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League of Communists of Serbia

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Title: League of Communists of Serbia  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: League of Communists of Yugoslavia, Kaqusha Jashari, League of Communists of Bosnia and Herzegovina, League of Communists of Croatia, League of Communists of Slovenia
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League of Communists of Serbia

League of Communists of Serbia
Savez komunista Srbije
Савез комуниста Србије
Leader see full list below
Founded 1941
Dissolved 1990
Preceded by Communist Party of Yugoslavia
Succeeded by Socialist Party of Serbia
Headquarters Belgrade, SR Serbia, SFR Yugoslavia
Ideology Marxism–Leninism
Colours Red
Party flag
Flag of the League of Communists of Yugoslavia
Politics of Serbia
Political parties
Serbian branch of the League of Communists of Yugoslavia
Flag of Serbia within Yugoslavia
Ušće Tower, former headquarters of the League of Communists of Serbia in Belgrade

The League of Communists of Serbia (Serbo-Croatian: Savez komunista Srbije, Савез комуниста Србије, SKS) was the Serbian branch of the League of Communists of Yugoslavia, the sole legal party of Yugoslavia from 1945 to 1990. Under a new constitution ratified in 1974, greater power was devolved to the various republic level branches. In the late 1980s, the party was taken over by a faction endorsing Slobodan Milošević to become leader of the party. Milošević appeased nationalists in Serbia by promising to reduce the level of autonomy within the autonomous provinces of Kosovo and Vojvodina. This policy increased ethnic tensions with the other republics and nationalities. During the early 1990s, the growing ethnic tensions between the republics of Yugoslavia led to the breakup of the federal party.

On July 27, 1990, it merged with several smaller parties to form the Socialist Party of Serbia.[1]

During its existence the League of Communists of Kosovo and the League of Communists of Vojvodina were associated with it as "integral parts."[2]

Party leaders

  1. Blagoje Nešković (1941 - 1948) (b. 1907 - d.1984)
  2. Petar Stambolić (1948 - March 1957) (b. 1912 - d.2007)
  3. Jovan Veselinov (March 1957 - 4 November 1966) (b. 1906 - d.1982)
  4. Dobrivoje Radosavljević (4 November 1966 - February 1968) (b. 1915 - d.1984)
  5. Petar Stambolić (February 1968 - November 1968) (b. 1912 - d.2007)
  6. Marko Nikezić (November 1968 - 26 October 1972) (b. 1921 - d.1991)
  7. Tihomir Vlaškalić (26 October 1972 - May 1982) (b. 1923 - d.1993)
  8. Dušan Čkrebić (May 1982 - 17 May 1984) (b. 1927)
  9. Radiša Gačić (17 May 1984 - 1985) (b. 1938)
  10. Ivan Stambolić (1985 - May 1986) (b. 1936 - d.2000)
  11. Slobodan Milošević (May 1986 - 24 May 1989) (b. 1941 - d.2006)
  12. Bogdan Trifunović (24 May 1989 - 16 July 1990) (b. 1933 - d.2007)

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