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Title: Kisstory  
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Subject: Bauer National, Heat Radio, The Hits Radio, Kiss Network, Gems TV
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City of license United Kingdom
Broadcast area National
Frequency DAB digital radio
Freeview 714
First air date 7 May 2013
Format Electronica, dance, R&B, trip hop, acid house, alternative dance
Owner Bauer Radio
Sister stations Kiss
Kiss TV

Kisstory is a UK radio station, a sister station to Kiss[1] that plays "old skool and anthems".[2] Kisstory was initially a radio programme airing between 11am and 12pm Monday–Sunday.[3] Then on 7 May 2013 Kisstory was expanded into a full-time station in response to positive feedback from listeners and at the expense of Q Radio.[2] At the same time KissFresh, a then brand-new station playing "non-stop new beats including hip-hop, R&B, EDM, House and Garage",[1] was given its own station.[4]

Said Bauer Radio London managing director Steve Parkinson: "Kiss was born as a dance radio station at a time when genres were very specific but fast forward to the present day and the evolution of music is so wide that one Kiss station alone cannot deliver everything. It’s the right time to launch KissFresh, Kisstory and a new KissKube app as brilliant new additions to the Kiss brand. We’re giving audiences more of what they want whilst attracting new audiences and commercial partners with what we know are fantastic music and content formats."[2] Andy Roberts, the group programming director, also had a few words to say on the subject:

"These new launches see Kiss grow through its love for the old and desire for the new. KissFresh will highlight the unknown and known, whilst Kisstory will bring you timeless tunes celebrating memories of good times, the places and people you hung out with and the music you shared with your mates. Kisstory tunes are the DNA that built the Kiss we know today and they’re the tunes Kiss made famous. We really excited to launch these two stand-alone digital stations that allow listeners the opportunity to consume whenever and however they want."[5]

DAB launch

Initially, the Kisstory service was available over Freeview and online, but was unavailable via normal radio receivers. In 2014, Bauer announced plans to roll out the Kisstory station over DAB digital radio to London and other areas. The addition of Kisstory to DAB began in the December 2014/January 2015 period, as part of a wider reshuffle of Bauer's digital portfolio. Kisstory began DAB rollout in London on 12 December 2014 with the addition of the service (and sister station KissFresh) to the Greater London I multiplex. The DAB service of Kisstory will be rolled out to more areas of the country in the following weeks, replacing Absolute Radio 60s in some areas (including Bauer's owned digital multiplexes in northern England) and added in new space on others (Stoke-on-Trent and Kent, for instance).[6] Although Kisstory is being rolled out more widely, KissFresh will remain a London-only service on DAB for the immediate future.


The Kiss schedule at present is:


Time Presenter
00:00-06:00 Kisstory Non-stop
06:00-09:00 Michael Lewis
09:00–13:00 Justin Wilkes
13:00–17:00 Neev Spencer
17:00–22:00 Freddie Smith
22:00-00:00 Kisstory Non-stop


Time Presenter
00:00-06:00 Kisstory Non-stop
06:00–09:00 Michael Lewis
09:00–13:00 Justin Wilkes
13:00–17:00 Neev Spencer
18:00-00:00 Warren Flanagan


Time Presenter
00:00-13:00 Kisstory Non-stop
13:00-17:00 Justin Wilkes
18:00-00:00 Warren Flanagan


Time Presenter
00:00-13:00 Kisstory Non-stop
13:00-17:00 Justin Wilkes
17:00-22:00 Freddie Smith
22:00-00:00 Kisstory Non-stop


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