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Kings of Airgíalla

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Title: Kings of Airgíalla  
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Subject: Battle of Islandbridge, List of Irish kings, Lists of monarchs in the British Isles, List of kings of Ulster, O'Carroll
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Kings of Airgíalla

Ireland early peoples and politics

Between the sixth and sixteenth centuries, the Kingdom of Airgíalla (Anglicized as Oriel) was one of the three major kingdoms that formed what is now the province of Ulster. The others were In Tuisceairt to the west, and Ulaid to the east.

Originally a confederation comprising some nine different, mainly unrelated peoples, its kings were from a number of different dynasties. There were times when there was no one supreme king of Airgíalla, with two or more kings ruling portions of the kingdom. They have not been included on this list.


  • Early historic era, c. 513–882 1
  • High Medieval Kings, c. 900–1201 2
  • Late Medieval rulers, c. 1201–1590 3
  • References 4

Early historic era, c. 513–882

  • Colga mac Loite mac Cruinn, died 513
  • Cairpre Daim Argat, died 514
  • Bec mac Cuanu, died 594
  • Aed mac Colgan, died 606
  • Mael Odhar Macha, died 636
  • Dunchad mac Ultan, died 677 ?
  • Mael Fothartaig mac Mael Dubh, alive 697
  • Cu Masach mac Cathal, died 825
  • Gofraidh mac Fearghus, fl. 835
  • Foghartaigh mac Mael Breasal, died 850/852
  • Congalach mac Finnachta, died 874
  • Mael Padraig mac Mael Curarada, died 882

High Medieval Kings, c. 900–1201

  • Maol Craoibh ua Duibh Sionach, died 917
  • Fogarthach mac Donnegan, died 947
  • Donnacan mac Maelmuire, died 970
  • Mac Eiccnigh mac Dalagh, died 998
  • Mac Leiginn mac Cerbaill, died 1022
  • Cathalan Ua Crichain, died 1027
  • Gilla Coluim ua Eichnech, died 1048
  • Leathlobair Ua Laidhgnen, died 1053
  • Leathlobair Ua Laidhgnen, died 1078
  • Ua Baoigheallain, died 1087
  • Aodh Ua Baoigheallain, died 1093
  • Ua Ainbhigh, died 1094
  • Cu Caishil Ua Cerbaill, died 1101
  • Giolla Crist Ua hEiccnigh, died 1127
  • Donnchadh Ua Cearbaill, 1130–1168/1169
  • Murchard Ua Cerbaill, 1168–1189
  • Muirchertach, 1189–1194
  • ?, died 1196
  • Ua Eichnigh, died 1201

Late Medieval rulers, c. 1201–1590

  • Niall mac Donnchada, fl. 1196–1208
  • Donnchad Ó hAnluain
  • Ardghal Ó hAnluain
  • Gilla Patraig Ó hAnluain
  • Murchadh Ó hAnluain
  • Cu Uladh Ó hAnluain
  • Eachmarcach Ó hAnluain
  • Cu Ulad Ó hAnluain
  • Niall Ó hAnluain
  • Magnus Ó hAnluain
  • Niall Ó hAnluain
  • Eochaid mac Mathgahamna mac Neill, died 1273
  • Brian mac Eochada, 1283–1311
  • Ralph/Roolb mac Eochada, 1311–1314
  • Mael Sechlainn mac Eochada, 1314–?
  • Murchad Mór mac Briain, ?–1331
  • Seoan mac Maoilsheachlainn, 1331–1342
  • Aodh mac Roolb, 1342–1344
  • Murchadh Óg mac Murchada, 1344–1344
  • Maghnus mac Eochadha, 1344–1357
  • Pilib mac Rooilbh, 1357–1362
  • Brian Mór mac Aodh, 1362–1365
  • Niall mac Murchadha, 1365–1368
  • Brian Mór mac Aodh, 1368–1371
  • Pilib Ruadh mac Briain, 1371–1403
  • Ardghal mac Briain, 1403–February 1416
  • Brian mac Ardghail, 1416–1442
  • Ruaidhri mac Ardghail, 1442–1446
  • Aodh Ruadh mac Ruaidhri, 1446–31 March 1453
  • Feidhlimidh mac Briain, 1453–1466
  • Eochan mac Ruaidhri, 1466–1467
  • Reamonn mac Ruaidhri, 1467–November 1484
  • Aodh Óg mac Aodha Ruaidh, 1485–16 September 1496
  • Brian mac Reamoinn, 1496–1497
  • Rossa mac Maghnusa, 1497–1513
  • Reamonn mac Glaisne, 1513–c.1 April 1521
  • Glaisne Óg mac Reamoinn, 1521–1551?
  • Art Maol mac Reamoinn, 1551–1560
  • Aodh mac Briain, 1560–1562
  • Art Ruadh mac Briain, 1562–1578
  • Sir Rossa Buidhe mac Airt, 1579–August 1589
  • Aodh Ruadh mac Airt, 1589–September/October 1590.


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