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Karub District

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Title: Karub District  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: List of administrative divisions of the Tibet Autonomous Region, Tibet Autonomous Region, Riwoqê County, Lhorong County, Gonggar County
Collection: Chamdo, Chamdo County, Chamdo Prefecture, Karub District
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

Karub District

卡若区 · མཁར་རོ་ཆུས།
South of Karub
South of Karub
Location of Chamdo County within Tibet
Location of Chamdo County within Tibet
Country China
Province Tibet
Prefecture Qamdo
Capital Chamdo
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)

Karub District (other spellings: Karuo District, Kharro District) is a district in Qamdo, the district is synonymous referred to as Chamdo, Qamdo, or Chengguan in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China, and the seat of government of Qamdo. Karub has an area of 10,700 km² and a population of 78,000, of which 90% are Tibetan. The average temperature is 7.6 °C, with average temperatures of −2.3 °C in January and 16.3 °C in July. The average precipitation is 467 mm per year.

Popular with tourists are the Galden Jampaling Monastery in the capital and the salt mines and hot springs at Yangjing.

Administrative divisions

Karub administers 3 towns and 12 townships.

Name Hanzi Hanyu Pinyin Tibetan Wylie Population (2010)[1] Area (km²)
Chengguan Town 城关镇 Chéngguān Zhèn ཁྲིན་ཀོན་རྡལ་ khrin kon rdal 45,861 195.39
Guro Town 俄洛镇 Éluò Zhèn འགུ་རོ་ agu ro 6,502 776.74
Karub Town 卡若镇 kǎ ruò Zhèn མཁར་རོ་ mkhar ro 3,955 649.42
Mongda Township 芒达乡 Mángdá Xiāng རྨོ་མདའ་ rmo mda' 3,595 440.24
Sagang Township 沙贡乡 Shāgòng Xiāng ས་རྒང་ sa rgang 5,079 589.70
Ormaika Township 若巴乡 Ruòbā Xiāng ཨོར་སྨད་ཁ་ or smad kha 3,400 897.33
Ngêxi Township 埃西乡 Āixī Xiāng རྔེ་གཤེས་ rnge gshes 4,344 422.93
Ruxi Township 如意乡 Rúyì Xiāng རུ་བཞི་ ru bzhi 3,403 329.80
Retong Township 日通乡 Rìtōng Xiāng རེ་ཐོང་ re thong 4,925 546.76
Cêrwai Township 柴维乡 Cháiwéi Xiāng ཚེར་དབད་ tsher dbad 7,338 946.19
Toba Township 妥坝乡 Tuǒbà Xiāng ཐོ་པ་ tho ba 7,386 1,769.10
Karma Township 嘎玛乡 Gāmǎ Xiāng ཀ་རྨ་ ka rma 3,806 498.93
Mainda Township 面达乡 Miàndá Xiāng སྨན་མདའ་ sman mda' 5,995 1,085.23
Yorba Township 约巴乡 Yuēbā Xiāng ཡོར་པ་ yor pa 3,736 486.81
Latog Township 拉多乡 Lāduō Xiāng ལྷ་ཐོག་ lha thog 7,175 1,728.35

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