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Kira Reed

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Title: Kira Reed  
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Kira Reed

Kira Reed
Born (1971-10-13) October 13, 1971
Santa Clara, California
Occupation Actress
Spouse(s) Dan Anderson (1997 - 2003)
Robert Lorsch (2008 - present)

Kira Katherine Reed aka Kira Reed Lorsch (born October 13, 1971)[1] is an American actress and television host, writer and producer.[2][3]

Early life and education

Reed was born in Santa Clara, California, and by age five was performing in school plays and local dance recitals. By age 10, she was doing commercials and local catalog modeling. When her family moved to Louisville, Kentucky, she attended the Youth Performing Arts School and then went on to graduate from UCLA's School of Theatre, Film and Television.[2]


In addition to appearances as "Herself" and/or on behalf of organizations she works with, Reed's credits include Actress, Producer, Writer, Director, and Stunts.[4] She has appeared in movies, including starring roles in Red Shoe Diaries and The Price Of Desire,[5] and on network television, on shows such as ER, NYPD Blue and The War at Home. She was a reporter and producer on Playboy TV's series Sexcetera,[2] produced the second season of the Naked Happy Girls series and was both a writer and supervising producer on Playboy's hit travel/reality show 69 Sexy Things 2 Do Before You Die.[3] Kira has worked as the backstage host for the Daytime Emmy Awards,[6] a reporter for the Hollywood Christmas Parade[7] and joined the cast of the Emmy nominated series The Bay in 2014.[8][9] She was featured on Bravo Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis with her husband Robert Lorsch.[10]

Reed's appearances in erotica have included posing for Playboy Magazine in December 1996, in a group pictorial of women from the television series Women: Stories of Passion,[11] and appearing in direct-to-video (DTV) movies like Secrets of a Chambermaid.[12] In The Erotic Thriller in Contemporary Cinema, Linda Ruth Williams cited Reed and Delia Sheppard as examples of actresses who worked " B-scale erotic thrillers at the fringes of Hollywood, the obvious trajectory for a strip-circuit veteran (DTV divas Kira Reed and Delia Sheppard both started as showgirls.)"[13]:177 The book also reproduces a quote from an article at, with Williams again making specific reference to Reed. "Video may have killed the radio star, but it proved a real boon to Playmates in the Eighties, who played a not insignificant role in that decade's video revolution"[13]:301

Reed also worked in adult entertainment with her first husband, Dan Anderson.[2][14][15] They took part in Juli Ashton's Essentially Fresh;[15] which was subsequently featured in Ashton's Wicked Pictures production Basically Becca (2001).[16] The couple marketed photos, home movies and live performances through an adult website called[14][15] In 2001, Adult Industry News reported that the couple intended for their website material to be available exclusively to members while they continued performing " a variety of more softcore and even mainstream projects for the rest of the public."[15]

Reed's website,, indicates that she is currently an entertainment reporter for Associated Television International and spokesperson for[17]

Personal life

Reed's marriage to Anderson lasted five years.[18] She is now married to The Thalians.





  • Vampire (2010) .... Chloe
  • Demon's Claw (2006) .... Elizabeth Balthory
  • Jailbait (2004) .... Nurse Jeri
  • BachelorMan (2003) .... Courtney Love Wannabe
  • The Final Victim (2003) .... Nadia
  • The Big Chingon (2003) .... Sara
  • Cheerleader Ninjas (2002) .... Fantasy Girl
  • Just Can't Get Enough (2002) .... Amber Lee
  • Demon Under Glass (2002) .... Chloe Martin
  • Basically Becca (2001) .... Herself
  • Rage of the Innocents (2001) .... Erica
  • [21] .... Cherry
  • The Mistress Club (2000) .... Trudy
  • House of Love (2000) .... Darby
  • Fast Lane to Malibu (2000)[21] .... Officer Taylor
  • Surrender (2000) .... Lauren
  • Luck of the Draw (2000) .... Zippo's Boudoir Girl
  • Shadow Dancer (1999) .... Janet
  • Wasteland Justice (1999) .... Shanna
  • Thriller: Caron (1999) .... Caron
  • Killing the Vision (1999) .... Reporter
  • Alien Files (1998) (as Kira Lee) .... Agent Forrest
  • A Place Called Truth (1998) .... Kit
  • Losing Control (1998) .... Kim
  • Secrets of a Chambermaid (1998) .... Odile
  • Carnal Fate (1998) .... Mimi
  • Too Good to Be True (1997/II) .... Darcy
  • Madam Savant (1997) .... Suzy Largo
  • The Price of Desire (1997) .... Monica
  • The Night That Never Happened (1997) .... Claire
  • Fallen Angel (1997) (as Kira Lee) .... Kristi
  • The Lady in Blue (1996) .... Carla
  • Damien's Seed (1996) .... Carol
  • Secret Places (1996) .... Holly

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