyDan Guntzelman & Steve MarshallOctober 6, 1987186108
Mike is nominated for student-body president. 
506 "Big Brother is Not Watching" John TracyDavid Tyron KingOctober 13, 1987186101
Ben turns to Mike and Carol to help him get a new bike. 
517 "A Star is Born" John TracyDavid KendallOctober 27, 1987186107
Mike joins the school play out of interest in the girl playing the female lead. 
528 "Gone But Not Forgotten" John TracyChristopher Ames & Carolyn ShelbyNovember 3, 1987186105
When the Seaver house is burglarized, the family fears the perpetrators' return. 
539 "Who's Zoomin' Who?" John TracyTom WallaNovember 10, 1987186113
Carol's friends convince her to dump Bobby for the handsome new transfer student (Brad Pitt). 
5410 "This is Your Life" John TracyDavid KendallNovember 17, 1987186110
Under anaesthesia for a tonsillectomy, Ben deludes he's sneaked home to find he's been replaced by a new Ben. 
5511 "Broadway Bound" John TracyTim O'Donnell & Tom WallaNovember 24, 1987186115
Mike skips the local school play audition to audition for a Broadway play. 
5612 "The Scarlet Letter" John TracyKate BoutilierDecember 1, 1987186106
Carol doubts the purpose of education when she gets an A+ on an exam paper she bluffed her way through. 
5713 "A Reason to Live" John TracyDavid Tyron KingDecember 8, 1987186112
A troubled girl uses a school assignment with Mike and Boner to seek help from Jason. 
5814 "Nasty Habits" John TracyChristopher Ames & Carolyn ShelbyDecember 15, 1987186119
Mike's bad habits catch up with him and put him in danger of not graduating: he can't seem to start his English paper and even plans to go out the night before it's due. 
5915 "The Marrying Kind" John TracyDavid KendallJanuary 5, 1988186114
Jason and Maggie are shocked when Carol announces her engagement to Bobby. 
6016 "State of the Union" John TracyKate BoutilierJanuary 12, 1988186120
Jason and Maggie spend more and more time apart as Maggie's new job demands more and more of her time. 
6117 "The Mom Who Knew Too Much" John TracyKate BoutilierJanuary 26, 1988186111
Carol is furious with Maggie for telling Jason one of her most intimate secrets. 
6218 "Great Expectations" John TracyDavid KendallFebruary 9, 1988186122
A letter from the girl he met in Hawaii has Mike scheming to go to Los Angeles without Jason and Maggie's knowledge. 
6319 "Dance Fever (Part 1)" John TracyTim O'DonnellMarch 1, 1988186117
While Maggie and Jason chaperone Mike and Carol's high-school dance, Ben goes in search of his manhood. 
6420 "Dance Fever (Part 2)" John TracyTim O'DonnellMarch 2, 1988186118
As Ben continues his quest for manhood, the high-school dance continues: Jason and Maggie compete to see which one is the better D.J.; Mike discovers he has values; and Carol learns to think for herself instead of going along with the crowd. 
6521 "Bringing Up Baby" John TracyTom WallaMarch 9, 1988186121
While the Seavers make room for baby #4, Maggie grasps for a way to tell her boss she's pregnant. 
6622 "The Obscure Objects of Our Desire (Part 1)" John TracyDavid KendallMarch 30, 1988186365A
Spring cleaning breathes new life into the family's household objects, and each has a story to tell. 
6723 "The Obscure Objects of Our Desire (Part 2)" John TracyDavid KendallMarch 30, 1988186365B
Housecleaning turns up things from the family's past and sparks memories. 
6824 "How the West Was Won (Part 1)" John TracyDan Guntzelman & Steve MarshallApril 20, 1988186291
Mike and Boner learn that Coach Lubbock has been fired, prompting them to organize a protest. 
6925 "How the West Was Won (Part 2)" John TracyDan Guntzelman & Steve MarshallApril 26, 1988186292
Jason, Carol, Mike, and Boner are arrested over the demonstration of Coach Lubbock's firing. 
7026 "Graduation Day" John TracyDan Guntzelman & Steve MarshallMay 4, 1988186116
Mike's graduation stirs memories from his proud parents, who recall his birth and first day of school. 

Season 4 (1988/89)

Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
711 "Fool for Love" John TracyKate BoutilierOctober 19, 1988186433
Ben works up the courage to ask a girl to a Halloween party. 
722 "Birth of a Seaver" John TracyDavid KendallOctober 26, 1988186434
Maggie goes into labor on Ben's 12th birthday. 
733 "Family Ties (Part 1)" John TracyTim O'DonnellNovember 2, 1988186431
Mike has a showdown with Jason over his rights as an 18-year-old college student and declares his freedom from parental rule. 
744 "Family Ties (Part 2)" John TracyTom WallaNovember 9, 1988186432
Mike converts the storage space above the garage into an apartment and must choose whether he wants to be tenant or family member. 
755 "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?" John TracyBecky Ayers & Joanna KernsNovember 16, 1988186435
Jason learns his widowed mother has a new beau. 
766 "Homecoming Queen" John TracyKate BoutilierNovember 23, 1988186436
Carol is chosen for homecoming court. 
777 "Nude Photos" John TracyDavid KendallNovember 30, 1988186437
Mike's photography course includes nude studies. 
788 "Ben's First Kiss" John TracyTim O'DonnellDecember 7, 1988186439
Ben throws a party to get to know a girl. 
799 "The Nanny" John TracyKevin AbbottJanuary 4, 1989186438
The Seavers hire a nanny for Chrissy, with interesting results. 
8010 "Mandingo" John TracyStory by: Dan Guntzelman & Mike Sullivan
Teleplay by: David Kendall & Tim O'Donnell
January 11, 1989186442
A travel snafu strands Julie with Mike. 
8111 "In Carol We Trust" John TracyTom WallaJanuary 18, 1989186441
Carol sneaks out of the house for a date. 
8212 "Mom of the Year" John TracyBecky AyersJanuary 25, 1989186443
Maggie is chosen to receive the "Working Mother of the Year" award and prepares a speech. 
8313 "Semper Fidelis" John TracyDavid KendallFebruary 1, 1989186440
Boner flunks out of college and joins the Marines. 
8414 "Feet of Clay" John TracyTodd ThickeFebruary 8, 1989186444

Maggie arranges for Ben to meet his favorite rock musician, Jonathan Keith (Brad Pitt), whose backstage behavior cures Ben's idolatry of him.

Note: This is Brad Pitt's second appearance in the series. He previously guest-starred as Carol's love-interest Jeff in the season-3 episode "Who's Zoomin' Who". 
8515 "Anniversary from Hell" John TracyTim O'DonnellFebruary 15, 1989186446
The Seavers achieve their 20th anniversary, but trouble erupts among their celebration's guests. 
8616 "Fortunate Son" John TracyTim O'DonnellFebruary 22, 1989186445
Maggie becomes concerned when Mike takes a job at a convenience store and may have to do dangerous night shifts. 
8717 "Double Standard" John TracyTodd ThickeMarch 1, 1989186447
Jason punishes Carol and Ben unequally for the same offense: sneaking out for dates. 
8818 "The Recruiter" John TracyTim O'DonnellMarch 15, 1988186449
To avoid going to her parents' college without disappointing them, Carol has Mike hire a homeless man (Carmen Filpi) to pose as Jason. 
8919 "Show Ninety – Who Knew?" John TracyKevin AbbottMarch 22, 1989186450

Jason helps Mike with his Psychology class, with unexpected results.

Note: Contrary to the episode title, this episode was the 89th episode to air. 
9020 "Second Chance" John TracyStory: by Dan Guntzelman & Steve Marshall
Teleplay by: David Kendall
April 12, 1989186448

Carol's boyfriend Sandy (Matthew Perry) drives drunk and gets into an accident.

Note: This episode ended with a message that told viewers the average numbers of deaths in drunk-driving accidents. When Sandy was killed the number was raised. 
9121 "The Looooove Boat (Part 1)" John TracyDavid KendallApril 26, 1989186451
Jason's mother wants to get married on a cruise ship. 
9222 "The Looooove Boat (Part 2)" John TracyDavid KendallMay 3, 1989186452
Jason tries to calm his mother when her wedding plans fail. 

Season 5 (1989/90)

Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
931 "Anger With Love" John TracyDavid Kendall & Tim O'DonnellSeptember 20, 1989186704
Maggie disapproves of Mike and Julie's wedding plans. 
942 "Mike and Julie's Wedding" John TracyDavid KendallSeptember 27, 1989186703
Julie and Mike suffer prenuptial jitters. 
953 "Carol Meets the Real World" John TracyDavid KendallOctober 4, 1989186701
Jason demands that Carol find a job. 
964 "Fish Bait" John TracyRob BraginOctober 11, 1989186702
Mike's drama teacher and classmates start to intimidate him. 
975 "Teach Me" John TracyTim O'DonnellOctober 18, 1989186706
Carol brings a fake boyfriend to a family party. 
986 "Carol's Papers" John TracyTim O'DonnellOctober 25, 1989186705
Jason confronts Ben and Mike, who give conflicting versions of how Ben came to sell Carol's old term papers to students at Dewey High--and to date a seductive 18-year-old. 
997 "Coughing Boy" John TracyMindy SchneiderNovember 1, 1989186709
Mike attends an open casting session and wins a part on a TV cop show! 
1008 "The New Deal (Part 1)" John TracyShelly LandauNovember 8, 1989186707
Jason gets a promising job offer. 
1019 "The New Deal (Part 2)" John TracyShelly LandauNovember 15, 1989186708
Jason tries to hide his new job offer from Maggie. 
10210 "Paper Route" John TracyDavid KendallNovember 22, 1989186710
Ben assumes Mike's paper route for half the money. 
10311 "Five Grand" John TracyTim O'DonnellNovember 29, 1989186713
Maggie's parents give each of the grandchildren $5,000 as an early inheritance. 
10412 "Carol's Promotion" John TracyMindy SchneiderDecember 6, 1989186711
Carol considers postponing college when she gets a promotion at work. 
10513 "Ben and Mike's Excellent Adventure" John TracyRob BraginDecember 13, 1989186712
Mike takes Ben girl-chasing. 
10614 "The Triangle" John TracyShelly LandauJanuary 3, 1990186714
Mike falls for his leading lady. 
10715 "The Return of the Triangle" John TracyShelly LandauJanuary 10, 1990186715
David turns to Mike for help with Kate. 
10816 "The Home Show" John TracyDavid Kendall & Tim O'DonnellJanuary 17, 1990186716
The Seavers' reception to raise money for a free mental-health clinic is in trouble when, having mixed-up the date, they send the caterer away, then can't get her back or find another on no notice. And that's not the only problem. 
10917 "Jason vs. Maggie" John TracyTim O'DonnellJanuary 24, 1990186717
Jason and Maggie argue over Ben's request to get his ear pierced. 
11018 "Mike, Kate and Julie" John TracyDavid KendallJanuary 31, 1990186718
Mike unexpectedly sees a familiar face while on a date with Kate. 
11119 "Mike, the Teacher" John TracyMindy SchneiderFebruary 7, 1990186719
Mike becomes a substitute teacher. 
11220 "Carol in Jail" John TracyMindy SchneiderFebruary 14, 1990186720
Mike's unpaid parking tickets get Carol arrested when she's pulled over driving his car. 
11321 "Future Shock" John TracyTodd ThickeFebruary 21, 1990186721
After seeming to be the oldest parent at Chrissy's preschool (as in, the teacher thinks she's Chrissy's grandma), Maggie dreams of Chrissy as a teenager (Krystyne Haje). 
11422 "Ben Cheats" John TracyTim O'DonnellMarch 14, 1990186722
Ben weighs the pros and cons of cheating after sly classmate Vito clues him in about test-passing. 
11523 "Mike, the Director" John TracyRob BraginMarch 21, 1990186723
As he prepares to graduate, Mike decides he wants to try his hand at directing. 
11624 "Weekend at Mike's" John TracyStory by: David Kendall & Tim O'Donnell
Teleplay by: Shelly Landau
April 4, 1990186725
The family stays at Mike's apartment while the house is being fumigated. 
11725 "Ben's Movie" John TracyShelly LandauApril 25, 1990186695
Ben casts a girl he likes in his home movie. 
11826 "Where's There's a Will" John TracyDavid KendallMay 2, 1990186696
Jason and Mike journey to inspect the mountain cabin Jason has inherited from his Uncle George. 

Season 6 (1990/91)

Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
1191 "Mike's Choice (Part 1)" John TracyDavid KendallSeptember 19, 1990187014
Mike decides to quit college to fully focus on acting; Jason and Maggie disapprove. 
1202 "Midnight Cowboy (Part 2)" John TracyNick LeroseSeptember 26, 1990187015
Mike moves into the city; Carol has a hard time with her commute to Columbia University
1213 "Roommates (Part 3)" John TracyBob Burris & Michael WareOctober 3, 1990187016
Mike and Carol rent an apartment in the city as Jason and Maggie wait patiently for them to return home. 
1224 "Daddy Mike" John TracyElias Davis & David PollockOctober 10, 1990187013
Mike and Eddie (K. C. Martel) join a single-parents group to meet women. 
1235 "Ben's Sure Thing" John TracyShelly LandauOctober 17, 1990187012
At Ben's school's Parents' Night, his parents learn what he's been telling his friends about the girl he's been dating (Andrea Barber)--and the words' effect on his popularity. 
1246 "Jason Flirts, Maggie Hurts" John TracyJack Weinberger & Mike WeinbergerOctober 24, 1990187011
A flirty Jason gets jealous when Maggie turns the tables. 
1257 "Happy Halloween (Part 1)" John TracyJay Abramowitz, Dan Guntzelman & Nick LeroseOctober 31, 1990187017
The Seavers spend a rainy Halloween night telling ghost stories--and thanks to Mike they discover that truth can be much scarier than fiction. Guest starring Jamie Luner--"Cindy Lubbock" of Just the Ten of Us
1268 "Happy Halloween (Part 2)" John TracyJay Abramowitz, Dan Guntzelman & Nick LeroseOctober 31, 1990187018
The Seavers' rainy Halloween night continues. 
1279 "Let's Go Europe (Part 1)" John TracyDavid KendallNovember 7, 1990187019
Jason buys an anniversary trip to Paris from travel-agent Mike, who wins a European tour that falls apart. In Paris, Maggie is bitten not by the love bug but by appendicitis. 
12810 "Let's Go Europe (Part 2)" John TracyBob Burris & Michael WareNovember 14, 1990187020
While Maggie is hospitalized in Paris, Mike is stuck on the road with an angry customer. 
12911 "Let's Go Europe (Part 3)" John TracyStory by: Dan Guntzelman & David Kendall
Teleplay by: Bob Burris & Michael Ware
November 28, 1990187022
Mike and Amy continue to bicker their way toward Paris. 
13012 "Divorce Story" John TracyElias Davis & David PollockDecember 5, 1990187023
Jason, happy to see his mother's second marriage crumbling, doesn't want to offer professional help. 
13113 "The World According to Chrissy" John TracyLeilani DownerDecember 19, 1990187024
Chrissy's imaginary friend is a 6-foot-tall mouse, Ike. 
13214 "How Could I Leave Her Behind?" John TracyJack Weinberger & Mike WeinbergerJanuary 2, 1991187021
Mike and Eddie double-date--Eddie's date is Mike's ex-girlfriend. 
13315 "Like Father, Like Son" John TracyVince Cheung & Ben MontanioJanuary 9, 1991187025
In an intrafamily communications seminar, Mike and Jason discover how alike they are. 
13416 "Ben's Rap Group" John TracyTodd ThickeJanuary 23, 1991187027
Jason becomes Ben's business partner in rap-group management, but he uses the money he's invested to control Ben. 
13517 "Eddie, We Hardly Knew Ye" John TracyRich ReinhartJanuary 30, 1991187026
Maggie's father Ed dies during a visit to the Seavers. 
13618 "Maggie Seaver's: The Meaning of Life" John TracyJay AbramowitzFebruary 6, 1991187029
Jason takes Maggie on a tropical getaway to lift her spirits after her father's death. 
13719 "All the World is a Stage" John TracyDavid KendallFebruary 13, 1991187030
Mike competes with a well-established actor for a soap-opera role. 
13820 "Not With My Carol You Don't" John TracyLeilani DownerFebruary 20, 1991187028
Jason encourages Carol to volunteer at a clinic, then disapproves of the ex-con she meets there. 
13921 "Meet the Seavers" John TracyStory by: Dan Guntzelman, David Kendall, Mike Sullivan & Steve Marshall
Teleplay by: Bob Burris & Michael Ware
March 6, 1991187032
In a Twilight Zone-esque episode, Ben awakens to discover he's Jeremy Miller, an actor on the set of "Meet the Seavers". 
14022 "Carol's Carnival" John TracyRich ReinhartMarch 27, 1991187033
Ben forces Carol to go on a date with the brother of his new girlfriend but he ditches her and Carol meets another man at the carnival, their date site. 
14123 "Home Schooling" John TracyStory by: Dan Guntzelman & Mike Sullivan
Teleplay by: Nick Lerose
April 17, 1991187031
Maggie homeschools Ben after he is suspended from school. 
14224 "Viva Las Vegas" John TracyShelly LandauApril 24, 1991187034
Mike and Kate accompany the eloping Eddie and a hat-check bimbette to Las Vegas. 

Season 7 (1991/92)

Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
1431 "Back to School" Jack SheaBob Burris & Michael WareSeptember 18, 1991187201
Mike begins his first day teaching remedial students. 
1442 "Stop, Luke, and Listen (Part 1)" Jack SheaLiz SageSeptember 25, 1991187203
Mike learns his best student, Luke Brower (Leonardo DiCaprio), is homeless, and offers to help him. 
1453 "In vino veritas (Part 2)" Jack SheaRich ReinhartSeptember 28, 1991187204
Mike persuades Jason and Maggie to let Luke stay with them temporarily; just as he moves in, Jason's wine collection disappears. 
1464 "Paper Tigers" Jack SheaLeilani DownerOctober 5, 1991187202
Jason and Maggie compete to write a newspaper column; Ben starts to hate his glasses. 
1475 "The Young and the Homeless" Jack SheaBob Burris & Michael WareOctober 12, 1991187205
Luke runs way from the Seavers' just as Mike is about to film his soap-opera scenes. 
1486 "Jason Sings the Blues" Jack SheaJerry ColkerOctober 19, 1991187206
Jason accompanies a leery Luke to the doctor, where he gets nasty news. 
1497 "The Kid's Still Got It" Iris DugowJerry ColkerOctober 26, 1991187207
Carol accompanies Maggie to a resort on an interesting weekend; at home, the all-male weekend is infiltrated by a female: Chrissy, who has been sent home with head lice. 
1508 "There Must Be a Pony" Iris DugowLiz SageNovember 2, 1991187208
Nouveau-riche neighbors move in next door and their lavish party crashes Jason's "cure" for Chrissy wanting to stay up late because she thinks her bedtime has been keeping her from big fun. Meanwhile, Ben must be Luke's "Big Brother" on his first day of high school, but he soon realizes that Luke will do fine. 
1519 "The Big Fix" Iris DugowLeilani DownerNovember 9, 1991187209
Consumer advocate Maggie raps a vacuum cleaner that Ben secretly broke. 
15210 "Home Malone" Burt BrinckerhoffRich ReinhartNovember 16, 1991187210
The ghost of Maggie's father Ed oversees the Seavers' visit to her childhood home. 
15311 "Bad Day Cafe" Renny TempleBud WiserNovember 23, 1991187212
Luke's father comes to town wanting him back. 
15412 "B=MC2" Gerren KeithCathy JungNovember 30, 1991187211
Ben crams for a college entrance exam with no help from Jason. 
15513 "It's Not Easy Being Green" Renny TempleLeilani DownerDecember 21, 1991187213
Christmastime brings the Seavers anger and angst. 
15614 "The Call of the Wild" Andy CadiffBob Burris & Michael WareJanuary 4, 1992187214
Penniless Mike schemes to give Kate a ski-trip. 
15715 "Honest Abe" Burt BrinckerhoffWendy BraffJanuary 18, 1992187216
Luke's homeless friend steals a Seaver memento. 
15816 "Vicious Cycle" Burt BrinckerhoffCathy JungFebruary 1, 1992187217
Maggie and Jason hold Mike accountable for Luke's curfew problems. 
15917 "Menage a Luke" Gerren KeithTodd ThickeFebruary 8, 1992187215
A love triangle involves Ben, Luke, and a classmate. 
16018 "The Five Fingers of Ben" Burt BrinckerhoffJerry ColkerFebruary 22, 1992187218
Tired of being bullied, Ben takes karate lessons. 
16119 "Don't Go Changin'" Don AmendoliaLeilani Downer & Rich ReinhartFebruary 29, 1992187220
Mike believes his new friend is a bad influence on Luke. 
16220 "The Truck Stops Here" Joanna KernsJerry ColkerMarch 21, 1992187219

Luke's father returns, wanting him to join him on his trucking journeys.

Note: This episode marks Joanna Kerns' directorial debut. She would go on to direct a number of notable television series in the course of her career. 
16321 "Maggie's Brilliant Career" Gerren KeithKate BoutilierApril 4, 1992187221
Maggie wants to fulfill a dream by climbing a mountain. 
16422 "The Wrath of Con Ed" Nancy HeydornLiz SageApril 11, 1992187222
A power failure hampers Jason and Maggie's romantic evening. 
16523 "The Last Picture Show (Part 1)" Jonathan WeissBob Burris, Wendy Braff, Jerry Colker, Leilani Downer, Cathy Jung,
Rich Reinhart, Liz Sage, Michael Ware & Dan Wilcox
April 25, 1992187223
A senator offers Maggie a job in Washington, D.C.: should she accept? 
16624 "The Last Picture Show (Part 2)" Jonathan WeissBob Burris & Michael WareApril 25, 1992187224
Mike proposes to Kate and the family reminisces about good times in their home. 

TV films

Title Directed by Written by Original air date
The Growing Pains Movie Alan MetterDavid Kendall & Mike SullivanNovember 5, 2000
The Seavers help Maggie in her senate campaign against her former boss. 
Growing Pains: Return of the Seavers Joanna KernsChristina Lynch & Loren SeganOctober 16, 2004
Jason and Maggie want to sell the house and retire causing a rift with real estate agent Ben, Mike and Carol. 

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