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Kompas TV

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Title: Kompas TV  
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Subject: List of television stations in Indonesia, BeritaSatu TV, Transvision (Indonesia), Bloomberg TV Indonesia, International news channels
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Kompas TV

Kompas TV is an Indonesian television network based in Jakarta, Indonesia.[1][2] Kompas TV is a television content provider owned by Kompas Gramedia Group; the media group based on Kompas daily, one of Indonesia's leading newspapers, established by Jacob Oetama. Kompas TV was launched on September 9, 2011 with a ”Simfoni Semesta Raya” performance.[3] Kompas TV's tag line is "Inspirasi Indonesia" or "Indonesia's Inspiration".

Kompas HD is a simulcast of Kompas TV, Indonesia's first free to air high definition channel, currently Available on K-Vision and Max3 Biznet.


Hours before the maiden broadcast, the Indonesia Broadcasting Commission issued a statement that Kompas TV did not have a broadcasting license. In response, Kompas TV announced that the channel was merely a content provider and was not required to have a broadcast license because its content could be aired on regional and international channels.[4] Kompas TV started their broadcast through local television networks in some of the Indonesian provinces. The local television networks featured 70% local content and 30% Kompas TV programmes.[1][2] The local TV stations that air the Kompas TV network are:[5][6]

Other Indonesian cities are expected to follow later through the establishment of local stations that relay Kompas broadcasts. Since 9 September 2011, Kompas TV has been available through these pay television networks:[7]

Kompas TV can be viewed through satellite broadcast from Palapa-D satellite.[8]

Kompas TV Digital

PT Gramedia Nusantara proposed digital TV broadcasting, but the government has postponed approval pending completion of its National TV Digital Broadcasting Policy.[9]


Programs on Kompas TV are different from other Indonesian networks. News shows (such as Kompas Pagi) are included. Children's programming is broadcast every weekdays, such as Jalan Sesama and Science is Fun, and cartoons like Sid the Science Kid and Dinosaur Train. Sports like Formula 1 are the best for Kompas TV because Kompas TV was the first HD channel to broadcast F1. Dramas likes Duet and Antologi are primetime series.


  • Kompas Update
  • Kompas Pagi
  • Kompas Siang
  • Kompas Petang
  • Kompas Malam
  • Kompas Sport
  • Berkas Kompas
  • Kompas 100
  • Kata Kita
  • Big Baz
  • Mereka Kini
  • Local News
  • Satu Meja
  • CS File

Talk Show

  • Kompas Kita
  • Sapa Pagi
  • Sapa Indonesia
  • Jalan Keluar
  • Tanya Dokter
  • Kata Kita
  • 180°


  • Teroka
  • Amazing Indonesia
  • Explore Indonesia
  • Hidden Paradise
  • Good Morning Kalimantan
  • Weekend Yuk!
  • Sentra Belanja
  • Kampung Main
  • Tarung
  • Sosok
  • Adventura
  • Cities of the Underworld




  • Jalan Sesama
  • Klik! Arbain Rambey
  • Cerita Hati
  • Food Story
  • Comic Action
  • Stand Up Comedy Indonesia (yearly program)
  • Fanatik
  • Coffee Story
  • Comic Story
  • Rumah Untung
  • Showcase
  • Arisan Plus
  • Komedi Spesial
  • Versus
  • Kelakar
  • Sebuah Nama Sebuah Cerita
  • Newstar
  • Sporty
  • Berbagi Sukses
  • Ala Ryan
  • Comic Action
  • Suka-Suka
  • A Day With
  • Temukan Kata
  • Mata Hati
  • Cemal-Cemil
  • Dapur Nicky
  • Resep Rahasia
  • Griya Gaya
  • Paris van Java
  • Buatan Sendiri
  • Koki Keren
  • Duet
  • Antologi Kriminal
  • Antologi Hukum
  • K20
  • Malam Minggu Miko
  • Super Mom Super Rempong
  • Don't Stop Me Now Indonesia
  • Di Atas Rata-rata



  • Indonesia Harus Buka
  • Islam Is Me
  • Jejak Rasul
  • Komedi Ramadhan
  • Kurma (Kuliah Ramadhan)
  • Ramadhan Mat Jo
  • Ayat Riwayat
  • Salam Ramadhan


  • Local Program
  • Local News
  • Agung Podomoro Group
  • Pemilihan Presiden 2014:Indonesia Satu


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