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Leonardo da Vinci

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Title: Leonardo da Vinci  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Renaissance, De divina proportione, Mathematics and art, 1500s (decade), Portrait of a man in red chalk (Leonardo)
Collection: 1452 Births, 1519 Deaths, 15Th Century in Science, 15Th-Century Scientists, 16Th Century in Science, 16Th-Century Scientists, Age of Enlightenment, Ambassadors of the Republic of Florence, Ballistics Experts, Fabulists, Giftedness, History of Anatomy, Italian Anatomists, Italian Civil Engineers, Italian Inventors, Italian Military Engineers, Italian Physiologists, Italian Renaissance Humanists, Leonardo Da Vinci, Mathematical Artists, Mathematics and Culture, Members of the Guild of Saint Luke, People from the Province of Florence, People Prosecuted Under Anti-Homosexuality Laws, Physiognomists, Renaissance Architects, Renaissance Artists, Renaissance Painters, Renaissance Scientists, Tuscan Painters
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

Leonardo da Vinci

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